134 comments on “You did us proud, Beatrice Luigi Gomez!

  1. “Nawawala ang leeg”
    “May mga guhit sa leeg”
    “Walang baba”
    “May tattoo, ayaw ng MUO”
    “Ayaw ng MUO ang bisexual”


    Beatrice had to accept these punches all the way from her bashers, most of whom were supporters of Katrina Dimaranan, Steffi Aberrasturi, etc., and are haters of MUP/Jonas Gaffud.

    This is something I hate about being a Filipino. We are too passionate of being a blind fanatic, such that we hardly accept other’s victory and then, worse, we destroy them by our own words. And we can afford to do that to our very own rep!

    Good thing, Bea has a heart of steel. She just focused on her stuff. Kudos, Bea.

    That’s all.

    • Ikr! Mga sore losers na fans nila KD, Steffi, etc. Lahat naman may imperfections. Even Miss India is aware of her odd-looking set of ears kaya laging nakatago sa ganung hair style. Kay Bea lng talaga sila gigil na gigil sa kakapuna. Sorry to say pero hindi iyakin si Beatrice. Next girl who’ll win MUP needs to have a heart of steel also. GL!

    • @AWL, I share the same sentiments about Filipino pageant fanaticism. If their bet in the local contest lost, and they do not have the gumption to support the winner who will represent the country at the global stage, why can’t they just keep quiet? But it seems they are instead trigger-happy to throw toxic mud at their compatriot before an international audience in the social media. The head of Miss Globe no less noticed this odd behaviour of Filipino fans, citing that it affects the performance of our bet. Crab mentality? What personality disorder could this be?

      • On point observation, Scorg dear. That’s why pageantry is not only a celebration of beauty in this beloved country, but also a source of toxic ego I hardly fathom about.

        I don’t have issues with disagreeing fans, but those who cross the line to the extent that they could even throw muds at our international pageant reps do not sit well with me. I think they are more than a cancer of this society per Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

        Keeping their mouths shut would do if they have nothing good to say about our candidate/s. That’s a good mantra in life.

        That’s all.

  2. Sir Norman, what is your opinion on the reaction of Amanda and friends after Bea was called in the top 5?

  3. What I noticed is that the candidates have become “ugly unnatural.” They are walking stiff snakes on stage with forced smiles trying to appear unrehearsed. On the other hand, It was refreshing for Bea to be so natural on stage. I hope that Jonas would bring this up to the MU Org.

    I was not able to watch entirely the show earlier and went to the clips on YouTube for the Evening Gown. What the heck? What happened to the candidates? Are they on drugs? Their fierceness has become strange…

    • You have a powent Renato.

      I think the fierce-look has been the trend for the past decade or so. This is aligned with the “empowered woman (whatever that means), energetic (therefore, can do the rigorous job for one year) branding of the MU.

      If you will get to see the 70s MU on YouTube (think Margie Moran era), the candidates’ introduction were as exciting as opening an envelope. Lol. Walang ka latoy-latoy. The 80’s (think Chat Silayan) were more natural. The Latina girls (who have always placed high) pioneered the shouting, raising of the arm introduction (think: PARAGUAYYYYY! PANAMA!!!!, PERRRUUUU!!). So I guess, gayahan na lang at pana panahon lang yan. This is the call of the time.

      And while we BOTH liked the natural actuations of Bea, it has also received a LOT of negative reactions (she was just smiling, not showing any versatility, fierceness, etc. etc). So I guess it is “damaged you do, and damaged you don’t” situation for the girls. Miss Japan and Miss Singapore for me were the most natural. Miss Aruba TRIED to appear natural (mouth wide open) but you can see (in a split second when she closed her mouth), the act was a put on.

      What I also noticed during the brief chat of the semi finalists with Steve, ang bi-bibo at ma kuda dapat ang candidates. Steve was not even asking any particular question yet and the girls were volunteering information left and right. They don’t want dead air (appear boring) or be the “one question, one answer girl”.

      I am sure a many years from now, pageant observers like you will also wonder what the heck the 2010-2020 decades were all about. What drugs were the girls on? Lol.

      World Peace.

      • By the way, I was not defending and this is not about Bea. The point was on her naturalness. Although, I wish it could have been towards the more lively level on the spectrum.

        Eagerness wins in MU. But it has unexpectedly developed a strange set of candidates.

        The fierceness of many of the candidates are over the top. Pwede magpa bibo pwede magkuda okay un. Pero iba na madiscern na kakaiba na ang ikinikilos. Pwede naman siguro itimpla.

        Feedback ko lang sana ke Jonas. I am not after attention, please. Heheh.

    • @Renato, glad you brought out this issue. I have always wondered why the duck-walk and fierce look have become the standard in beauty contests. If you walk on a red carpet to attend a gala, breeze through a corporate board room for a fund-raiser, or enter a classroom for a pep talk to students on some practical issues, and you come in walking like a duck, and register that staple facial fierce look, everyone will think you are nuts. It’s unnatural!

      When people started bashing Bea’s anemic pasarela and all-time smile during the preliminaries, I was shaking my head. Contrary to what critics say, what I saw was authentically Bea! What I saw in her walk, simple moves and facial demeanor was still her personal brand– quiet confidence of a person burning with inner courage and determination. True enough, the selection panel saw a consistent projection of her real persona in all segments of the contest. She was accorded with Top 5 honor.

      • I think it could be the influence of lu sierra , the infamous trainor , over a few years in the past … it has become a staple in MU but it really is ‘ugly unnatural’ … all these tactics about the facial expressions and walking that sierra propagated just hurt the girls … thank goodness for Bea refreshment and reset , I hope it becomes the standard from now on !

    • Rehearsed naturalness (if there’s such a thing) ang nangyari, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas being infamous victims in the most recent Miss U.

  4. Congratulations Beatrice! I knew you’d be 3rd runner-up… They would always ask the Filipina the hardest questions since we are on a winning streak… Should we send the total package of Atty. Bea Patricia Magtanong this 2022 or 2023? Is she still age eligible?

    • @ Closer2Fame Alam mo kung sinong HAWIG ni Patch?

      Si Simone Nadine Bornilla! 🙂

      28 na si Atty. next year. It would be her last chance… She should have her own Team by now!

      ARE YOU OPEN TO HER BEING TAKEN IN BY The Camp? I feel she should leave A&Q already.

  5. Truly amazing…..she did well. But it was INDIA’s night and she shone brightly among the other delegates. I was rooting for Paraguay because she was stunning and her story during her childhood moved me. INDIA delivered her answer with more substance and very commanding…….have you all noticed that all the 16 finalists, are all DARK HAIRED beauty except for Great Britain, and Ms. USA is a biracial so this batch is predominantly non Anglo-Saxon beauty………………what’s up with VIETNAM this is their 3rd consecutive placement with the viewers’ vote (not including HNIENE’s placement???). Are they only making the cut due to the viewer’s choice????

  6. Is the top 10 based on SS round from top 16 and the top 5 based on LG round? Anyone?

  7. Hindi magkandaugaga ang mga baklita sa pag comment. Naglaho sa clouds ang mga naysayers. O hala mga lola i bash nyo na si Tracy. Ridicule, besmirch, undermine, belittle, degrade etc her para sumaya kayo. Palibhasa nakapila na kayo sa gate – of- no return kaya feeling nyo kayo lang magaling. Mga masyonda!!!!

  8. Bea is Bea. I think her uniqueness propelled her to the top. I hope that we should stop comparing the next MUP winner to the previous ones like Catriona, Pia and other past winners in order to satisfy our wants, to the point of bashing our representative if don’t see in her what we want.

  9. A tribute to the MUorg production , and to the host city/nation crew , and lastly to the local govt officials in Eilat and the nation of Israel ! Many many thanks for sharing the beauty of the Holy Land !

    This year’s pageant for me is the best show in the last decade or so , let’s say since 2010 when the Pinas streak started

    In second place but not a close second is the 2018 pageant in Thailand
    In third is the 2016 pageant in Pinas

    Tied In fourth is the 2019 pageant in Atlanta and the 2013 pageant in Russia

    Definitely the most boring is the 2020 pageant in Seminole

  10. 1994 – Manila, Philippines
    2000 – Nicosia, Cyprus
    2021 – Eilat, Israel

    Anong napansin niyong Lucky Charm ng India?

    • @Claire, if there is to be a lucky charm, it is simply sending beautiful relatable women who could carry intelligent conversations because they are highly educated and aware of socio-political-economic-cultural issues. Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta are known for their intelligence and their respective answers at MU Q&A remain to this day the most quotable. Harnaaz Sandhu is an IT Graduate and taking up a master’s degree in Public Administration, doing fashion modeling on the side. What brand imagery does these create? The discipline of mathematics and information technology and the pragmatism of public service wrapped in a beautiful modelesque package.

      From the Philippines, the only one that comes to mind who has similar sterling personal brand is Patch Magtanong– a UP honors graduate in Business Economics and an academic degree holder and licensee in Law, doing fashion modeling on the side. I’d love to see next year’s MU edition with Patch one of the three standing giving out the decisive intelligent answer to a practical Q&A question.

      • @Lymaraina, I observe Indian women are highly educated, and socially and politically aware. And they speak good English, the only downside being thick Indian accent.

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson 1994 was your ‘first time’. 2000 was your first love. This year, your (first) baby!

      YOU are? 🙂


  11. My El Tocuyo Awardees are Mexico and Braziwww.

    Thailand was never meant to place and this has nothing to do with her body image. She was just not confident in the prelims as evidence with her almost screaming for help facial expression during the evening gown. Look at Sierra and Thailand’s performance and you can see the difference.

    I am not sure how The Bahamas made it. Her evening gown performance made me cringe hihihihi…

    I wish Singapore and Japan had more training. I think Japan can win Miss World with that pleasant beauty and communication skills.

    • I would include Spain and Belgium in the El Tocuyo list of the possible “winner” of this award. I don’t wish this on anyone or any country. For every surprise contestant making the cut, there will always be one/some favorite(s) that won’t make the cut. Thailand’s preliminary performance, unfortunately, was lackluster. I would still include her as a possible recipient of the “award” as mush hype as she received.

      Congratulations to Singapore, Japan, Aruba, Bahamas and Great Britain for pleasantly surprising us and giving it your all.

    • After re-watching her videos and performance , I believe that Belgium is kind of a diva, wannabe queen , even though her beauty is lovely and her story is rich…. she must receive the Tocuyo

      Spain on the other hand is truly beautiful and deserves to be in the top 16 , replacing Aruba. I am happy for Aruba for clinching a spot but when she made top 10, I said to myself, oh no, that is not deserving at all … Great Britain should have been in top 10 and not her

  12. just done watching a.replay of the various segmemts on youtube..for me, puerto rico deserved a spot on the top5. may be her cobra shoulder walk cost her some points . . but i actually laveet!! .her walk actually reminds me of a combo of 2018 venezuela and PR signature EG walk ..PR may not be facially beautiful but she did perform well..on the other hand, venezuela had the good sense to use light make up to obviate matronly look but was not enuf for her to advance beyond the top 16..production and stage wise, layo ng agwat sa recent MGI kung saan marami ang namangha..MUO still reigns pageant production.

    • PR’s pasarela would pass for the MGI standard rather than MU’s. MGI prefers exaggerated catwalk than the elegant one. Grabe ang galaw ng balikat at balakang ni PR, napaka-unnatural. Hindi talaga papasa ‘yun kay Paula Shugart, na mas gusto authentic o natural lang. Swerte na rin n’ya at nakapasok s’ya sa Top 10. I would rather have Great Britain in the Top 10 instead of PR.

      That’s all.

      • a certain adam g actually predicted puerto rico to win. (as published in his IG acct.). that’s all. 🙂

  13. Content wise I think Bea’s answer was better than South Africa but the delivery could have been better. Sometimes, it’s not really what you say it’s how you say it.

    India is deserving but Paraguay would have been a great winner too. Sana Paraguay na lang.

    • which made me fancy this morning on having 2 winners. .India and Paraguay are both love.

  14. “Success has many Fathers but failure is an Orphan”.

    The general, happy and unifying reaction of Filipinos to Bea’s feat is akin to that of Venus Raj’s twelve years ago. Thank you Bea.

    Meanwhile, let’s prepare ourselves for those who will ride on the coattails of Bea’s feat. It is evident even among commenters (people who do not even have direct influence on her performance) who were insulting Bea and her camp just twelve hours ago are now trying to change their narrative. Lol.

    As for me, my next nightmare is Boy Abunda vlogging how he would have answered the question thrown at Bea. Lol.

    World Peace.

  15. Congrats, Bea. I never doubted you. Alam kong ilalaban mo. At nakakatuwa kasi ang forecast ngkaramihan, hanggang gown lang pero nailaban hanggang Q&A kaya masaya lahat. Salamat, Bea. Mabuhay!

  16. Labas lahat ng mga nagmamarunong na PAGEANT EXPERT dyan na nagsabing hindi makakapasok si Bea. Mag-retreat kayo nang mahanginan mga utak niyo. Haha.

  17. Buwisitin sana ng MUP yung BAOOOOG na HAMPASLUPA na HINAYUPAK na IG Pageant Admin na nagkalat ng negativitiy habang lumalaban si Bea! Dilaan niya ngayon dila ng mga pusa niya! Leche siya!

    Masundan sana ng MUP ng isa pang candidate na binwisit din nung pageant admin na yon!

    Pasok Ahtisa Manalo!

    • Oh si Ahtisa na join kuno kaya umingay MUP 2020 tapos bawi agad kasi may sakot pero nag-post naman sa IG na umiinom? Ahem. Ahem. She is deserving but does she have the character?

  18. dami na namang baklang kanal na bashers pero naging instant sawsawera sa pag-congrats bea! mga echoserng palaka

  19. Sana next time may male judges din not just female ones para balanse ang views and ranking nila.

  20. I just saw the videos of Misses Singapore and Vietnam cheering for our very own Bea. My heart goes for these two, but at the same time happy because they were able to make it in the first cut.

    I wish Singapore would have advanced further. However, it was her poor pasarela that ruined her chance to place higher. She had that pretty face, but it was not enough, unless she got good pageant training. I wish MUSO sought the Filipino pageant experts’ helping hands.

    That’s all.

  21. Congrats Bea! I have always believed that “silent water runs deep”. All along I had the feeling Bea will make it to Top 5, if not the top prize.

    While Miss India absolutely deserves the crown, her win is also in keeping with MU’s political economy playbook. The country is a Newly Industrialized Country and a lucrative source of corporate sponsors. It has a high internet usage per day, considering that it has the world’s second highest number of internet users. This means it is a huge market for pageantry!

      • @ scorg & @ Caroline Then, it’s settled.

        Based on recent MU & MGI performance, Ghana & Kenya should yield the next stars!

        Liya Kebede needs to host Ethiopia’s Next Top Model – ENTM.

        Cote d’Ivoire… I’m feeling either ME or MS. I’d give them another 4~5 years to make it happen.

    • @Scorg – If what you are postulating – or is it speculating – that IMG uses political economy as its guide/playbook, South Africa’s economy has been in a freefall since the early 2010s, with just MU being the top title in the country’s MSA pageant.

      Should we also expect Nigeria to start placing, given that they are now Africa’s largest economy by a mile to the second largest, Egypt?

      • @Caroline, MU needs a foothold in Africa, MW’s enclave for years. SA’s economy is on a freefall lately due to politics. But it still is the most industrialized/developed country south of Sahara– a good ground for pageantry’s political economy strategy. Oil-rich Nigeria now rivals SA in terms of GDP, but it too is dragged down by too much politics, and corruption and fraternal wars further aggravate the acute disparity in income distribution. The two are still the continent’s leading economies in terms of GDP, although Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast are fast rising economies. By the way, in each country only one holds the franchise for MU and MW. In Nigeria (and in most cases in SA), the winner goes to MW and the runner up to MU. I think SA’s political climate did not favor MU’s political economy playbook. Even if there are many potential big corporate sponsors, pageantry seemingly is still a business not worth partnering with. And public response to MU wins is tepid. The same issues apply to Nigeria where 50% of the population is Muslim. Considering MW’s unfortunate experience years ago with the sudden cancellation of hosting event on security threat grounds, MU will not touch Nigeria with a ten-foot-pole.

  22. Congratulation Bea for bringing the Philippines back to the top.
    Likewise to Miss India who truly is a deserving winner.
    Kudos to Israel for hosting the best MU show since Bangkok.
    Hoping Tracy Maureen will give us the ultimate gift this year by winning our second blue crown.

  23. Excited ako sa India. They are the original asian powerhouse placing from 1992 to 2002 then sporadically placing in 2004, 2006 and 2007. Fingers crossed 🤞. Parang kailan lang hirap silang maghanap ng sponsors for the new Miss Diva. Yamaha, at kung ano anong brand pa ang naging partner nila kakaloka. Ngayon they are backed by an Aditya Birla company, a multi billion conglomerate. Pwedeng pwede gatasan ng miss universe titlist nila ngayon .

    • @ Gul Panag With all due respects, which ‘Yamaha’ is this?

      The motorcycle? Or, the synthesizer/organ? Not bad, really. Considering MUP has Morris Garages… THESE are the sponsors/advertisers you want – world-recognized brands!

      We will let @ scorg compose the rationale. We know he can spin all manner of relevance. 🙂

      • Yamaha Fascino, the motorcycle. Flor yung main backers nila pinapangalan talaga like Yamaha-Fascino Miss Diva 2013. Ngayon naman since Liva Fabrics ang backer nila, Liva miss Diva. Yan ang practice sa India. I remember that in 2000 it was called Ponds Femina Miss India 2000.

  24. Maraming Salamat, Mama J!!! ❤️

    Hindi mo alam kung gaano pinasaya ang mga MU fans like me since Venus Raj days. Dati parating luhaan or malungkot after ng MU. Salamat sayo.

    Sana mauntog ang mga bashers at negatrons (insert Titas and Throwbakla) na galit na galit sayo.

    The Philippine Pageantry would have not achievedis golden days without you! Sana alam yan ng mga naggagaling galingan!!!

      • Ano bang ginawa nila sa iyo at ganyan na lang ang galit mo? This is not just a simple pageantry issue, for you to be mad like that. At first you sited Catriona’s case kaya galit ka. Pero that is years ago already. Also, hindi mo sila kilala personally to feel that. May proof ka ba ng mga sinasabi mo? Saan ka nanggagaling? I feel you need help. Sana makatulong ang community na toh sa iyo.

      • We all know that successful people are not haters. I mean, have you ever seen a successful person who was a hater?

        It’s the unsuccessful who are consumed with bitterness & jealousy when they see others excelling in the fields they wish they could succeed at.

        The biggest haters are also the biggest losers #facts #whoeveristryingtobringyoudownisalreadybelowyou
        And that, I believe, is the answer to your query @Bonnie

  25. Mama J. Ihanda na Ang welcome parade sa Cubao or Cebu or Ilocos hihihi 🤫🤭😊
    Vhakit c Mama J nlang lagi Ang binabanggit about MUP management. Divah c Shamcy Ang National Director😱

    • TUMAHIMIK KA! Ay nahiya naman sa iyo si Gazini (Top 20), MJ (Top 10), Rachel (Top 10) – all under BPCI. From 2000-2009, 1976-1979, 1985-1998 all under BPCI = 28 instances or 50.1% unfavorable odds of zero semi-final placement (nganga)! BPCI took five years from inception to get a Top 5 placement. Si Team Ahas and Queens so far, 100% favorable odds. Got semifinal placement on its first year, then Top 5 on second year (very high success increment). Venus, who got us back on MU map, di-nethrone pa ng BPCI and wouldn’t have budge until public backlash! Cumbia = BPCI = hideous cheap looking gowns and national costumes! Sige nga i-compare natin!

      • Sus wag nang icompare uy. Let’s be thankful kung wala ang BPCI mataas ang probability na hindi sikat ang miss universe sa atin. Look at miss world. It was under miss republic, hiyas, etcetera etcetera. Hindi nagflourish. They are the pillars of Philippine pageantry I mean literal. If not for them wala tayo ngayon kung saan tayo dito.

      • In addition, 1967-1968 nganga din ang BPCI which means BPCI’s losing odds is actually 30 instances or 54.54% non-placement!

      • And I can’t think of any big companies during the 60s to launch a beauty pageant. Mind you it was hard during that time to stage because sobrang primitive pa ang view ng mga pinoys that time. Thank you especially to Stella because she took the lead and establish the most prestigious beauty pageant in this country.

      • @Alam na This – Skewed interpretation of events. When MUPO took over the franchise, they were riding on a wave of a 10-year placement streak under/with BPCI. That was not the case when BPCI acquired the franchise and kept going despite having some girls clap. Let us also not forget that BPCI had produced two winners already by the 70s, giving the Philippines the best performance among Asian countries early on.

        Jonas and MUPO have also contributed to Philippine pageantry but please do not demean Mrs. Araneta’s achievements to feel better.

    • Nabigyan lang ng isang Top 5 sinamba na si Jonas. Nakalimutang sila ang nagpabaya kay Rabiya. Lol. Pasalamat tayo magaling si Bea. Kahit napabayaan ni Evil Mama J, nakaya!

      • Hi SQ na Cat hater. Nagsalamin ka na ba? Ako I am protective of our girls who are being exploited my greedy bekle. Ikaw?

      • A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of a cockroach.


      • Care to explain SQ why you are antagonistic of Cat and now proud2x of Bea even if Cat performed exceptionally?

      • Seriously SQ, explain this. Why? Team Demolition member ka ba? I am curious. I am sure may reasonable explanation ka. Ako wala akong hate kay Bea. Sa Team Demolition headed by Evil Mama, yes. Ayaw ko ng mga bekleng walang integridad.

  26. CONGRATULATIONS BEA! Mission accomplished!

    Thank you for continuing the Philippines’ placement streak, now on its 12th year!

    ISRAEL as host country put on a great show!

  27. Eh di nasopla ang mga baklang pangit at baog na IG Admin?

    Bea’s performance proves a lot of things in the selection process,

    That facial beauty is not the only determining factor to win!
    That communication skill and logic plays an important role to win!
    That you have to be emotionally ready for the competition!
    That you should learn to listen from “regular and honest” pageant fans and discard the opinions of minions which are purely background noise!
    That you don’t have to be perfect neither should you desire to be one! As Francesco Scavullo once said to a model “This is life, not heaven. You don’t have to be perfect!”
    That you should be grateful to the team behind you!
    That you should know how to embrace your weakness but work on it at the same time!

    You can’t argue with success! JONAS DID THE RIGHT THING!



  28. Shamcey & friends must be very very happy , ecstatic most likely , but there is so much more work ahead … particularly for the rest of this decade

    They must sustain the power of the Pinas powerhouse for two consecutive decades , this will be a record that will likely never be broken …

    MUP2022 …. Michelle Dee , Ahtisa Manalo , Gabriela Basiano , maybe Ingrid Santamaria , Steffi(? needs a lot of Q&A training ) , Ann Colis still eligible ? Patch Magtanong (?) , Kim Laine ,

    • #IbalikSaCubaoPaRin Sinwerte si bekleng Jonas at competent si Bea. Otherwise, mahihila siya pababa ng incompetence at greed ng Team Ahas and Kweens.

    • Unplacement will happen eventually. No matter how beautiful and prepared the girl. Kung matimingan ng mga judges na iba ang taste, gudlakkk. Look at 2004 with Ana Karina Añez, not placing over the ugly Miss India at sino pa that year. And don’t me with comm skills it was under trump.

  29. Her critics were actually critics of her org, not her personally. And there was the Instagram drama of her and her daily outfits which was blown out of proportion. But at the end of the day, MUP knew what was required (this edition didn’t call for a parade of dresses) and more importantly, Bea knew what she wanted and stuck to it with the steadfastness of a seasoned pro.

    And this served her well on a stage where the littlest mistakes counted against you- the downfall of Brazil, Thailand and Spain. She held steady and it radiated what she needed to show- quiet confidence.

    And on finals night- the big guns; the slightest tweaking of her walk and posture for swimsuit and the killer entrance for gown (I literally gasped). Kudos for Francis Libiran’s draping mastery.

    But yes- a boring Top 5 question and a slight stutter that cost her Top 3. But frankly, I thought it was a small infraction compared to the fact that neither Paraguay nor India actually answered their questions. But you could tell both were ahead on the tally sheets.

    Paraguay was my sentimental favourite even though I was never a fan of her face (too modelesque) or her skinny frame; but gurl tried so hardddd it hurt and I thought, give it to her God lol.

    India is prettty, but frankly there have been far prettier and more interesting past Indian queens than her (not Urvashi though lol). And like I said, she really didn’t answer her question but simply ‘Sushmita-Senned it’ and the judges bought it lol.

    Now that’s done and dusted- LET’S GET THE BLUE CROWN!!

    • One of the best comments so far : candid and on-point. No “I told you so’s, read my past comments I predicted she will so and so, or worse, she could have, but because of so and so she didn’t”.

      But I am with you FD. While Paraguay was also not my favorite, she was worthy of the crown too. And I was hoping a country that has never won would get it this time.

      My heart goes to Thailand as well. Japan could have placed higher too, IMHO.

      What gets my goat until now are the bashers (about three of them in this blog) who consistently dissed out negative comments towards Bea and her organization just for the sake of bashing. They could have at least been constructive in their criticisms, or at least funny in their comments, pero talagang toxic na, corny pa. Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Thomas: if only Thailand had Miss canada universe 2016 Siera Bearchell’s confidence. In spite of what everyone says, being the only big girl in the room, is never that easy- and it showed. After Japan’s bizarre National Costume showing, I thought her chances were gone, but it’s the curse of candidates who never really expect to be in the semis that did her and Singapore in. By the time the swimsuit round came in, I don’t think they were in that proper frame of mind to put their best moves forward (like Rabiya last year).

        Do you really even pay attention to the nonsensical bashers on this page??? Lol…I don’t. (the only commenters i bother to read here are you, Fabian, Anna Winter, Bong, Claire and Flor)…

        As Bea had mentally conditioned herself, life is too short to pay attention to losers lol.


    • India answered the second question actually. Si miss south Africa sounds like she’s copying Zozi. I don’t remember any gorgeous miss India universe recently, maybe you’re referring to miss India worlds. Anyway India is past it’s beauty pageant craze. After Priyanka and Lara dun nagstart ang decline.

  30. A thunderous applause of cheers 👏👏👏👑💄👠💋and a big thank you to you Bea for such an exciting top 5 MU placement. Your quiet yet sophisticated demeanor and presence onstage was such a delight to watch. Bravo and congratulations and mabuhay ang Pilipinas. So proud to be a Filipino❤💙💛. We love you, Beatrice Luigi Gomez !

  31. Nasan na yung mga Baklang hamog/DDs/BBm 😂 oh anu kayo ngayon. I’m happy very happy….

  32. So proud of Bea!
    That was a tough top five. After two straight somewhat underwhelming top 20 semifinal finishes, her elite-placement was a much needed shot in the arm. Congratulations to the MUP organizers. Order restored! 👍🏼

    The streak continues..

  33. Iris : Given the ever changing Covid situation what is your opinion of a mandating a universal vaccine passport?

    Philippines : I believe that public health is everyone’s responsibility and to mandate a vaccine inoculation is necessary and if mandating pass a vaccine passport would help us in regulating and the rule out of vaccine and mitigate the situation of pandemic today then I would agree in mandating necessary passport of vaccination. Thank you!

    • Her answer is good, but it’s her delivery that made another story. Still, salute to Bea for making it in the Top 5.

      That’s all.

  34. Well, as I’ve said, Ganda lang c Paraguay at c India Ang Ganda at talino. C Bea ay kailangan ng maraming payers. Indeed, Prayers can move mountains. Hihihihi 😊
    Congratulations Bea.

      • As I was always saying, the fault is not with Bea but with the org. Ang tanga naman. Sabagay, kaya nauuto ng Team Ahas and Kweens and Team Demolition headed by Evil Mama J. Credit is to Team Cebu not to MUP na cheapanggang org.

  35. Am very proud of Bea for proving the naysayers wrong! She was silent, but she did the work. She was focused and avoided the drama. And most importantly, she seemed to really enjoy herself. Congratulations Bea! A silent killer indeed.✨

  36. Actually Bea wasn’t my choice during MUP. I was rooting for VVV but I didn’t hesitate nor had 2nd thought to support Bea for her MU bid the moment she was declared MUP winner. Now Bea is done, I wanna see VVV as her successor. I think she has to resign first in order to join MUP2022.

  37. I felt guilty kasi I prayed for Bea to be just included in top 10/5 only… I should have prayed for top 3.
    Anyway, masayang masaya na rin ako sa top 5 finish. Congrats Bea, 👏👏👏
    I felt sad with Thailand, Brazil and Israel for not making the 1st cut. Venezuela for not making the top 10.

    As I predicted, India and Paraguay to be the last two women standing and then India will win.
    Congrats India, you deserved the 3rd crown for your country.

  38. Happy for Bea’s performance and placement. Something to celebrate before 2021 ends. 🇵🇭

  39. Bea joins the ranks of Miss Philippines in the Top 5/6 in Miss Universe.

    Technically kung eary 2010’s Format pa rin, Bea would be a Runner Up.

    I would like to apologise for the harsh critics I ever said about her on this Blog. Sorry, you proved me wrong.


  40. Jawsko, mga badet! Filipino pa rin pala ang wagi sa Best in National Costume ng Nigeria. The costume is crafted by a Filipino team headed by Kennedy John Gasper from Nueva Ecija. Kaya hindi tayo luhaan.

    Tapos ‘yung swan walk gown ni Andeng, Michael Cinco naman, very obvious.

    Naloka naman ako sa pa-black veil ni Urvashi! Para s’yang widow bitch na gustong mangabog. Si Marian naman, grabe, sobrang ganda talaga. Simple lang pero kabogera.

    Hala, binida talaga ni Steve Harvey ang anak n’ya! Kaya, parang Steve Harvey and Daughter Show ang nangyari. Kakaloka. Pero I am happy na si Steve ulit ang host. Dahil d’yan, tinapos na talaga ng tuluyan ang hosting career ni Mario Lopez. Lol.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund ‘Ala. Kin-ontrata na nila si Kennedy John. CLSU must be so elated, too. 🙂

      (I hope he was in much better position now compared to earlier this year when he made that lion theme costume for… Was it also Nigeria? Or Cameroon? In any case, we have yet another Pinoy to supply the universe with NatCos. This could be the start of a lucrative international career!)

      • That only goes to show Filipinos love Miss Universe. Our talents come out of their shell during Miss Universe season.

        Sa dinami-dami ng pageants na nagsulputan lately, nagkakaroon na ako ng pageant fatigue. Kaya I’d rather comment na lang when it is Miss Universe-related.

        That’s all.

  41. Congratulations Bea, you proved your haters wrong, top 5 is sureal.
    your nerve just betrayed you on the top 5 question, asked about mandatory vaccination was tailor made for you… you missed to mention that vaccination is important for your safety and all the people next or sorrounding you. 💪🏾👸

  42. Can’t get over with Bea’s performance! Thank you Bea for making our day! Booohhh sa mga bashers. Gusto ko sanang mag-announce ng “Tough 10 bashers in no particular order” kaya lang baka magalit si Tito Norms. Baka sabihin pinaglalaruan ko blog nya… hehehe!

  43. Bea did very well. I am so proud of her and the honor she brought to the country. She brought us back into the top 5 and did so in a very, very competitive field. Congratulations Bea! Congratulations Philippines!!!

  44. Maybe not the nerve but the adrenaline from the cheers of crazy Filipino crowd clouded Bea’s thoughts during the QnA. I think only Catriona and Janine were able to answer clearly without getting distracted by the audience.

  45. sabi ko n nga b at mangyayare uli ung nangyare 10 years ago kung saan Mexico rin ang nagpasa ng korona.
    may Filipino judge and Philippines made it to the TOP 5.


  46. Bea is triumphant. I believe it was more of tongue-twister words that she fought with. The thought is there.


    >>Candidates should exercise swallowing to moisten the throat before going to the center of the stage. And to regulate breathing.

    It was daring for the Philippines for exploring a different brand of a candidate which made the country organization more meaningful and authentic. Thank you MUP.

  47. Congratulations, Miss Universe Philippines Organization; and thank you, Beatrice Gomez! Excited na ako agad sa magiging representative natin next year.

  48. Yes, yes!!

    Bea made us proud. She is indeed a silent killer. Sa totoo lang, hindi ako nag-doubt na she would make the first cut because her performances during the preliminary were good enough to seal her deal.

    I thought when Bea got the thunderous cheers when she was called in the first cut made the MUO believed that Filipinos are seriously crazy about Miss Universe. Bea had that magic glow in the finals lalo na nung lumabas s’ya sa evening gown. For me, she came out the most stunning lady in the Top 5, even beating Miss Paraguay. Tapos nung sumasagot si South Africa sa Top 5 QnA round, hala, umaagaw ng eksena ang mukha ni Bea sa likod. Ang lakas ng screen presence n’ya.

    Na-overwhelm lang s’ya ng loud cheer ng audience kaya medyo na-excite s’ya o kinabahan kaya medyo nawala s’ya.

    Overall, grabe, naiyak ako kay Bea. Kaya thank you pa din na you were able to bring the Philippines back to the Top 5. Masaya na ang Pasko ng mga Pinoy. Siguro safe na rin ako magpa-pedicure, manicure at foot spa today, ‘no? Hindi na ma-murder-in ang mga kuko ko. Hihi!

    That’s all.

    • This is absolutely true. Bea’s beauty was all of a sudden more impactful than that of Paraguay. She looks so fresh, endearing and captivating. Ibang iba ang glow nya.

  49. Daghang Salamat Beatrice! 😘
    Ipagpatuloy mo ang pagiging positibo at matatag sa lahat laban na haharapin mo pa.

    • Obvious na ang mga nag thumbs down nasa geriatric ward. Hahaha. Ginuo ko. Unsa man. Maayong buntag mga higala😂😂😂😂

  50. Wow. First time I’ve seen a gown that is looks really Filipino. ❤️

    Congratulations our dear, Bea! We are so proud of you!

  51. We still have the longest current streak through Bea’s cemented top 5 placement. Thailand and Brazil’s officially ended. Thanks a lot Bea. Thank you for making Momma proud. Next Stop: Miss World

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