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  1. Gud Mon AM.

    Uncle, sa 9 para maiba ang pace, huwag muna queens ang guest/s…. Unless you want to use that as an opportunity to launch fresh faces for the 2022 pageant season.

    Speaking of fresh, Keinth is like Mutya x Jannarie x Trisha (Martinez) x Danica (Dhilla), that mold. Very sweet demeanor & note she was the only one who acknowledged her co-guests (A+ in GMRC!). MWP is next, for her. Puwedeng-puwede mag-artista. Cabuyao City will be so proud. 🙂

    Ri, pala, ay sa St. Paul College (Pasig City) nag-High School. I recognize the PE shirt. The Baguio City relative’s house was where she proceeded from BCC after MUP 2020, I reckon? May tatlong malalaking water tank behind her; it reminded me that water supply can still occasionally be a challenge in high-altitude areas where rainfall is seasonal. As the episode progressed, you could sense the time of day, the orange sunset on her face and dimming down as the video ended. Twenty (20) degrees Celsius at 1600H is not too bad. Just about average for that part of the country.

    (I once knew a boy ‘dak-soont’ furkid. I don’t believe she mentioned her furbaby’s gender, no?)

    Dachsund. Is a German breed? Sino ba marunong sa aso diyan? Enlighten us, please. 😦

    Sina Taty, parang ‘yung magkapatid sa Peter Pan. Babae rin panganay (Darling was her name?).

    (Speaking of A&Q, naalala ko tuloy si Aya. How is she related to Eva Abesamis de Koenigswarter? Kasi kung aunt niya, then may pinsan siyang musician.)

    • @Flor. Yes the Duchshund is of German origin, also called “Badger (duchs)+ shund (dog) or sausage dog”… is a scent dog. I have two a male and female. Baguio city temperatures late in the afternoons at present range from 16-20 degrees C, colder in the early mornings at 11-14. Though Water supply is regularly supplied by the Baguio water district twice a week from water sheds (Mount Sto. Tomas, Busol, etc) , As before, water supply is difficult during the dry summer months and a challenge with increasing population.

      • @ john manalo … Another thing I recall is a HUGE Araucaria pine (tree) adjacent the hospital’s facade. It surely was planted around the same time the hospital was erected; alam ko, ka-batch ng UP-PGH ang ‘BGHMC’. Pre-WW2. Baka nga, around WW1 pa, if not turn of the 19th to the 20th century! I was stunned; it was the ONLY Araucaria I saw in the City limits. I wonder if it’s still there… I doubt. 😦

        (My maternal cousins had an Araucaria at their Manila home long ago. They would trim the top part off every December, so they had a fresh Christmas tree most every year. The tree would subsequently sprout a new top. Several, in fact. The best becomes ‘the next’. The remainder were allowed to grow on.. And such was their Yuletide tradition.)

      • @Flor … The huge pine tree in front of BGHMC has long been gone, instead BGH gardens recently set up have become popular go to for locals and tourists

    • (Cont.)

      Gud Tue AM, Uncle.

      I noticed, for that matter & if I’m not mistaken, that you have not used the Pageantry Norms space to feature (interview) new/up & coming/fresh faces for the Nationals. Laging dito sa Norman’s Blog! Pero ‘yun nga, write-up lang; walang ‘tokis’. 🙂

      UNLESS, you use your own YouTube channel for this purpose…Anyway, have a safe & chill week.

      @ john manalo Isn’t BCWD just a short walk down the road from the Victory Liner bus terminal? Nakapunta na ako diyan, I remember! Nag-deliver ako, at nag-collect ng payment. That was, I think, the last time I was in the City of Pines. I remember it was quite rainy. Maybe June ~ August.

    • SORRY po Manong Norman, dito pa kami nagkwentuhan ni Flor ng non-related sa post mo. @Flor i am a baguio boy, was born in Baguio in 19 …. pre-med course is BS Bio, we share in common plants (and animals hehe)

      • @ john manalo & @ Norman My bad. The link was supposed to be Riana, because of her relatives in the city. 😦

        Uncle, you’re in MisOr now, po? Next post ‘yan, ‘ah. Give us your 9-Pick for Perfect Body. 🙂

  2. I am happy for Riana having landed a role in a teleserye.
    I feel sad for Tatiana for spending the Christmas Eve alone in quarantine. Congratulations to her for almost securing a back to back victory for Philippines in Miss Eco Teen International
    Congratulations also to Keinth for placing in Miss Tourism International 2021

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