13 comments on “Tatyana Alexi Austria in Egypt for Miss Eco Teen 2021

  1. Matangkad ‘tong batang ‘to. 5’7″ when she competed at Supermodel International (she was 16 or 17), as substitute for Karen Laurrie Mendoza who opted to try for BBP (via Miss Ilo(ilo)2x, Rabiya & Kesha’s batch, with Ann Palmares).


    Philippine Science High School.

    I see some semblance to… Kirsten Delavin! 🙂

    MUP 202…5. She’ll be ~24 by then.

    Uhhmm… I think I got the age(s) wrong. 😦

    • this girl is not from Philippine Science High . Shes from a city science high school. specific city i dont know. if shes from pisay wala yang time makasali sa pageants lols.

      • @ Yna Makaspac Oh, thank you for the correction. 🙂

        Any STEM secondary education is good enough for me. And UST ain’t bad at all. It has some excellent scientists!

        (Mandaluyong City is a very vibrant city. I worked there for a time. Very much a ‘crossroads’.)

    • FYI she’s not from Philippines science high school. She’s from Mandaluyong or whatever science high school. Na wait-list pa nga yan sa UP. she’s in ust now, failing sa UP. if she’s from pisay I highly doubt she can join pageants/do modeling on the side. Lol

  2. Please keep us posted … I think this is another winner in a mid-tier pageant/contest !

  3. Lovely! Good luck girl! By the way, who would enjoy reading an upside down and reverse-printed country name at the back of each candidate?

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