10 comments on “Miss Kuyamis 2022 Swimsuit Competition

  1. The event was star-studded.
    Future national and international beauty title holders could emerge from this event.

  2. The winner of the best in swimsuit deserved it. She is tall, and fit. She can apply at MUP MWP BBP without a doubt.

  3. I only caught the first few minutes. But from what little I saw, NOICE. Had an MGI vibe. Great location! 🙂

      • @ Norman Uncle, maayong algae… adlaw.

        (Sorry for the typo.)

        Sino po ‘yung katabi ni Gil Wagas sa top photo? Matangkad at maputi. 🙂

        (Yes, Gil also is.)

        Odelon Simpao is BULKY. Does he still compete in the fitness circuit? 😦

      • @ Norman Gud Sat PM & peaceful start to 2022, Uncle.

        You will also serve on the Board of Judges of Queen of MisOr (the day after MK Finale)? Or, MK only?

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