17 comments on “Manigong New Year to all!

  1. Bella MUP 2022
    Ahtisa MUP 2023
    Chela MUP 2024
    These youthful girls will likely do well at MU

  2. May the new year bring health, wealth, and continued safety to all your families. And a special Happy New Year to you Miss Norms!

  3. Maayong Bag-ong tuig Auntie N. Japan for MI. London for MW. Thailand for MGI with Uncle Nawat🤭😆 See u in Canada or US this year. 😱🙏🤭😊

    • Asan na Hermes ni Tito Norman, Bongga?
      Donate mo na lang daw
      1000 people daw for 6m puedeng mapakain nyan

    • @ bong700 Honga, no…. I didn’t see that coming. You’re so smart, po. 🙂

      EXCEPT, I wonder now if Thailand will host… ME (NOT MGI)… MU in Canada sounds COOL. Sa’n mo nasasagap chizm mo?

      • Canada to host MU?
        This is not likely at all!
        France is a possibility but the time zone difference could be a problem.

  4. Love, peace, health, & WEALTH to the Norman’s Blog ecosystem!

    (In increasing order, from left to right…)

    MUCH wealth, para pa-travel-travel na lang… 🙂

    Uncle, the photo is telling. YOU BOUGHT/GOT A CONDOMINIUM UNIT, didn’t you? Sa’n ‘yan?

    PS. Mautak din ang gobyerno. Nag-ease ng SARS-CoV2 restrictions just enough (Nov~Dec) for most businesses to bounce back somewhat. Natural, mag-spi-spike ang bilang ng kaso, pero dahil tapos na mga pagdiriwang wala nang aangal kahit mag-lock down ulit. 😦

    Important, too, now is to assist those devastated by Hurricane Rai to rebuild. This will require a sustained effort; the damage is simply unbelievable! I hope that with a new set of national leaders later this year, things could be built back better than ever.

  5. Happy New Year ! Hopefully, we welcome laughter-filled days of 2022 ! If I can have a wish for 2022, I wish that these girls were at least 5’7 1/2 or taller , they can absolutely be sure bet strong MUP contenders. In MU, the candidates with showbiz backgrounds seem to be doing very well … !


  6. May the new year bring us all health, joy and blessings. Happy New Years to all!!!

  7. Let us all make 2022 a year of meaningful celebration of beauty, pandemic or no pandemic, calamity of no calamity. Only then can we have a Happy and prosperous New Year.

    • Happy new year Norman. I hope you will be able to fulfill your wishes. Happy New Year as well to all commenters in this blog. Mabungahong bag-ong tuig sa tanan.

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