23 comments on “Pageant Scorecard 2021 for the Philippines: Better than Average

  1. Tracy is Top 10 already. It depends now on her performance in EG competition. But being Top 5 in beauty with a purpose gives a lot of points to be on the Final 5.
    Definitely, she’ll be on Top 3🙏😊

  2. I still think it’s terribly demanding of Tito Normanto come up with that conclusion . .
    6 crowns and multiple final and semi-final placements with only Sam Panlilio not making the first cut
    And still above average ???
    Respectable and decent ?
    Sorry to keep saying it
    I just can’t get over this unfair assessment
    It’s like telling Cindy and Maureen they are not enough

  3. Ms Aura International 2021
    Ms Intercontinental 2021
    Ms Globe 2021
    Ms Culture International 2021
    Ms Universal World 2021
    Ms Supermodel Universe 2021
    Ms Supermodel Universe Tourism 2021
    Ms Interglobal 2021
    Ms Teen Asia International 2021
    Little Ms Universe 2021
    Miniature Cinderella of the World 2021
    Mrs. Tourism Universe 2021
    Ms South East Asia Tourism Ambassadress 2021
    Ms Eco International 2021 – 1st runner-up
    Ms Eco Teen International 2021 1st runner-up
    Ms Reina Hispanoamericana 2021 – 3rd runner-up
    Ms Universe 2021 – Top 5
    Ms Earth 2021 – Top 8
    Ms Supranational 2021 – Top 12
    Mr. Elite International 2021
    Mr. Gay World 2021
    Mr. Teen Asia International 2021

  4. I think Philippines did very well but then as a “powerhouse” there is always that expectation to win or place thus the rationale of Norman for his assessment.

      • @ Norman Good Friday, po, Uncle.

        ANG SAKIT sa mata nung font… Red with ‘very peri’ (?) shadow effect. 😦

        (Color for 2022, according to PANTONE.)

        Thank you again for keeping us all here abreast of pageantry happenings. Have a peaceful weekend.

        And may your New Year’s wish come true. 🙂

  5. Maybe if Pauline Amelincks Reps us at MW and Bella at MU and Hannah Arnold wins MO , we are going to have the grandest yr ever

    • @ Fabian Reyes ‘Ay, nako. Nabanggit ang Hannah Arnold… Given that this post serves, too, as a ‘year-ender’, then it may be worth to also briefly recall the hiccups, so we learn…

      1) MI takes back their decision to raise the age ceiling to 29, instantly disqualifying Vicki Rushton. Worse, they decide to again defer their pageant, leaving Hannah’s assignment under a cloud of doubt considering/assuming BBP will stick to tradition & screen/assess for ‘BBP-International 2022’.

      2) The fiasco that was the MUP 2021 a. lowering of the height ceiling & b. the ‘eternal’ Poll that ostensibly took advantage of the social media followings of Rousanne Bernos & Kirsten Delavin. And yet allegedly declining a hopeful (also featured here in the blog) for her intent to merely use her planned participation to rack up viewership on her own vlog (the former Cebu-Pacific FA).

      3) The ‘treatment’ Joy Barcoma got at/from MWP. The ‘use’ of the candidates for ALV’s seeming early political campaigning (in Olongapo City). The ~SEVEN (7!)-hour Finale! WHY SO LONG??!!

      4) Angkol AGAIN claiming a tie-breaker for the Final Cut, which resulted in a come-from-behind by Vietnam. Also puzzling was how/why South Africa was asked/ordered to no longer be in the Press events, & go straight back home.

      5) Gianna Llanes. It’s a good thing she holds Canadian passport credentials. Have a peaceful 2022!


    • I dont think MUPh will ever crown someone who has already competed in the nationals.
      That’s what I’ve heard from the grape vines.

      • @ JustPassingBy Kung ako (rin) lang, I will prioritize fresh faces, those for whom I can be credited for launching/discovering. Unless clearly superior in all aspects, why would I justify a competitor’s second-hand material?

        That being said, risky talaga mag-cross over. Umulit ka na lang sa same contest, kung gusto mo pa.

        (I was Fb friends with a pageant owner some time ago. Same sentiment.)

      • #MUPBeLike

        If you hate me but watch everything I do … bitch, you’re a fan.


  6. I think you should the words used. It does not fit well with the winners of Miss Globe 2021 and Miss Intercontinental 2021 and with an intro saying “This year wasn’t the best for Philippine pageantry internationally”.

    It is invalidating the wins of these legitimate pageants albeit small but still significant.

    I understand what you want to convey that this year was better compared to previous years but if I was Miss Globe and Miss Intercontinental and two huge photos of them in the article is saying, oh my we won but still they are not happy.

    The post should celebrate the wins but I don’t feel it. The choice of words does not fit what you want to convey.

    • where is Tracy by the way, if her plan is to go to New York, high chance she”ll get COVID19 just like Miss World Vietnam. She didn’t get COVID19 in Puerto Rico but while staying in the US.

      The more travel , the higher risk of getting COVID19.

      I aldso didnt see her go to Miami with Gazini, maybe she is still in isolation.

    • And better than average???
      Many countries didn’t even get any placement this yr
      I wonder how you are as a professor
      You probably hardly give a grade better than a 2.0

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