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    • @ Teng OMG. Please tell us which you are, po – Alvin, Jeron, Jeric, or Mico. 🙂

      “Always bet on black”. – Wesley Snipes

      “I imposed black. It reigns, still. Because black trumps all”. – Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel

      BUT, NOT advisable color to wear if the stage backdrop is also black, or lighting is less than INTENSE. As per a prominent Filipino pageant vlogger in his 20’s who now only very rarely comments here. He has become even more elusive than catching a meteor in the murky city night sky. 😦

  1. Pag post ako ng post marami nagrereklamo kahit ang messages ko ay positibo.

    Pag hindi ako nagpopost hinahanap naman ako.

    Aney bey telega? He, he, he.

    P.S. Malakas po internet signal namin dito sa bahay at hindi kami kasama sa typhoon warning signal.

  2. I agree with possible top 3… regardless of the results,… I feel in my heart that Miss Philippines Tracy Maureen Perez is the most deserving to win…

  3. My theory as to why Paul is not yet responding is because he is on his way to Puerto Rico. Long flight, no internet.

    Good Luck and enjoy Paul!! Be carepaul since you are so paul of confidence. You might paul in the swimmingpaul or waterpauls. Lol.

    World Paul, este Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Well, he will most probably have some lay-over in Florida. HE MUST BUY PLANTS. Daming magaganda dun! I just hope he has import permits & phyto-sanitary clearance forms (from our DA-BPI*), though I think if you purchase from reputable~registered nurseries, it’s a lot easier!


      He MUST have also brought with him a GIFT for Mdme. Julia Morley. Aaahh! Baka kaya siya nag-SM Lanang… To look for something extra special~nice.

      After all, must not forget Mdme. is the REAL-TRUE Queen. The one who wins tomorrow is just her poster girl.

      * – Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry

    • @Thomas. Paul is living somewhere in Mindanao. His place could be affected by super typhoon Odette. His Internet connection maybe cut off due to typhoon

      • Ang bait mo talaga Serge. Maraming salamat.

        Nakabakasyon ako ngayon dito sa GenSan. Hindi kami kasama sa typhoon warning signal. At malakas ang internet namin dito sa bahay. And we are safe, thank God.

        Kaninang umaga namasyal kami sa isang barangay. Natulog ako maghapon. Kaya ngayon lang nakabalik online. Hindi naman ako oras2x dito. May iba rin akong pinagkakaabalahan. He, he, he. Advance Merry Christmas to you. Again, salamat.

  4. Iba tlg karisma ng mga Cebuana and mga Bisaya in general. I just love them ❤ Good luck Tracy. Again, everything about you is just pure love, genuine and heartfelt…ang ganda pa lalo even without make up kesehoda nakikipagsabayan sa mga kasama na naka-make up

    • Tracy Perez and Beatrice Gomez has same aura as Yedda Kittilstved (from Cebu), Gladys Duenas (Pagadian City), and Karla Bautista (Cebu).

  5. Sa Ms World, kung sino ang may pinakamaraming exposure sa finals night, sya ang nanalo. Ireview nyo ang last three editions ng Ms World (2017-2018-2019).

  6. It really is between Venezuela, Ivory Coast and The Philippines. Tracy peaked when it mattered. I think JM will remember the recent few days than the start of the competition (really, almost a month ago!).

    You said it right, Norman. Tracy is indeed a story teller. As I watched her BWAP Presentation, I noticed that the candidates didn’t have to “look back” the entire time during her speech. It goes to show that the audience need not look at the speaker the whole time if she’s delivering the speech with enough conviction. And she conveyed it with so much that we only need to HEAR her, without having to look at her.

  7. Eh diba dun sa “exposing Miss World” shorva, hindi na daw mananalo ang Venezuela at India,

    I don’t know kung magko-corona si Julia ng Back to Back Black delegate,

    I hope the moon and the stars will align with Tracy,

    I hope she give a very convincing answer for the question “Why should you be the next Miss World?”

  8. I pray nothing but the best for Tracy. Win or lose, you already cemented yourself as one of the most remarkable Filipina queen. We love you Queen!

  9. The question and answer doesn’t have any bearing at all. That is just for formality, the winner is already in the envelope.

    • You seem to be throwing shade at the Miss World selection process.

      What happens if Tracy wins? Would you take this statement back or would you say Tracy was rightfully eyed as the winner even before the finals?

      • I’m not. I don’t know if you already watch a live miss world pageant. Top 20 is just for show. Top ten is already on their list. Each of the judges is given a folder and this folder will be collected prior the last questions. They don’t have anymore the folder during the final questions. It’s only Julia have the final lists of the winners,

    • @ Ivan & @ Caroline I agree. The Final Question(ing) is really just courtesy. At that point, we in theory have the very best, the Selection. Any of them would be winnable.

      But some pageant bosses like to exercise their prerogative. KAYA NGA BOSS, ‘EH. 🙂

      We keep in mind three points :

      1. Lu Siera – The judges & organization may see things we don’t.
      2. Norman Tinio (in a recent interview with a Philippines TV station) – They should get one who is cooperative, willing (& happy!) to work (with them).
      3. The decision is the organization’s responsibility forever. Let us be gracious as much as we can; it is not our burden.

      • @Flor Tula – You are correct and I agree. What I do not agree with is our attitude towards Julia Morley’s selection process. Many deride MW as a cooking show, forgetting that the same method was in place when Megan won.

  10. TRACY SOLID CROWN CONTENDER … I think show will start at the same time as MU last Sunday

  11. Another top 5 finish would be good enough. A crown would be a nice cap to the 2021 Philippine pageant season.

  12. That is my hope, too, Norman. Tracy can easily penetrate the Top 5 and could potentially be PH’s 2nd Miss World 🙌

    Laban lang, Tracy. You’ve been glowing since you landed in Puerto Rico.
    Best of luck. Now, go get that blue crown 👑

  13. While I love to see the blue crown on Tracy’s head, gut feel tells me it’s gonna go to Cote d’Ivoire’s Olivia Yace. It’s been long since an indigenous African has won MW, courtesy of Nigeria’s Agbani Darego in 2001. Africa has always been MW’s territory and I feel that it’s high time the blue crown returns back to sub-Saharan Africa. Cote d’Ivoire is one of the world’s fast rising African economies propelled by cocoa beans. Yup, the country is the world’s largest producer of coco beans that go into our Hersheys, Kisses, and all those chocolate delights!

    • @ scorg RAW BEAN ang sinu-supply nila sa malalaking chocolate manufacturers, no?

      They have home-grown~artisanal~’reserve’ confections & ingredients, we suppose. THAT must be the truly exceptional selection. You must try! 🙂

      Chocolate goes into EVERYTHING – candy bars, bonbons, pastry, ice cream, even cigarettes (!, but just a tiny amount). Lalo na ngayong Pasko, with ‘Christmas Markets’ everywhere selling it in every possible incarnation.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but cacao originated in South America but now there’s more of it grown in Africa. Conversely for coffee. Bakit ganu’n?

      • Kaya nga THROWBAKLA, ang biased talaga ni Tito Norms, unlike you.

        Please share nalang your blog & your next TV guesting so we can hear your completely unbiased and objective anti-Mama J & anti-A&Q tirades.

        Thanks, you’re such a dear.


        You don’t have a blog/vlog &/or TV guestings? You’ve never coached a beauty queen into the top 5 at an alpha pageant?

        Why are Tito Norman and Mama J so successful and you’re not … when we all know you’re the best unbiased pageant critic and coach in the industry?

      • It’s kind of sad that you have to pretend to be someone else in order to feel valid and important.

        Just like it’s sad that you have to target other people like Tito Norman and Mama J and A&Q for their success simply because you lack the courage or the talent or the commitment or the intelligence (especially emotional intelligence) to pursue your own accomplishments in the field of pageantry.

        Fact #1: Have you ever seen a hater who is successful? Me neither.

        Fact #2: Trying to bring successful people down won’t elevate you or make you successful.

        Work on yourself (please see a therapist as I believe you have borderline personality disorder tendencies).

        Take inspiration from Tito Norman and Mama J. Both used their passion for pageantry and worked to find and establish their niche in the industry to become respected and admired.

        I know I taunt you from time to time. But in this moment I really do hope you will find peace, healing, and fulfillment in your life.

    • If the Miss World is targeting the African Market.. Let’s not forget that Filipino celebrities has a huge African fanbase… Our Teleseryes are shown in multiple African countries. Filipino models are also making waves in countries like SOuth Africa because our tall Pinays perfectly fit their standards of beauty.

      • @ Closer2Fame Sa Boss Models ba ‘yan? Isn’t their HQ in either Durban or Johannesburg?

        Who are Filipina Boss models atm? 🙂

      • @C2F, while you’re correct that our teleseryes are shown in Africa, I doubt about the fanbase. Africans care more about football stars, than they do about movie celebs or beauty queens. Besides, it’s not only Filipino telenovelas that are shown; you would be surprised Marimar and Maria del Barrio get into their screens, speaking in pidgin English, Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo. But just as they do not know nor care to know Thalia, they also do not know the names of our artists in the telenovelas.

  14. Malakas Ang laban ng Philippines. Confident ako sa QandA result. 2nd RU Ang pinakamababang result.
    Again, good luck Tracy. You’re confidently beautiful with a heart ❤️ hihihihi
    OOT: c Miss universe Bahamas bongga Ang pagsalubong sa kanya. May govt officials and parade kc first time naka Top 10 sila ✨

    • Her beauty shines when she wears a solid color like those worn by MU Peru 2020
      No to light or flowery fabric

      • @ Fabian Reyes Agree.

        Hopefully, the Finale look will BLOW us all away.

        Nonetheless, the pleasant Prelims OOTD’s & the Moon Vine dress were delightful! Thx 2 all. 🙂

  15. Just too shy to admit it.

    But I can feel that Tracy will win it. Tracy is a true blue beauty queen and a great person. Miss World will not get wrong. Her aura is very Miss World.

    But Tracy, you are a Miss World. No one else.

  16. I think Tracy is getting stronger as the coronation night gets nearer. I hope that she keeps the momentum throughout the competition. Good luck Tracy! Laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  17. Good Luck Tracy!

    Easily Top Five. But having said that, all the other four front runners are worthy of the crown. All beautiful and with substance.

    Once Tracy enters the magic five, it is all about the alignment of the stars.

    World Peace.

    • Thank you, Thomas, for saying that there are at least four other worthy contenders for the crown. Disdain overwhelms me when I read comments that cast aspersions on the worth and preparation of others just to push our own.

      I like Tracy and I hold her effort to very ably represent us in the highest esteem. Yan ang totoong paglaban – determined but drama-free.

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