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  1. Japan would be a refreshing change – or South Korea, I guess. Just that there could be a strong feminist mindset in Korea, and pageants may not be their thing over there. But who knows.

  2. Mga DEtractors ni Aya Abesamis!

    Kumain kayo ng buhangin!

    May contrata na siyang isasampal sa inyo! Courtesy of FOrd Modelling Agency!

    • Tiguwang naman sya teh. Pero, congratulations gihapon Kay Bata man tan awon Ang mga Asians. Unsaon man pud nimo Ang kontrata kung wa pud kaayo kita🤭
      I pray for her success 🙏

      • @bong. I have not heard any model under FMA complaining about his/her assignment. I believe that if a model is under FMA, he/she is always in good hands.

    • I also learn about this. To be included in the roster of models of the Ford modelling agency is quite an achievement. Big congratulations to her.

  3. Off Topic,

    Mga Veks! Dedo na Papable Singer ng Il Divo na si Carlos Marin! Nasa playlist ko pa naman canta nilang Regressa Mi which kinanta nila sa Miss World before!

    Chica vacccinated naman daw ang fafa at may booster dose pa pero na-dedo pa rin!

    Josketch! Akala ko mano-normalize na buhay natin kapag may vaccine na!

    Parang walang cuenta ang vaccine dahil sa London pataas pa rin ang cases! Kunsumisyon tong sakit dulot ng mga checkwa!

    • @claire. Although not 100 percent effective, covid vaccine still provides significant protection from getting severe covid disease and to some extent from getting breakthrough infection. However, experts are yet to determine if vaccine is effective against omicron variant.

    • Korek ka dyan the. Ang tsalap tsalap pa nman nya hihihihi.
      90k+ Ang positive in just one day. Buti nlang walang Dilawan sa UK baka bubula na nman Ang mga bunganga nila laban sa govt sa nangyayari sa UK now as if Ang galing nila sa pagsugpo ng crisis eh sa typhoon na Yolanda lang eh nagkaletcheletche na at Ang mga donations at pagkain ay nasira lang hihihihi. SAF 44 Noynoy anong ginawa mo at iba pa😱🙂

    • That is also my wish. The last time that an African country hosted MU was in 1995. That was in Namibia. The event was spectacular. I want a safari-themed event if that happens.

    • South Africa has hosted Miss World several times. I think it is time the country hosts Miss Universe

  4. Bet na bet ko na sa Pinas talaga dafat next year kc c Nay Leni na Ang president at maipasyal nya Ang mga candidates sa sinasabi nyang “Philippine archipelago is composed of 1,700 islands” hihihihi.
    Buti pa c nay Leni at busy sa pagbisita sa mga typhoon victims para magpapicture.
    Go go go mga #kakampink🙂

    • 2026 … MU 75th anniversary … celebration in Pinas if Shamcey a& friends strike gold

  5. Though I believe that Ms. Singapore landed to the top 16 thru her own merits and she really deserved to be there because she did well, her inclusion to elite 16 might be just a stepping to stone for the MU to open up a deal to the Singapore govt. for possible MU edition in the future. Well, that’s just my two cents’ worth. I could be wrong! Well, who knows? We’ll see in 2022 or 2023!

    • more likely Aruba (she even got to the top 10 instead of my bet Great Britain who deserved it more … )

      I am happy for Bahamas but they already hosted

  6. France will not hold the pageant at 2 AM . So this will not likely to happen unless IMG is ok to repeat what happened in Russia
    Another Asian country would be ideal like Vietnam Or the Philippines but the Pandemic could make this impossible
    So my best bet is another US city hopefully Vegas

  7. I want it to be hosted sa Kabul Afghanistan. Or Tehran, Iran or maybe in Riyadh Saudi Arabia
    . Pero seryoso guys I would love the mu to be hold at the Gold Coast in Australia.

    • In that case, the Philippine Arena will be ideal. It can hold an audience of 55,000.

      • @ charlotte york Didn’t Sean (MUO – VP?) & co. do an ocular there?

        (Perhaps the rent was astronomical. Just my opinion.)

        There is also the perpetual issue with ticket price. I saw a video of a pageant vlogger that in this recent Israel hosting, locals expressed some shock… So I’m delighted not a few Pino/ays were said to be in the audience, as one of us commented (before) that our OFW’s there aren’t exactly the most moneyed expatriates. I hope I didn’t offend.

      • @Flor_Tula. Yes the venue’s management had considered that and gave a very reasonable quotation given the prestige of the event. The price was commensurate to the use of the venue for six days: taping & rehearsals (t3d), prelims (2d) and finals (1d). Other freebies were thrown in to entice the organizer to sign on. The overall cost was also well distributed over reasonably priced tickets as the venue could accommodate more viewers than other considered venues. The management actually thought it would push through, but my friend guessed that the organizer’s finances wouldn’t have been able to stretch enough to hold it in their venue within the next few months. Thus, the negotiations just fizzled.

      • @Flor. Regardless of their status, the Filipino audience outnumbered any other nationalities in Eilat.

      • @Flor. Regardless of their status, the Filipino audience outnumbered any other nationalities in Eilat.

  8. Maureen Montaigne’s French-American heritage would have been a perfect fit for Paris if only she’s still age-eligible… Same as Ann Colis who has a distant French ancestor… Which may explain their win at Miss Globe which is a Canadian based pageant(former French colony).

    • @ Closer2Fame Age ceiling lang katapat niyan. PLUS, these two additional adjustments.

      1. MUO must agree to a scheme wherein the country franchise ROTATES between licensed~accredited ‘agents’ (whether camp, team, or non-profit organization), with a FIXED ANNUAL RATE. So, halimbawa, A&Q for 2022, BPCI for 2023, The Camp for 2024, & KF for 2025. And back again. Siyempre, may agreed-upon code-of-conduct sila, & everything is audited by a third party to ensure compliance… And,…

      2. Since per year discretion nung assigned for that year (that doesn’t sound nice, the way I phrased it), DAPAT PUWEDE SIYA/SILA MAG-APPOINT kung ayaw nila mag-‘mini-pageant’ for whatever reason (but even this can have guidelines made for it).

  9. It is actually a dirty and dangerous city , what you see from the movies, post cards is not as picture perfect. It is just like when you go to Vatican City and don’t expect there are no scammers or sinners there, you’ll be surprised pickpockets and scam artists con tourists and visitors coming, same as in Paris. Paris is a nice city, if you want to just attend the MU coronation but be sure to bring lots of moolah. Be ready for long queues and meeting lots of fellow Asian shoppers there.

      • I’ve been to Reykjavík, Iceland. It is very clean. Helsinki, Finland as well. If there is crime, it is extremely rare to the point people in Helsinki leave their wallet and keys on the table, go to the washroom, 10 minutes late their stuff is still in the table

    • Rome , Naples, Barcelona , Madrid , NYC , Detroit, New Orleans. Dallas, LA .. they have really ugly areas

    • My friend got mugged in Sacré-Cœur, another one almost got pickpocketed in the subway when he slapped the gypsy woman’s hand.

      I agree Paris is nice, but there are other cities in France like Lyon that would be better.

    • all the tourist spots they keep clean
      but the working class neighborhoods are a little dirty
      but i love paris, warts and all

    • The most cleanest city that I visited are Helsinki, Finland and Ljubljana, Slovenia

    • One of the cities that did not meet my expectations which are derived from travel pictures and movies.
      I even stepped on a dog’s poo at the 16th arrondissement area which is considered the richest neighborhood in Paris. Other arrondissement are studded with homeless people mostly African migrants who sleep on park benches and bathe in public toilets.
      France’ countryside is far more beautiful than its big cities specially those near the border of Switzerland like Annecy.
      Paris is definitely not a city to go back to for me. I would rather visit quaint small European cities.

    • Paris is not what it used to be before the “Syrian” refugee crisis and “open-border” EU policies. On the ride from Charles de Gaulle airport to downtown Paris, one could see the progressive “sprouting” of refugee encampments along the highway, under the bridges and sidewalks. Sure the tourist spots seemed devoid of any encampments, but along the subway entrances especially on that fabled Champs Elysees are bunches of refugees begging almost to the point of harassing any passerby, not to mention the dreaded gypsies lurking around crowded areas. Eiffel tower area even reeked of some undesirable scents. But then again, why would Paris host the MU. Paris does not need the presence of MU pageant to boost its tourism. Because as “Sunkist” stated, people will always love Paris warts and all. Besides, I highly doubt the middle and upper crust of Parisian society will have enough time to be bothered unless some well established Parisian fashion house is willing to collaborate and showcase its collections.

      • @ XYZ Oh, that reminds me of that time when France hosted the World Cup. An Yves Saint Laurent ruby (40) year retrospective was among the events at the Closing Ceremony. The football field was covered in cloth bearing the house logo & all the great runway models of the day walked. I watched it live (on TV)! 🙂

        Maybe they can come up with a ‘today’ twist on the Battle of Versailles when five (or was it four?) French (including Saint Laurent) & American (including Bill Blass, Ralph Halston, & I think one female designer, either Donna Karan or Carolina Herrera) ‘soldiers’ on either side strut their ‘stuff’.

  10. That would be a fun country to visit. Maybe this will make me finally see a MU live telecast and find me a gorgeous frenchie to take home hihihiji

  11. another country that could be a very very beautiful host country ( beautifully close to host country Israel ) is the Czech Republic …( or probably the Slovak Republic ) ancient castles in Europe ! … or perhaps this one , Alexander the Great’s birth place , Macedonia ! & I hope to see their debut in MU !

    • @ jaretwrightlover Kung dili ako nagkakamali, Macedonia would have been included the original pre-pageant itinerary of the recent (The)Globe, which our 2M won.

      ‘Yun nga lang, pandemya na ta’s nag-Delta variant, so Albania na lang. Also Bosnia ‘ata. 😦

      (Details from Uncle’s past chat with Mdme. Mias Pilar Alcantara, I think it was in his Fb LIVE.)

      Even closer to Israel is (Levant) region-mate Turkey, where Alex Faith Garcia proved she had more than enough aura to prevail in the end. 🙂

      How about Hungary, too?

      • Levant … that is ISIS territory around Syria and Northern Iraq …
        Hungary might be close to impossible , they have a power hungry president wanting to serve for life presiding over an illiberal democracy

        Switzerland might be a great venue, Zurich I love !

      • @ jaretwrightlover Zurich is LOVELY. I was there some years back… And around this time of the year, too. No snow yet (I missed it by a week, my Swiss colleague e-mailing me about it after I had returned to Manila).

        Memorable was a twenty (20)-foot (couldn’t be more than that) Christmas tree at the Banhoffstrasse, decked with Swarovski (a sign said the company sponsored it) ornaments. EACH WAS UNIQUE; NO TWO PIECES WERE IDENTICAL. My fave was an owl. 🙂

        Cobble-stone streets. I was there to pass a weekend away before returning to Italy, sort of saving up my allotment of Schengen visa days… The Swiss visa then was separate; I don’t know now.

        Had I known then that the city is the FIFA HQ, I would have wanted to search~wander… 😦

        I left at 0200H for my connection to Malpensa (diverted to Lugano; I think I shared this here before in the Chella Falconer post). The night air THROBBED with the beat of electronic music, as Swiss youth walked home from what was apparently a happy rave somewhere in the cold urban darkness.

  12. Isa lang ang sigurado ako, na kahit saan pa ganapin ang MU eh pupuntahan pa rin yan ng mga Pinoy to support our rep. Kulang ang MU kung walang Pinoy na audience sa venue. The presence of Pinoy audience completes the MU!

  13. Hey guys, perhaps you have heard of the devastation brought by super typhoon Odette to Bohol and surrounding islands. Power, water, online banking are down and out. Looks like its going to be a bleak Christmas for us here

    • @Cool Brew. I’m deeply sad for you and for your kababayans. I believe in resilience of Filipinos. I believe you will recover.

    • I saw the floods in loboc and it’s very sad. If only I had millions of money, I will give it to them. But 1 peso to every Filipino can reach a million help to them. Any link to donate but I don’t want the Leni or rappler links because of low public trust to be honest 🤫🤭😱😊 I am willing to help🙂

      • Charing-charing ka lang yata eh. Dito ka pa talaga nanawagan. Ang dami namang tv or radio station at NGO na pwedeng kontakin. 😂 😂 😂

      • @bong700 By all means, start your own donation drive or tell the candidate or any influential person whom you trust to have his own donation drive for the victims of Odette. Meron na ang OVP, pero ikanga,the more the merrier. Just share your link here para makatulong kami sa’yo. Kung walang link, I’d assume walang ibang nakagalaw but the OVP.

      • @ bong700 OVP has mobilized in Bohol, among other places in need. Also a TV station & a professional sport league (they provide the pertinent contact details onscreen), kung ayaw mo sa Rappler… (That being said, I am unaware if Rappler has initiated anything.)

        Para sigurado na ang maibigay mong tulong ay yaon mismong kailangan nila doon (which I think is potable~clean water kasi walang kuryente for a few more days & without power, water treatment plants are at a standstill), click on @ Cool Brew’s profile (here). Ta’s, kayo na mag-usap. Pero may mga nauna nang tumulong (like the groups I mentioned) & they are reputable naman & para ma-coordinate ang relief efforts & donations kasi mamaya may sobra at may kulang. The ones now there on the ground will be in the best position to advise kung ano pang talagang kailangan. Paz!

    • Prayers are with you and all affected. Wish I was in the country and could personally help however I could.

      If there is a reputable organization that is collecting donations to distribute to those affected, can someone please post it? I’m sure there are many overseas that will contribute. I have family members also looking for a reputable/reliable organization.

      I have faith that Filipino resilience and determination will recover and rebuild stronger and better. Love to all of you

  14. This is exciting. It has been 8 years since a European country last hosted MU. I wanted a Moulin Rouge theme of the event.

    • @ serge Now that you mentioned, should be interesting to see MU’s take on a MF* competency!

      * Miss France, arguably one of the world’s best & longest-running Nationals. Itself audacious in its own way. 🙂

      Will also be worth to note if the organization will dispatch their winner to MU. Or MW.

    • 5’6 is fine as long as she is a super beauty
      Chela Falconer is our best bet to win MU – cute and very well-spoken

  15. Te to visit family in France !
    Though I hope they hold it in Vegas again because this city is very easy to navigate

  16. Honestly, I think Philippines is the only option for the best venue for the next edition of Miss Universe. Philippines is very well equipped of Covid supplies. Philippines has successfuly controlled the increasing number of Covid patients in every corner of the Philippines. Only in the Philippines you can find the best among the best.

    • Sarcasm at it’s best hahaha. Dito lang talaga yan..kaya sana maging matalino tayong lahat sa pagboto next year. Iboto natin ang ubod ng galing, walang bahid ng pagsisinungaling at pagnanakaw. Napakalinis ng budhi. #BBM. #SARCASMDINTOHAWAGTANGA

      • @ thisisme This is just my humble and I am just telling the truth. That’s the way I how see my country doing in the midst of pandemic. I understand if you don’t see it the way I look at it. #MabuhayMU22 #TangkilikinPilipinas

      • I wonder if France would be amenable to holding the pageant at 2Am to accommodate the time difference .
        That’s probably one major reason The MU pageant is hardly held in Europe or the Middle East.

    • Pinas, nope, not in the near future but in 5 years… 75th anniversary… MU2026… maybe the best time !

  17. may also be, per old rumors, that it might be in Korea for the second time in its history ( I love the stage in Korea MU80 ! ) and it will showcase the debut of Miss North Korea in the MU pageant …

  18. NEPAL. Kalokah. Pa’no na ‘yung win-nork-out ni Mr. Jonas dati? Nag-Zoom pa. 😦

    Pero, kung need pa nila ng more time to prep, I guess why not…. 🙂

  19. I was thinking that it would be in UAE for 2022 to make up for their miss in 2021 competition …

    Paris or … San Jose, Costa Rica ?

      • From what I’ve heard, there were some locals who are involved questioning as to why the franchise is solely owned by a foreigner (Filipino). Pagkatapos mag post si Yugen sa social media at news outlets saying that “Miss Universe UAE is solely owned by Yugen Events” biglang naglaho na parang bula ang MUUAE at wala ng balita kahit na ano. Pati si Maggie Wilson at pati si Yugen ay tiklop ang bibig.

      • @JustPassingBy: avahh lokahlokah pala 2ng c Yugen kung 22o man yan. Dafat may kasamang local sponsor or maybe Vakah nman may naamoy Ang mga local na Di kanaisnais hihihihi alam mo naman Ang mga Pinoy 🤫🤭😊
        Iba Ang Pinoy. Jawzkuh kalokahhh Yung mga press release tapos ganyan nangyari. Baka Akala nila nasa Pinas lang sila or may backer sila eh Di nman puede Ang backer backer sa UAE kung may Mali talaga😱😊

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