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  1. Impeccable styling and well-prepared. Mama Chonas, this is how you do it. Wag pakalulong sa swerte mo kay Pia, Megan and Kylie. With or without you, they’ll be successful.

  2. There’s nothing in the dress that speaks of the moon nor the night. She must be a goddess of spring, of flowers, of earth & water even. He must have confused her with the Sambal (Zambales) god Malayari, who bestows healthy wealth & abundance – even rain to those who deserve it.

    • How will she be able to dance? Wouldn’t the beads and tassels at the very bottom break apart? Wouldn’t that cause an accident on stage? Even she might slip on those beads. Just saying. Lol.

    • @ charlotte york Medyo esoteric, no?

      It could have been downright literal with (clay/resin?) craters as bosoms, a’ la Gaultier bustier. To emulate the meteor-pockmarked surface of the moon. 🙂

      The reference, as per the Brief, is the moon vine (Ipomoea alba)… Oh, wow! That’s interesting. It’s apparently a night-blooming species, therefore apt. Thanks to Google & Wikipedia!

      I initially thought of another species – pes-caprae – as this is of the right color & seen on many beaches in the country.

      (Incidentally, the species available in Manila nurseries is Ipomoea tricolor. Or maybe purpurea, not too sure.)

      But in any case, the moon does influence the tides at the very least, so in that regard has power on the water.

      (With all due respects to Axel Que, one dress recently put out by Chico Estiva looks more in keeping with the lunar theme. In black & gold. But I’ll let you search out which pageant that is & who the Filipinas rep is. Obviously, it’s a ‘not BIG’ beauty contest & in fact is virtual, & normally in December.)

      • Thanks @Flor_Tula. I was waiting for someone to cite the moonflower as possible inspiration, just that the flowers he used as reference are nowhere near what moonflowers look like. Moonflowers have trumpet shaped blooms. I’ve carefully looked at each blossom, and none of which are moonflowers. No matter how the moon influences tides and flora, it won’t bloom any of those flowers because they aren’t vine flowers. Lol. 💮

      • @ charlotte york Oh, my gosh. ‘Trumpet-shaped’ flowers are… Brugmansia! A small tree with such-shaped blooms can be found in Baguio City, introduced from Latin America.

        Naalala ko kasi it has a natural chemical called scopolamine… Sige, ikaw na magtuloy mag-Google. 🙂

  3. The intricate design is mesmerizing. I wonder how much patience did they spend (designer and the other persons involved) to create and produce such astounding craftsmanship.

  4. I am just so happy and content and we have Tracy, another silent killer representing us at MW. Despite not being the object of attention within the pageant community, she continues to perform well and her efforts are currently being rewarded by the MWO.

    I am going to set my expectation knowing how erratic and random the selection of the winners have been in the past. So any top 10 or whatever the next cut is after the top 30 for me is already a success criteria.

    However, I do pray that Lola Hulya proves us wrong and puts Tracy eventually at the top.

    I love this piece. It’s colorful, fun and playful!

  5. Both her and Bea’s costume are associated with the moon. I wonder if this is done on purpose.

    I think Tracy will make it to the top 5 and might even win the crown. India is a big threat though. Hope it’s Tracy in the end.

  6. I saw all here videos… She knows how to establish a good sense of rapor and she always aim to inspire… A mark of a true winner…

    Btw, I have a very good feeling that Tracy Maureen Perez would at least be a 1st or 2nd Princess if not the winner.

  7. Tracy lang ako talaga for the win. Ayokong maniwala na for the 3rd time after 1994 & 2000 ay makukuha ulit ng India ang Miss Universe at Miss World.

    • Ano ka ba.. India just won Miss World last 2017 hence I don’t think Julia would make them win again..

      • @Closer2Fame. Ikaw ang “ano ka ba?” Humihina na yata reading comprehension mo? Ang ibig sabihin ni cancaloo ay ayaw nyang maniwala na baka for the 3rd time ay makuha ng India ang Miss Universe at Miss World. Dahil nangyari yun ng 2 times. 1994 Miss Universe Sushmita Sen & 1994 Miss World Aishwarya Rai; 2000 Miss Universe Lara Dutta & 2000 Miss World Priyanka ka Chopra.

      • If Mama Julia wants India will win, she will let India win. Dont forget Diana Hayden won in 1997, three years after Aishwarya won, then in 1999 with Yukta Mookhey, then 2000 with Priyanka

    • im praying for a turnout similar to 2013 with ariela arida’s top 5/3rd RU finish at MU, while megan took to top prize at MW. I hope the stars will align just the same for tracy this year.

  8. Ni-review ko yung result ng 2019 MW Challenges,

    Sa Talent Challenge lang nanalo si Toni,

    The rest of the challenges halos background lang siya! Mas nangibabaw pa si Miss Nepal dun sa mga challenges pero di man lang naka-Top5!

    Nakaka-stress lang na 200% na yung effort ni Tracy sa competition na baka mabale-wala! The only make or break na lang is yung sagot niya sa tanong na “Why should you be the next Miss World?” which is mangyayari lang kung makaka-Top5 siya! Eh yung Top5 nung 2019 based on their challenge performance hindi mo alam kung paano sila nakapasok dun!

    Parang gusto ko mambato ng pinggan kapag hindi naka-Top5 si Tracy!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Mademoiselle, patingin muna ng pinggan. Kung maganda, akin na lang if it’s OK with you, po. I think it would be nice to have some fine china for a change… 🙂

      • @ paul Alam mo noon, Dong, in the house I grew up was displayed on the wall a plate which I can only say was probably precious and that was why it was never used.

        It was smooth & semi-glossy, in white, about just less than a foot in diameter. Nag-iisa siya. On it was hand-painted roses in white, red, & yellow. Tipong heirloom piece… I never asked about it. There was something ‘intimidating’ about it… So, I NEVER mentioned it. Until now.

  9. Chela Falconer and Bella Ysmael are the Philippine’s next big thing
    These girls can really talk
    And their feminine grace and Beauty are world class

  10. beautiful ! I hope the camera catches her and stays on her for awhile longer on stage during finals night …

  11. Sya yung nilamon ng Bakunawa ni Beatrice!

    I love it.. Axel Que is now my favorite national costume designer… Beautiful! Gorgeous!

    From the headress, pearls and tassels…

    Only thing I would change is I preffer an irridescent purple fabric….

    Everything else is well planned and executed….


  12. It’s nice!

    It’s like a fusion of Freida Kahlo + Pollera (National Dress of Panama)!

  13. I admire everything about Tracy. Most esp her heart-felt speeches, demeanor, character, class… My 110% support for her too…but we know how Mess World cooks. Sino n nmn kaya ang mapalad na kahit wala sa kahit anumang fast track would just zoom in in top 5 and become the eventual winner? Surprise!!! 😄😃😀

  14. This Axel Que is INSPIRED. And has no fear.

    (Tassel at the hemline I’d omit. It would mop up dirt as it grazes the floor. But that’s just practicality.)

    You can buy this vine at nurseries, trained on a small trellis, for probably not more than a day’s wage (metropolis rate). And a few other options, all along this exact same color scheme. 🙂

    2021 has been, over-all, a great year for Philippines NatCos. Gabby Basiano’s ‘calesa’ backpack, Cinderella Obenita’s ‘kuyamis’ terno, Maureen Montagne’s ‘sampaguita’ showgirl in Albania, SamBer’s ‘pearly warts’ which Eonna Constanza inherited for Supra last August, that CLSU fashion design student (Kennedy Gasper) who now has (two) African creations for each MU edition this year, & Que’s ‘obras’ for Bea (Bakunawa) & Tracy (here). What else did we like?

    (I still recall Kimberley Ann Tiques(2x)’s ‘floral cage’ ode to the Bulaklakin Festival of Bulacan! and the ‘kiping’ pleats on Pat Babista’s ‘Pahiyas’ dress.)

    (Credits to Patrick Isorena for both SamBer’s & Maureen’s?)

    My favorite ‘Carnival Queen’ at MUP 2021 was Makati City’s pink feathery…Isabelle de los Santos?

    Rajo Laurel’s silver 1920’s~1930’s flapper dress with exaggerated collar for Ingrid Santamaria was SLAY.

    And Wrob’s own silvery volley was lent to Vera, resulting in a ‘tercera finalista’ placement!

  15. I like his works so far. He also made Tracy’s nat cos in MWPh, right? It was gorgeous as much as it was controversial. What about Tracy’s butterfly costume in MUPh? I also liked it very much.

  16. Lovely shoes! It is really nice that Jojo Bragais remains supportive of our pageant girls despite of the success of his brand. ❤️

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