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  1. These beauty camps should be commended for training girls who brought pride to our country.

    • Hindi kailangan gayahin ang Venezuela. Philippines is Philippines. Wag kayong gayagaya dyan

  2. Each camp has its own strengths. But admittedly, A&Q has been producing winners and placers the past years in competitions where it matter most. Congratulations to both though.

    But yes, the more, the many-er. Even smaller camps (or individuals who train aspiring queens) should be acknowledged.

    As the year ends, let us be grateful to these camps and individuals. Most of them doing it gratis, and all for the love of pageantry. There are shortcomings and business decisions to be made that are less than ideal but hey, they are really putting money where their mouth is.

    Here is to another year of healthy competition among the camps and among the girls. I am appointing myself (lol) to say thank you in behalf of all the commenters and sorry for the less than kind words thrown at you.

    T.H.I.N.K. Before you say something.

    Is it the Truth?
    Is it Helpful?
    Is it Inspirational?
    Is it Necessary? And most of all,
    Is it Kind?

    World Peace.

    • When you mean local competitions? Yes they are winning. Mama Ru with MWP and Jonas with MUP. Sa BbP lang nay fighting chance ang KF now. Sa true lang tayo. Kahit sabihin nating wala na yan sila sa camp may bias pa rin mga yan. In the past decade aces produced 1 mu mw mi. KF produced 2 MI, Philippines and Indonesia. Last drought decade 2000-2010 KF lang nakapanalo ng girl. Not bad for them.

      • Swerte lang ang A and Q sa na-scout nila. Pia and Megan, diyos ko kahit sino mag-handle, taas ng fighting chance.

  3. Call for Enlistment, right? So, not those who are already in.

    Carol Veronilla, Perlyn Cayona, Krizalleen Valencia, Noy Campos, Lesley Ticaro (before she over-ages), a willowy Runner-up at the recent Miss Sultan Kudarat, the 2019 Mutya of Naguilian (La Union, whom I think Uncle knows), & Dra. Adee Hitomi Akiyama if she’s still interested to pursue MPE. 🙂

    (I’m not sure if being appointed by Doc Harlijk means Sasha Tajaran is now ‘camp’. I’m looking forward to her participation in the inaugural Miss Bikini Universe!)

    • @Flor, for interesting variety, add the swimmer cum Bible teacher Nina Soriano of Pangasinan and the modelesque mountain maiden Maureen (hope I ot the name right) Mangawit of Kalinga.

      • @ scorg Noreen Mangawit is like a young Anna Bayle. Fully agree with you on this.

        Finally, Jan Elcano of Batanes & Cyrille Payumo (Miss Tourism International 2019) demonstrate eloquently how to conquer nerves during the Question Round.


        (I also had Kim Crizaldo in mind, though maybe she could simply be appointed to represent us somewhere… She was ‘Iloilo Province’ to Rabiya’s ‘Iloilo City’ last year. I think she’s a Mercator model; Mr. Jonas could probably get a franchise for her to compete in. She’s very feminine.)

        (And now that I’m all warmed up, I wonder if Jedidah Korinihona can join Chiara Lyn Markwalder & Tyra Goldman in trying out for MWP…)

        Uncle, request kindly update from Hiyas ng Pilipinas on how Weam Ahmed & Megan Deen Campbell are. Thank you so much muli & maayong aga, po.

    • IF only these girls were at least 5’8 1/2 or taller , they can surely be sure bet strong MUP contenders:


  4. I hope Chela gets the training she needs to be ready for MUP 2023
    Her beautiful face and super feminine vibe in addition to her strong communication skills are a guarantee she will do really well at MU.

  5. #TeamAhasAndKweens Don’t let them drive your integrity away from you. Ahtisa Manalo taken note of this when filing your application.

  6. Good luck to both camps. Competition adds spice to the Philippines pageant scene and it only helps make everyone better as they try to fight for the crowns. 🙂

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