15 comments on “My return to Pageant Judging

  1. Wow, tito Norms, you’re on a roll next year! Just be safe always as we wait for your blogs on them soon.

  2. Congratulations Norman. What a better way to end 2021 and to start 2022. Cheers to more pageant judging

  3. Sir Norman, 3 gigs in Quezon Province. I’m glad you are involved in bringing the standard of pageantry a notch higher in my province. Hopefully someday, an MU, MW, ME and MI queen and Male Pageantry Kings will come from the province. Am eagerly waiting for Pat Babista’s rerturn to pageantry. Has Rein Villareal left male pageantry for good?

  4. Congrats!!! Maybe bigger leagues in the future.

    Travel indeed one the best perks for gigs like this. Must be fun to explore the Philippines doing something yu love.

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