46 comments on “Tracy Maureen Perez: Top 5 Finalist for the 70th Miss World BWAP Award

  1. As each day passes, I am loving Tracy more and more. I hope she wins, or at least be a runner-up.

  2. buhay pa pala ang patimpalak na ito..parang Ang Probinsyano lang sa hinaba haba…with the conclusion of MU 70th ediiton last monday PH time, 2021 pageant scene is practically over. chos.

  3. I am loving Tracy more and more.. she really grows on you…
    her sroy is very inspiring… I hope she wins…

    As for Paul… akala ko ba ANTI-MARCOS/DUTERTE ka?!
    Why are you supporting Tracy who’s obviously DDS…hahaha

  4. Basta Tracy lang ako for the win. Miss World 2021 yan. Sana lang wag maulit ng India na parehong makuha ang Miss Universe at Miss World like noon year 1994 & 2000. Abuso na pag naka-3 sila.😂✌️

  5. Mukhang maganda pasko ni paul.padalhan Sana ako ng putobumbong but I love listening to the lady you support paul.. gumagana sya lalo when I hear her speak

    • Salamat bonsaihaiter. Merry Christmas to you.

      Pasensya na biko lang meron sa aming mga bisaya. Ty again.

  6. PR gay ba itong Paul ng Miss World Felepens dito sa Norman blog ?? Busy ang bayot kakasagot sa mga nagkokkment about tracy. Ha ha ha. Para ba masabing ang pinupush nya makes it in pageantry at masabihan siyang expeert? Ha ha ha ha. Ogag ampucha. Natalo lang ang bet niya na katrina Dimaranan sa mup nagpokus na sya kay tracy . Habha ha ha. Kahit anong push mo kay tracy alam na ni hulya kung sino kukoronahan niya. Ha ha ha ha ang nakakaloka pa eh panay post comment nya sa post about tracy para sabihing maraming relate sa journey ni traxy eh puro Paul mababasa mo. Tapos nagkokoment pa sya sa koment nya. Muntanga lang. Adik. Ha ha ha

      • Tito Norms, could you confirm if INDIA was among the BWAP winners? In Wikipedia , India was listed among the top 30 semifinalists. Thanks.

      • @ Norman Good Thu AM, Uncle.

        Needless to say, CNN Philippines will again seek your expertise. And surely you will reveal your MW 2021 Picks ONLY in their show. 🙂

        (Too bad for me, I have no cable TV…)

        Nonetheless, we look forward to an absolutely sensational PN’s this Sun, 19. Best 2021 episode!

  7. Auntie N. Pinasok na ng Paul variant Ang blog mo. But I think kayang kaya ng immune system ng lahat kahit anong klaseng viruses Ang dadapo sa Norman’s blog😊 hihihihi

    • Problemado ka manong. Chill2x lang uy. Ayaw kasuko kay wala man ka ginaaway. O maayong buntag.

      • Cherette lungs 🫁. Ayaw maninood diha. Gilaay lng ko Kay way mahimo. Kapoy cge lingkod ug higda way maobra diri . Sa mga nalipay ug nagkatawa sa akong
        mga post, salamat. Sa Wala nalipay, problema na na nila😊 lol

  8. @tito norman may beach beauty pa ba at multimedia challenges sa Miss World? Tomorrow na kasi ang finals.

    • @ Bert Good morning. 🙂

      Kayo po ba si Sir Albert Andrada?

      Or, pigeon-loving room mate ni ka-tropang Ernie?

      (@ Norman, we require a @ Ernie username at some point… Get someone to pose!)

      • Hahaha unfortunately I cannot answer that question. I think that there is proper channel and proper time to reveal which one’s identity. Neither Scorg, Serge, and Ana Winter Lund, nor others will reveal who they are using this platform.

        So, going back to my question, do you think that there are still Beach Beauty and Multimedia challenges to do before tomorrow’a finals or is it something that we just have to wait and see?

      • @ Bert ‘Ay! Kayo nga po… Ilang years na kayo sa unit/apartment niyo? Malamang, mag-re-renovate na kayo. I-video niyo naman ang transformation ng inyong home space, please! 🙂

        (In particular, I am curious how the pigeon coop will fare… Naalala ko po kasi ‘yung mga calafate sa Luneta. Akala ko, ‘pag gabi pumapasok sila sa houses nila. There was one warm~lazy Sunday evening I decided to be reckless & roam Rizal Park at midnight. I saw a lot of things & among them was that the park pigeons simply roost in the trees though visibly much more comfy accommodations are available… It made me wonder where they go when it rains.)

        Multimedia… They’ve all been online since the beginning. I guess i-a-announce na lang ang winner sa Finale.

        Beach Beauty… That must be done daytime. It’s now roughly late Tue evening in that part of the world. Maybe…


  9. Am so excited to see the Philippines’ score ascending on the leader board as the coronation night progresses. I know Tracy’s journey is so tough but I still believe she can pull off. Laban Tracy, laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • That’s the Filipino Spirit Adrienne. Laban lang. Maraming salamat at magandang umaga sa iyo.

  10. Empowering our mothers! Expected to be on top, napa-luha pa nga si Julia sa bwap nya.
    Indeed, she is one of our best representatives. Good luck Tracy… I will pray for you, for our 2nd MU crown.

  11. Divine is Tracy Maureen Perez.

    She is always on point with her wardrobe and styling. What a very classy gown!

  12. I believe she’s the best in Asia and that’s what all she needs to be in the Top 5. So proud of her!

    • Indeed she is one of the best reps from Asia along with India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. Let us continue to support her MW quest. Thanks.

  13. Wow. Congratulations. She has a very good chance of reaching top 3 if not winning the crown.

    • Thank you Serge. We are hoping for the best. Top 3 is already a great Christmas gift to us Filipino pageant fans. Maligayang Pasko sa iyo.

    • I don’t think so. They have different shades and fabrics. Tracy is provided by by Cebuano designers while Cat’s wardrobe are from Luzon based couturiers. Thanks.

  14. Basta ako chill pa din and I won’t hype the prospects that she might win. I will believe it when I see the blue crown on her head.

    Ayoko ng maloko ni Master Chef…hihihihihihi!!!

  15. Finalist in H2H challenge that assured her a semifinal position during coronation night + a finalist of BWAP(Top 5) will gave Tracy the chance to be a Top 10 or top 7 finalist… Good luck Tracy.

  16. what is the judges’ lineup ? Is it all female and all past MW winners ? … I hope it is not and there will be some outsiders , male opinion , … go go go , Tracy you’re almost there !

    • JM has a number of close male friends and staff. I am sure a couple or three will be chosen to join her in the judging panel. Thanks.

  17. This beautiful Cebuana has become an unstoppable force! Again, one of the best representative of the Philippines! Go get that blue crown! I will be upset if she finishes below top 5.

  18. I am so happy with how Tracy M peaked on this competition. Calm before the storm indeed. Keep it up Tracy. I will support you all throughout. The gown os so immaculate.

    • Thank you very much for the continuing support. Maraming salamat. At magandang umaga sa iyo.

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