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  1. If the selection of top five is per continent, I am hoping she will be chosen in Asian Continent. Securing another top 5 finish with the like of Bea will be worth celebrating. I am hoping she will be the main ingredient on the cooking show. PH sash winning this time of pandemic is a big market as well.

    • @ JSM Are you implying the continental scheme is a way to rig? Did I understand correctly?

      Isn’t that counter-intuitive? The rationale, nga, is that parang leader board siya – solely on points para objective. 🙂

      But to be fair to Tracy, she seems to have united us after that entire MWP fiasco & sentiment that the 2021 batch was lackluster. She certainly has proven critics wrong.

      But the way I understood, you want her to lead Asia. YET, that Top 5 is a culinary demo. How? 😦

      • The rationale of the foresaid scheme is to get the best of each continent/region and fair representation. Thanks.

  2. I noticed that from 2000-2009, no country has one more than once in those 10 years. Same goes during 2010-2019. Only China has won multiple times from 2000-2019.

    Baka yan yung reason bakit mailap sa atin ang 2nd Miss World crown?

    • I think JM tries to distribute the blue crown to different countries in a decade. She has learned from her past experiences of crowning back to back.

  3. If it is true that JM makes the final decision on the MW winner, I hope she will brush aside all the toxic mud previously heaped on her and her organization by overzealous Filipino pageant fans, and decide in favor of our very deserving rep. MW wants global visibility and relevance in this pandemic era? Pivot to the Philippines. where the celebration of beauty is year-round.

    • I don’t think Tracy will win. It’s either Venezuela or India again. They are both gunning for their 7th crown. And by the way Julia said that miss world is not a “beauty pageant”. So celebration of beauty is not really applicable to that of Miss world.

      • @ Lymaraina Back in 1994 when Aishwarya Rai won, was it still Mr. Eric Morley in charge? I doubt Mdme. JM would seriously consider a repeat of what Time magazine at the time trumpeted as ‘India On A Roll’ when they also bagged MU (c/o Sushmita). Besides, India is fuming at China atm, so if she values her China connections she may wish to defer that 7th for the Subcontinent.

        Puwede rin siguro si Alejandra Conde. Kaya lang, it’s obvious she does not have a grip on English as well as Dr. Manasa does. How will the Venezolana oversee the 2022 Head-to-Head challenge if she cannot speak it well as Stephanie del Valle or Vanessa Ponce de Leon, if she wins?

        But then again, having ties with Pres. Maduro may have benefits. It probably did when Angkol brought MGI to Caracas two years ago… 😦

      • @Lymaraina, I do not know if JM really said that MW is not a “beauty pageant”. Maybe she was quoted out of context, because if that were so why use the slogan “beauty with a purpose”? I’m sure what JM was referring to, as now evident in the pageant segments, is that MW is not just a contest of physical beauty, but also of intellect and core values. These three dimensions of beauty appear to be MW’s anchors to its global charities, thus “beauty with a purpose”.

  4. I’m so amazed by Tracy and her team. Everything has been on point! I can feel that most people here love and support Tracy, which is a good thing. I am hoping and praying for a good finish for her.

    • Tracy has the love and support of most pageant fans because she always radiates positive energy on them. Good morning.

  5. Praying for a Top 5 finish. Hoping our country will host MW 2023 to celebrate Evangeline Pascual, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Megan Young’s win in 1973, 1993, and 2013.

    • Hopefully Lireo. Yup, we are lucky with years ending in 3 in MW. Thanks and good morning to you.

      • FYI, Mafae Verdadero Yunon was TOP5/ 4th Princess in 2003…

        It was only in 1983 that we were trully unlucky..
        The Philippines ws i turmoil due to Ninoy Aquino’s death..

  6. I am eagerly anticipating the selection of the final names and the crowning of the winner … but I am not eagerly anticipating the show… it will be a bore as usual

    BEST WISHES TO YOU TRACY ! I hope that lady luck and all the lucky stars in heaven will align for you on Dec 16

      • the best productions in my memory were the 2013 – 2015 , where 2013 is the best among the three …

        If they can top these, maybe I will be attentive … still the most important is the crowning … (of Tracy)

    • As a 3rd WORLD pageant fanstic like you.
      You’re focusing more on the commercial aspect
      Like the productio or a mere entertainment
      Not the values or the purpose. Miss Universe is
      Catered to 3rd world countries for entertainment
      Kungbaga isang Annual show lng after manalo
      Nkhiga lng sa Apartment sa NY tatawagin lng kng
      Kokoronahan na winner sa ibng bansa during Pia’s reign san ba sya nkpunta pra sa duties nya as MU puro
      Pa picture sa jowa nya un like at rashion week sa
      NY. same with Cat pero ang MW & all continental queens
      Naikot halos lhat ng continents pra sa charity
      St BWP project nla.kaya bilib na bilib ang
      Mga 3rd world nations kc maganda ang Show
      Pero wlng substance. Pang annual show lng
      So 3rd World material kungsabagay un ang market nla

      • @ Jed I think what you REALLY wanted to say is NOT ‘Third World’ but ‘jologs’.

        This was already discussed before. Baka nga kasama ka rin sa discussions noon.

        MU seems to want to develop the B & C demographic, too. MW, naman, aims for A~B; the BWAP though very CSR in approach PRECISELY gives the British brand a business empire-like feel!

        The American just wants to hawk consumer goods. I mean, all those shampoo & fabric care products Pia Wurtzbach serves as model for. Megan, on the other hand, was a BDO (bank) muse. Yes, I think Pia also had an ad along financial services. But overall, mas ‘sosy’ siguro MW? Agree?

        Sa ating mga Pilipina ‘ata, BUHOK ang luho. We may be living (residing & earning income) in an economically depressed area PERO HABA PA RIN ANG HAIR NATIN. 🙂

        I am aware MW at one time had L’Oreal as a sponsor. Pero dili na ‘ata… And MG (MUP) seems posh. ‘Ay, ambot! 😦

  7. Another girl to watch out for! Galing mo Tracy! Congratulations! Go Tracy… laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

      • @ paul Maayong aga, Dude Dong!

        Didn’t we prevail over the pretty Mexico at the Head-to-Head 16 at the Capitol Building?

        Therein lies clue as to what Mdme. JM might NOT like in a candidate. And that’s why Tracy was chosen for inclusion in the Top 4 (which included Cameroon, Nepal, & Paraguay).

        Watch that again. Closely. In particular, observe the inter-candidate chemistry~interaction~nuance.

        Because of that potentially undesirable (to Julia) quality, I’ve decided to drop one of my earlier faves also from Central America. But I’ll retain our shared (other) fave, Poland, for the Final 5.

        I believe the predecessor is superior to her successor. If the latter was good for a bronze in Israel, the former should get a silver (1st Princess) on Thursday (Friday here?). Yup! I want an Asian to win MW 2021. 🙂

      • Excellent observations from you Flor. Daghan kaayong salamat for enlightening us. So parang ganito ang mga posibleng mangyayari:

        1. Malaysia, South Africa & Poland (1-3);
        2. India, South Africa & Poland; and/or
        3. Philippines, South Africa & Poland.

        Maayong buntag sa tanan.

    • Why not angkol? Manasa Varanasi is also very deserving to win Miss World. She is facially stunning with likable personality and excellent communication skills.

    • @Fabian Reyes

      Would we be happy if other people say “IMG had better not crown yet another Filipina queen” in next year’s Miss Universe?

      Unreasonable, right?

      Julia Morley ultimately gets proven right year after year with queens who get actively involved with Beauty with a Purpose. Besides, siya ang emperatriz ng unbothered queens because no matter how fans deride MW as a cooking show and/or a snoozefest, deadma lang siya. Siya lagi may pinakamadami contestants.

  8. This girl exceeded my expectations. Iba talaga pag may creative freedom at hindi dictatorial ang team. Kudos Team Cebu! Ayaw nina Mama Chonas ng ganito kasi nawawalan sila ng relevance.

  9. Congratulations Tracy!!! Your BWAP is the most authentic! You desserve to win this…

    Btw, I am loving this Filipiniana costume…
    That is how MJ Lastimosa’s MU costume should’ve looked… from the flower headress to the tiniest details like the fringe and pearls… I absolutely love it!!!!!
    The best Filipiniana I have seen on the Miss World stage!!!!

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