22 comments on “How to catch the 70th Miss World Finals

  1. Confirmed delegates who are Covid19 positive:
    1. Indonesia
    2. Malaysia
    3. India
    4. Cote D’Ivoire

    Confirmed candidates in isolation waiting for results

    5. Cameroon
    6. Tanzania
    7. Uganda

  2. Instead of having all contestants come.back in 90 days, why not just have the Top 30 or just the Top 12 since they already know who they are anyway? Don’t need to waste all delegates’ time.

  3. OMG. Postponed Ang MW coronation day. After 90 days pa Bago koronahan Ang MW2021. Jawskuh ledesma, baka maSmartmagic Ang resulta at muling gagalaw Ang mga hypocrites na Dilawan para mawaley c DDS Tracy. #neveragaintodilawan na mga magnanakaw, NPA at Mapaglinlang sa bayan.
    Why not quarantine all contestants for 14 days and do the PCR test until all people involved became positive at ituloy agad Ang finals. Huhuhuhu😱

    • korek, bakit hindi na lang ganyan? dahil ba ang napupusuan ni lola julia na winner ay nag positive?

    • True! Why not keep them there for few weeks? Probably because of the holidays- staff and candidates have other plans cguro.

  4. Postponed for another 3 months! Kakaloka

    MWO is a mess! MGI and MUO was able to pull it off, so saan kayo MWO nag kulang?

    Tapos ang announcement sa Day of the Finals?!

    Nakakawindang! Dont tell me sa March babalik lahat ng 98 candidates sa PR for the Finals tapos uwi ulit?

    • They have way more activities kasi and format is different. Like MU and MW, they want to keep their format, which is great I think para iba naman.

  5. Nanalo nga Ang China bakit hindi c Tracy. Bahala na c Mama Arnold Kay Lola Julia iprank nya na iheld Ang MW2022 sa Philippines para sure win c Tracy hihihihi 😊✨

  6. Technically, it’s a pre-recorded event!

    On-going na daw yung taping ng Miss World after ilang candidates ang nag-positive! They can’t afford to be live!

    Most likely meh leak na yan ng result later parang Binibini!

    After all the effort of Tracy, I wouldn’t settle for a runner up!


  7. Godbless Tracy. May your hardwork bears a fruitful result. Will definitely watch from Saturday morning

  8. I wish Tracy the best of luck. May the stars align for her during the coronation night

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