11 comments on “Watch out for Miss Kuyamis 2022!

    • @ serge Puwede silang magkapatid… Ganyan pala type mo, Sir. 🙂

      Dulay & Berdelao, too! Manticao & Magsaysay, respectively.

      Villanueva (Bautista), I recall passing through. I just don’t remember if Butuan side or Iligan side of MisOr… Medina (Pague), I was thinking to go but changed my mind when my hosts in CDO City made me realize how far it was (from the city proper), such that it would probably be more cost-effective to ‘attack’ from Butuan City then make my way (backward) to MisOr… Oh, well. 😦

  1. Quote a lot of pretty girls. Unless the pics are photoshopped
    We need to. Find our next big thing
    India has returned
    And Thailand is likely to find someone winnable pretty soon. . Thailand has a stable of really tall and pretty girls . They just need to find the right one

    • @ Fabian Reyes Wala tayong issue sa GANDA. Problema natin, height.

      (The Admin is pro-A&Q… LOLZ.)

    • Maraming magandang Pinay swear. The problem is that they are mostly 5″3. Lol 😆😆😆😆😆😆

    • thailand ladies are mostly tall Bec of a foreign dad w thai chinese mom( chinese have throwback tall genes)
      Filipinas even w one foreign parent are only bet 5’5 – 5’7

  2. May Misamis. May Ginumis, May Kuyamis. May NakakaInis! Ang dami dami namang kung ano anong patimpalak. Haay. Pageantry must really be one lucrative business for so many people wanting to organize or join one.

    Trivia : Wha is the opposite of Kuyamis?

    Answer : Atemister. Lol.

    World Pis, este Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Sir, this is (just) a Regional. That LEAGUE, together with Binibining Cebu, Miss Manila, & Miss Bicolandia. It’s prestigious~lucrative in its own right. And it can pave the way for qualification in the Nationals, like what Miss Iloilo had done for Rabiya. You don’t need to monitor at this level. But it’s useful if you want to get some idea of ‘new material’ or past performance. 🙂

      Recall @ paul sharing that pageants have been effectively rendered non-existent in the Davao Region? Buti pa nga sa ‘NorMin’ (Northern Mindanao which this pageant usually targets, from about Lanao del Norte to CARAGA, pati Bukidnon damay na rin!), may pa-happy-happy pa rin. 😦

      You can be like @ Ana Winter-Lund, who only bothers when posts are MUP/MU-related. All cool!

      (‘Atemister’ reminds me of Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester.)

      Back to the topic at hand…

      The purple color scheme is no longer. I wonder if the organization consulted with ‘color experts’…

      Uncle, ganun ulit? Atty. Saclot will field reps to MPE, MWP, & … Meron pa bang MMP?

    • My Dear! Yang mga regional pageant ang stepping stone ng Bilat for a grander career in pageantry! Diyan din nag-i-scout ang mga Beauty Camp for the next “It” girl! It is a learning stage for them to gauge their potential para pag sumabak na sila for national pageant, well-polished na sila! Tignan mo si Bea Luigi at Steffi Aberasturi?

      May Trivia din ako sayo,

      Sino ang napangasawa ni BB Gandanghari?

      Answer: Eh di si Lola Chakangreina!

      • Ay ganda…..lol.

        Trivia: Ano opposite ng Saklolo?

        Answer : Licklola. Lol.

        World Peace.

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