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    • @ 4M Kabilis naman. ‘Nuyan? Omicron variant?

      In theory, kaya nga sila naka-compete to begin with kasi dapat negative sila sa swab taste. Either tinipid ang pag-swab (late case), or doon mismo sa venue nila nakuha, FROM A LOCAL. 😦

      Anyway, I guess it’s safe to assume cancelled na Beach Beauty. Sayang. That would have been a good opportunity to assess for the Perfect Body sub-title (at least for those who opt to bare).

      And speaking of Perfect Body & in line with @ scorg’s comment (below), we should expect nothing less than PERFECTION when MI resumes. Whenever that will be. They would have had more than enough time to prepare whatever is needed. And from Japan, we expect only the best!

  1. I’m sure Miss International organization is nervously watching this sad developments. In the light of the rapid global spread of Covid 19 Omicron variant, will it hang on steadfastly (or obstinately) to its “No to Virtual Pageant” stance, and postpone its annual contest once again?

  2. Sayang kung hindi makakabalik si India… paano na ang possible na twin victories sa MU at MW? 😅😜

  3. I hope that prompt isolation of the infected candidates is able to stop further spread of Covid to other delegates. It is better that MWO shortens the duration of event next time to avoid problem such as this.

  4. It was Miss Indonesia who turned out to be positive.

    Her roommate was Miss India,

    They will not be allowed to grace the final night!

    Napanood niyo naman seguro video ng mga taga-Santolan station na nanood ng MU na former beauty queen! Kinilabutan yung dalawa nung tinawag si Bea sa Top 5! Ngayon ko na-feel na ganun ka-threaten ang ibang bansa basta alam nilang pahahawakin ng mic ang Filipinas!

  5. Good of the Miss World Organization to still allow those who are in quarantine to remain in contention for the crown through their videos.

  6. I hope that Julia Morely herself , in her eighties / maybe seventies , is taking extreme precautions.
    Thank God for MU not having to deal with this … It is so hard for everyone, even pageant fans , but most especially for the delegates …

  7. Ano naman kya ang official statement ng PR gay ng Mess World Felepens na si Paul? Dapat siyang mauna na magbigay ng sttement bago kayo mga bayot.

  8. They should really separate & distance the candidates during transport. Be strict about rooming and gatherings. MUP was strict, if I have to say.

    • @ charlotte york So, dili rin pala strict ang MU kasi may pa-room mates pa sila. Dapat ‘ata, a room per lady but of course this will double the organizer’s hotel bill. 😦

      (And Clemence Botino was ‘caught’ in time, enough so that she was able to rejoin for the Prelims.)

      Nahawahan sina Manasa at Carla? Hopefully not. 🙂

      I think humanity is at that point/stage wherein any sort of social~mass gathering will catch a handful with the bug. But, we may be at par with it now; we are able to catch it in time, & so prevent it’s further spread. Malaking bagay ‘yun! As long as transmission is thwarted, it loses & we gain further advantage. Let’s stay the course & no longer be discouraged. It’s as much a mind game as it is physical.

      • Yes @Flor_Tula. As long as the delegates keep to their roommates and avoid room-hopping, the spread would be preventable. At MU, yes there was also continuous hugging on every occasion. Lol. The transportation was also kinda crowded for these times. Hopefully orgs could adjust yet still retain the necessary excitement of the whole pageant experience.

  9. O’. ‘Yun pala, ‘eh.

    Mr. ALV was already told of this by us*, but all that’s now water under the (suspension) bridge.

    As per statement (here), their performances have now been all taken into consideration so that even if she is unable to join ‘on the last night’ (the translation from the Spanish is through an app?) she can still be hailed as queen.

    * – Saturday before the MWP Finale, nag-upgrade to MECQ. Some of us said dapat there & then he already announced all the winners. Anyway, essentially appointment nangyari sa Supra (Dindi).

    In any case, natuloy ang Finale eventually. The ‘MW-or-nothing’ from KF got the latter. And we have Tracy Maureen Perez, who initially was overage for MW. STILL, FATE smiled on her! 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      The way the article quotes/references Stephanie del Valle suggests that at least as a Porto Ricana (or is the proper way to say ‘boricua’?) she has a major stake/role in this edition of the pageant. Maybe that day will come when WE would (finally) host. Would Megan Young also take a central role?

      Uncle, speaking of meganbata, will she still host the Finale? Where is she now?

  10. Bad news for those girls tested positive for COVID-19. All the efforts, trainings, preparations including the gowns and costumes they brought for the finals will go for naught.

    • @ Adrienne If MWO & the local organizer-partner-producer is deft with their camera work, & they do say here in their statement that they plan to use no less than thirty (30) cameras, there is a solution. But we’ll let them figure it out. 🙂

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