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  1. Ang taray! From “sole proprietorship” to “corporate entity”! Diva? Parang from DTI to Securities and Exchange Commission lang ang application ng business permit! Although pinapayagan na ngayon ng SEC mag-apply as corporation kahit single entity ka lang at wala kang shareholders!

    Talagang Boom ang Aesthetic Business sa Filipinas (as if to say kasi maraming pangit!) na nangangailangan ng “Salamat, Doc” enhancement procedure! At kanya-kanya talaga silang harvat ng mga celebrity endorser! Etong si Toledo iniba ang approach, en vez na mga Kapuso or Kapamilya ang endorser, nag-collaborate sa mga Training Camp for Beauty Queens! Mautak ang bakla! Sa bagay, BSMT ba naman ang pre-med course, so by default, mautak dapat talaga!

    Speaking of pampaganda, napanood ko the other week yung HongKong Film na “Dumplings” sabi nga nung isang character, “We woman always try to fight aging!” Oo nga naman, bakit kaya rampant sa mga babae ang enhancement?

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Mademoiselle, it’s a girl thang. And we do not expect boys to understand.


  2. Clearly one of those post that will pay the monthly bills?

    The clinic transforms and enhances and alter the physical beauty of a candidate, so i find it laughable when the blurb of the blogger states “to showcase the TRUE Filipina Beauty”. Nemen! Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Nailed it, @Thomas

      True Filipina beauty pero nagpapagawa ng ilong at kung ano-anong body parts.

      I find it odd when some of these ladies transform themselves so much and they then proceed to say that they want to “inspire” others to be confidently beautiful. There is something very wrong when you can only be “confidently beautiful with silicone”.

      • @ Caroline One way to CLAIM ONE’S SPACE is to (not simply accept but) MAKE CHANGE.

        It is the exercise of CHOICE & taking FULL responsibility. It is NOT anyone else’s business. Only you can make this call because no one knows you better than yourself.

        As Davonna Finley would say, you have a problem if you can’t look at ‘chesticles’ without thinking badly. 🙂

        This, imho, is the true & pure definition of ‘woke-ness’.

  3. Emma Tiglao is always the first face I notice.

    And I love her fresh confidence. I hope she becomes successful in News and Current Affairs/TV or radio broadcasting because she has mass media appeal.

    She is both pretty and endearing.

  4. In the first (top) photo, leftmost is Naelah? Beside Emma is Steffi (in that ode to Tom Ford for Gucci, apparently)? Dili ko ma-recognize who that is between Naelah & Steffi… With cropped hair.

    Gazini was with Tracy in… New York?

    Cortesi… Uncle, ‘asan siya? Here, or back in Italy? Is she still bent on one more Nationals? Baka abutan siya ng age ceiling sa MW/MU/MS/MEco-Int… 😦

    Parang gusto kong pagsabungin sina Baeyens at Falconer sa MUP 202…4. KF vs. A&Q ulit! 🙂

    (THE ‘MEZTISA’ SHOWDOWN, so epic.)

    • Leftmost is Chelsea Fernandez. Standing next to her, with cropped hair, is Patricia Tumulak. Sandwiched between her and Emma is Celeste Cortesi.

      I saw a pic of Gazini with Tracy in Puerto Rico. She was there to watch the MW Finals, unfortunately, cancelled/postponed.

      I love Roxie. Sana may future pageants pa sya.

      On the other hand, I heard from an interview that SamP is still mulling another pageant. Girl, iretire mo na. I understand that you were heartbroken. I don’t want to dwell on your performance but it wasn’t good (your walks and turns were off, ALL OF THEM, your EG was tricky – nothing special, your NatCos presentation was awkward, your introductions were over the top – I get it, this was MGI). Although I thought that the group SS presentation was good, including the “point”, it just didn’t redeem you (it really was the only segment, unfortunately unscored, that you looked natural. I liked you but even I was disappointed because I was rooting for you.

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