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  1. I would like to make a suggestion… Perhaps Bea should extend an invitation to Miss Bahrain. I saw a Google article this morning about Miss Bahrain and all the horrible emails and texts she received. Unfortunately, it seems that a majority of those came from Filipinos who posted their remarks in Tagalog. They were very unkind and uncalled for remarks. In all honesty, I was embarrassed and felt ashamed. It would be nice if she came to The Philippines and felt the Filipino love and acceptance of people and life, that the hateful remarks she received are not a true reflection of who we are.

    This is just a humble suggestion and probably won’t gain any traction but I at least put it out there.

    Thanks for listening…

  2. Wag magpapaloko sa Team Ahas and Kweens! Congrats Bea and Team Cebu and Origins Management. Buti at pinaglaban niyo si Bea laban sa kapritso ng Empyerno.

  3. Again , two observations I have , same observations as in prior year , and as in prior to prior year , …

    one is judges’ lineup should have outsiders , male representation , outside the box opinion , even just a little , say one or two of the judges … I’m not asking for much, just a little

    two is Europe group once again has been abandoned … there were many good ones in 2020 and 2021 …. Spain 2021 for example should have replaced Aruba 2021, or Czech Rep 2021 & 2020 or Ireland 2021 or Russia 2020 or Romania 2020 ! Bianca Tirsin (Romania) was kind of robbed but I think that her future in pageantry is not yet over ; she is very young and I hope she joins Miss Earth and capture that crown for Romania !

    • @ jaretwrightlover YAA-AAASS! Bianca Tirsin. 🙂

      Czech women are some of the most beautiful of all time. Porizkova Paulina is eternal.

      But wasn’t MURussia 2020 that one who ridiculed (?) fellow candidates’ IG photos, her agent & herself captured on that video? But yeah, she apologized not long after. 😦

      At least Clemence Botino made the First Cut. May diva issues daw ‘ata kay Kedist Deltour (Bel).

  4. Sabi nga nila, a Miss Universe should be relatable. How can one be relatable if hindi siya agad maiintindihan ng maigi when answering the question? Like using the words “inoculation” and “mitigate”. Most of us Filipinos can understand these words, but how about other countries whose knowledge about the English language is limited? That’s why I suggest that it is better to use the layman’s terms to effectively deliver your message across. This is partly the downfall of Bea.

    Ito namang si Urvashi I can really sense na plastikan lang talaga ang paghalubilo niya kay Marian. Alam niya kasi millions ang followers ni Marian at kapag nakikita ng mga Pinoy na “friendship” na daw sila, these millions of fans will somehow become hers as well. Smart girl di ba? Kaya wag kayong pautouto agad. Look at what happened at MU 2015. May attitude talaga yang Urvashi na yan.

    TMP for MW 2021!

    • @ Miss Universe 2022 KILALA KITA. You were the reader here formerly @ Miss Universe 2021.


      Hello! You are well, we presume. It was a great show, no?

      Naalala ko ‘yang ‘mitigate’ na ‘yan. During the Macapagal-Arroyo administration, they had some ‘climate mitigation’ government programs. I wonder what became of those. It was around that time that concepts such as ‘carbon credits’, ‘carbon footprint’, & ‘debt-for-nature swap’ (a portion of your liabilities were pardoned or paid by someone else & in exchange you preserve some local pristine wilderness if not rehabilitate a degraded one) were all the rage.

    • @Miss Universe 1022
      I don’t think Urvashi Ratuela needs Marian Rivera or her fans to gain clout
      She already is an accomplished Bollywood star and one of the biggest superstars and considering the global reach of Bollywood, she is a much bigger star than a star in a relatively small movie industry like the Philippines’ Marian Rivera
      Dont get me wrong here because Im just being fair and truthful.

      • JustPassingBy, Urvashi really needs Marian and Marian’s fans to gain clout because she is a nobody in the Philippines. If she wasn’t invited to be a judge, it will never come to our consciousness that she’s a Bollywood star.

      • Lol. Urvashi doesn’t need Marian. FYI. IF you’re a Bollywood star you’re not just famous in India. You are also famous in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UK south Asians, North Africans etcetera. Si Marian, to her defense is known also in third world countries like Cambodia and Laos. A Filipino American raised in America will not know her since TFC is dominant in us.

      • Lymaraina, I know Urvashi is known in India, Pakistan, Nepal etc. The question is, is she famous in the Philippines? She’s using Marian to penetrate her marketability in the Philippines, but sorry to say she will never attain that status here in the Philippines because of what she did in MU 2015.

  5. Bea showed to the universe that over and above gender orientation (the emotional or romantic attraction to the same gender), outward expression of gender identity may still conform to socially defined behaviors and characteristics typically associated with being feminine. This is an important part of self-identity, and is central to one’s mental health and wellbeing. In other words, one can have a gender identity and orientation different from the sex assigned at birth, but the gender expression could still be very feminine. What is important is that the stereotypically feminine traits such as nurturance, sensitivity, sweetness, supportiveness, modesty, humility, empathy, affection, tenderness, compassion, kindness, devotion and understanding combine with traits traditionally viewed as musculine such as strength, courage, power, independence, leadership, and assertiveness. To me, this is the “breaking barriers” of gender identity that Bea presented at MU stage.

    • Lesbians can definitely join Miss Universe because they are biologically born women. I have no problem with that at all.

    • Why dont you have nice words for Cat despite her exceptional character and performance? Why have exaggerations for Bea and Rabiya? Explain.

  6. One person from the crowd smiling and cheering you on is enough to enliven your spirit and inspire you to bring out your best!

    Thanks to Marian Rivera for being that cheer leader to our Bea!

    And of course, thanks also to the crazy Filipino fans in the audience!!! ❤️

  7. Beatrice Luigi Gomez, the Miss Universe Philippines with commendable tranquil demeanor. Despite all the negativities hurled at her, she continued her fight and made the entire nation proud.

    Congratulations are in order to Team MUP for giving the Filipinos a beautiful gift this Christmas. You indeed lifted every Filipino’s downed spirit brought by the pandemic. I just wish that you won’t get tired of doing your stuff for our beloved country.

    If I may suggest: Could you get as National Costume designer the now famous Kennedy Jhon Gasper of Nueva Ecija for the upcoming edition of Miss Universe? Per the news report this evening, his greatest dream is to make a national costume for the Miss Universe Philippines. Why not make his dream turn into reality?

    I also wish that you get Mak Tumang in your creatives circle because that designer is passionate enough in creating high-impacting evening gown.

    I hope that Bea’s beautiful MU journey in Israel could inspire more beautiful yet reluctant Filipinas out there to try joining Miss Universe Philippines. They should consider how they would have the love and the support of the Filipino people once they compete in Miss Universe. Gabbi Garcia? Klea Pineda? Any more beautiful and intelligent Cebuanas?

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund The thing with these show business folks (Sanya Lopez in addition) is that pageantry seems last on their agenda. Definitely, being ‘artista’ is more financially rewarding. Maureen Wroblewitz I doubt will try (MUP) again. And Teresita Ssen might be the only exception.

      Michelle Dee feels like someone The Camp might have taken in. But we also know bets from that camp do the Nationals only once. Telle Abello is the exception, but midway she left the team, as we know.

      Kennedy is still studying. All these gigs hopefully are financially viable. So when the time comes when he finally can choose which candidate he wants to do a costume for, he will have set up his own atelier. 🙂

      Monitor the on-going Miss Cebu & Hiyas ng Pilipinas (a Cebu-based Nationals). Take your picks!

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