5 comments on “Crossing over from Pageantry to Showbiz

  1. There are a lot of bueauty queens or beauty pageant contestants who become successful movie and TV actresses. I wish them luck.

  2. Dapat ang mga reps natin exposed sa showbiz para di sila awkward pag nasa actual pageant na. Kasi ung dynamics on reacting with audience hasa and how to properly act. Nakakapag experiment how they will be able to present themselves in different situations. Hindi ung biglang nagtatago sa shell or confused kung nasa limelight na. I have seen a couple of MU reps that is running away from media. Parang ayaw manalo for the country. Sana hindi na lang sila.

    Furthermore, one of the questions in the local screening should be during country rep selections should be, How eager are you to take the international crowns? What will you do? What do you have to offer?

    • Good point 🙋🏼 Pia and Harnaaz had showbusiness backgrounds. I say it’s a good point because I saw an interview of a recent candidate, I noticed she was distinct from previous representatives. She had quite a monotone personality. She admitted that she was naturally shy, not too involved in social media, and preferred retiring in her room. (The only time I’ve seen a more introvert representative was in the 2000s. This previous rep had a severe lack of joy & energy, I saw her in the pageant myself.). I guess this is where Mr Abunda would be helpful, not in the Q&A. 💐👑🕊

  3. I do respect Rabiya’s decision to enter showbiz, kaya lang nakakatawa lang, sabi niya before, gusto niya private life, tapos biglang nag-artista hehe.

    Truth ba yung sa kanila ni J.G.?

    • @ Wilshun Elba Well, maybe Rabiya changed her mind.

      (Btw, ‘etong Kristi Banks is the same as ‘Casie Banks’ na nag-screen dati sa BBP, pero dili pasok dahil daw sa height? GANDANG BABAE. Mag-MUP na lang siya, if ever.)

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