27 comments on “The 70th Miss World moved to March 16, 2022

  1. It’s very unlikely for an org to make a business decision at a loss. They most probably received a better deal with the local producers and the government to move the pageant to a “safer” time next year – by whatever estimates. 👑💐🕊🎄

  2. Off topic:
    Miss Universe Bahamas just had a grand welcome in her home country.
    She was personally congratulated and greeted right after jetting off the plane by no other than the wife of the Bahamian Prime Minister, the minister of sports and culture and some other Bahamian beauty queens. Is this the first time the Bahamas placed at Miss Universe?

  3. This move just slowed down Tracy’s overall momentum leading up to the Finals. However, with her testing negative demonstrates careful responsibility as an individual. I am not shaming those who caught COVID but just trying to put a different angle to it.

    Nevertheless, I am not going to pay attention to this telecast but I will be rooting for her regardless. Hopefully she won’t get Catriona 2.0.

    • I hope so too. I hope Tracy will gain more depth and substance as she ponder on micro and macro aspects – the prevailing situation in our country (devastation brought by the typhoon) and the rest of the world (COVID-19) and expand more reach through her advocacy, so come finals night she will be fully ready.

  4. The national directors from each country should have asked MWO to at least name the semi-finalists or finalists so they won’t have to incur unnecessary expenses in sending/flying over again their candidates who didn’t make it into the semi finals.

  5. MW is the most boring pageant. Semi-finalists are pre-determined thru various challenges. So what’s so interesting about this? Mas enjoy pang manood ng Miss barang-Gay!

  6. If not the Philippines , I hope they crown Venezuela
    Pageantry is boring if Venezuela is not doing well
    I think Venezuela and Philippines should always be in the top 10 or 15 all the time

  7. How can they be sure that by March the world is safe.
    Asking the candidates to go back and forth for the coronation night does not make sense at all.
    Nakakapag gigil!! I’m sure the candidates have already been judged. Just do the coronation virtually for everyone’s sanity.

    • I agree. Sana nung 12/16 nagpa virtual nalang sila or might as well pre selected the top 30. Tapos laban laban nalang. Parang Miss Earth.

    • Agree. Sana hindi nlang pinauwi ang top 30 until everyone is cleared, though baka kasi Christmas at New Year. Then baka most of them and the staff have plans na.

  8. Possible top 3 Philippines, India and Cote D’Ivoire. But Tracy will be 29 few days before coronation day. Will it be a birthday gift or hindrance to win the crown. I still hope for Philippines 2nd MW crown 👑🙏

    • I hope not. Hindi naman kasalanan ni Tracy na ma-move ang coronation. I hope Miss Morley sees Tracy’s hard work. I pray that the Philippines gets the crown again. If not, Top 3 sana.

      • Alex, Tracy will surely be at the top 3 and if lucky enough, she will bring home the crown.
        I’ve got good feelings about her chances, well, that is before the postponement.
        India, Cameroon, Venezuela and Cote d’Ivoire will also be up there

  9. Hindi ko magets? So, yung mga candidate nasa Puerto Rico pa rin hanggang ngayon? Or babalik na lang sila dun sa March for the coronation night regardless kung clapper or placer sila?

    Parang gusto ko lamukusin pagmumukha ni JM kapag malaman-laman ko na kaya hindi niya tinuloy yung pageant nung 16 eh dahil yung kokoronahan niya eh isa dun sa nag-positive!

  10. If the Americas again, I sense one of those three who have but one will get their second, joining Peru, Argentina, & host country in that elite group which proved their first was no fluke.

    But I’ve raised my questions before… (@ paul hopefully took note… He will probably post his Final Selection somewhere… I highly doubt he will do so here.).

    Is ‘Brazil’ cosmopolitan enough now to be a prospective host~winner in the short-term?

    (If so, I hope they tour us NEITHER in Sao Paulo nor Rio do Janeiro… PLENTY MORE to see!)

    Will Mdme. JM like the witty~effervescent ‘Dominican Republic’, & will that back story sit well? Though I admit she was an early favorite of mine. 🙂

    ‘Mexico’, same issue with ‘Dominican Republic’. In fact, I think one they share with a front-runner who tested positive in the swab taste.

    Though chance remote, am rooting all the way for a statuesque & soft-spoken ‘former British colony’. Also included in Uncle’s Pick, but tier lower down… Silent killers come when least expect! Imho, her formal background will be ideal when MWO tours the four BWAP programs found most desirable, which includes that of our very own & especially now with what happened recently.

    (The beautician at my local parlor was right! Yellow DOES presage…)

    Am locking TRACY MAUREEN PEREZ in for the Final 5. NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    • Aling Bella Flores @Flor Tula, nagka migraine ako sa scatter brains mo. Ginuo ko. Izzat you????

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