10 comments on “Joel Rey Carcasona is the new Mr Gay World 2021!

  1. Hi Fabian.

    In the spirit of the season, I will just have to ignore you and your _ _ _ _ _ _ remarks. =)

    World Peace.

  2. Wow. 3 victories in a row for the Philippines. A new world record for the Philippines. Congratulations.

  3. luh.. back to back to back.. 4 winners in less than 5 years… grabe naman… sobrang high caliber ba ng padala natin at tayo lagi winner? Kumusta naman from other countries?

  4. Congratulations. Back-la to back-la ang Felepens! Lol.

    However, some comments:

    1) Why are you thanking again Louw? The organizers are the proper people to thank him (if indeed there are things to be thankful for), not you. It seems presumptuous.

    2) How can your “new profile” push for your advocacy? Di ko ma gets. Lol.

    3) The pandemic does not discriminate. Be it straight of LGBTQ. So what specific programs for LGBTQ are you talking about now that we are still in the clutches of the pandemic? May iba bang safety measure for them? Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS

      1) When you win, you become your organization’s spokesperson. You become their figurehead. That they chose you means they trust you, that they see themselves in you. Ask @ scorg. 🙂

      2) By ‘profile’, I take it to mean you refer to THIS (above). I personally always take a man in black seriously. As Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘Midnight in Chelsea’ went, “… Gothic girls all dressed in black, serious as heart attacks. Takes a little bit of getting used to… No one’s looking for a savior. No one’s asking me for favors… I’m the man I want to be”.

      3) Do you watch Eat Bulaga’s ‘Bawal Judgmental’ game segment? Today, gay guys who came out were featured. One of them was a ‘Starstruck’ alumnus. Matagal nang umiikot na closet case siya. Pero for all intents & purposes, today lang siya umamin; I guess in the safe cloak/mantle of show business peers, he felt at ease to do so. Mabait ‘tong batang ‘to. Nung kasagsagan niya, wala kang narinig na scandal or controversy mula sa kanya. Of course, ‘yung mga tao sa nakaraan niya, malamang may ilang inggit sa tinatamasa niyang success, siniraan siya. But the young man kept his dignity & chose to quietly ride out the storm. Now looking at him & hearing him speak, it seems all that is behind him now…

      Ang issue ay because HE (the Starstruck alum) LOST JOBS WHEN HE ADMITTED. That’s unfair. Our labor laws protect all against being discriminated against on matters that should stay private & none of others’ business. ‘Ika nga sa Armed Services, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’. RESPETO LANG/LAGI’.

      When Joe Carcasona calls on his gay followers to wear rainbow lanyard at work, it is both reminder & warning that you never deny opportunity simply on gender preference/orientation. To have work is a basic human right. No less than Pope Francis told this to Italian coal (?) miners in a visit he made to them some years ago. That a man without work (‘lavoro’) has no dignity.

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