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  1. Congratulations to Miss India for a well-deserved victory. Congratulations as well to Bea for reaching top 5.

  2. 1) Great stage and production. Congratulations, Israel.

    2) Congratulations, India! Great job! A worthy Miss Universe!

    3) Congratulations, Paraguay! I was rooting for her in the Top 3 ‘cuz Paraguay was the only country in the Top 3 which have not won a Universe crown. She would’ve been a worthy winner as well.

    4) Congratulations, Bea! Whatever strategy you and your team were doing totally worked. There were many doubters as the strategy wasn’t so obvious to everyone but this is a lesson to just stick with your game plan no matter what anyone else on the internet say. I think the online blackout worked to keep you centered and away from the negativity.

    5) So happy for countries like Aruba, Singapore and The Bahamas. I suppose the strategy to add “The” in front of their country’s name (which ended up reshuffling her later in the alphabet) worked. I wonder if many countries will follow suit (i.e. The Netherlands, The People’s Republic of China, etc.).

    6) So happy that France made the cut… especially since she was quarantined for a while. From quarantine to Top 10!

    7) The only exclusion that was a shocker for me was Belgium’s… with Costa Rica’s as a distant second. Belgium was absolutely stunning. I was sad watching her gorgeousness standing in the background.

    8) My wish list included Bahrain and Morocco — only because it would’ve been nice to see them included — but of course, there were just more deserving ladies that made the cut.

      • Sslamat din, Paul. O ayan… tapos na ang Miss U so ang focus ay sa Miss World at kay Tracy na exclusively. Laban, Tracy!

      • Sis! ๐Ÿคฉ Always so nice to see you here and read your comments and musings. Another year, another Miss U! I hope you are happy with the results. On to the next one! Aloha, Jonalyn! โคโค


    The last 2 standing was truly a cliff hanger.

    Congratulations to the MUO for giving us the most diverse group of semifinalists in its 70-year history!

    And to host country ISRAEL for showing us the sites and for giving Miss Universe the stage it deserved!

  4. Alam nyo ba guys the woman trained Sushmita, Aishwarya Priyanka Lara ay nagtratrain pa din ngayon ng communication skills sa mga miss India. She’s miss Sabrina Merchant. 70s na edad nya ngayon.

  5. My goodness is this another years of Indian dominance?
    1992 Madhu Sapre- 2nd run ( naging supermodel)
    1993 Namrata Shirodkar- top 6 ( naging Bollywood superstar)
    1994 Sushmita Sen- winner ( Bollywood superstar)
    1995 – Manpreet Brar- ( 1st ru) fashion designer now
    1996 (Sandiya Chib) top 10 diko alam asan sya ngayon
    11997- THE LATE Nafisa Joseph- mtv vj before death
    1998- Lymaraina D Souza nasa US doctor na
    1999 Gul Panag- actress and pilot
    2000- Lara Dutta- Bollywood superstar and businesswoman
    2001- Celina Jaitley- 4th ru ( Bollywood superstar and based in Austria now)
    2002- Neha Dhupia- top 10 ( Television host, one of India’s best female host)

  6. Miss Paraguay is so stunning!!! Was her dress ripped on the armpit? I think she did ok with her q&a, but India was more in depth with her answer.

    • Angkol tama ang choice/prediction natin last month. Certified manghuhula ka na.

      Congratulations to us kol.

      • @ paul Hay, salamat! Nagparamdam ka rin dito.

        Pa’no ‘yan? Dapat next year, Top 3 tayo. Baka ma-challenge ‘yung manok mo from Bataan na magbagong-isip at sumubok muli… ๐Ÿ™‚

        (I will revert to you in the MW~Tracy Maureen Perez post… I just realized something of Mdme. JM.)

      • Hello Flor! Namiss na kita. Nagkasundo kami ni angkol kay Harnaaz at nagtagumpay kami.

        Tama ka Flor for 2022 – Bea Patricia Magtanong, 28, Philippines!

        Advance Merry Christmas sa iyo dear.

  7. Although I was really cheering for Paraguay among the top 3, either one of the top 2 is indeed a Miss Universe queen and for the record , they are no question the two best after their two-week audition and job application ….

    so who is next for MUP ? Michelle Dee ?… maybe ?

  8. Harnaaz joined Femina Miss India 2019 representing Punjab. She was Semifinalist. 19 pa sya non. I hope ( The times group of India continue this streak. They own the franchise of universe and world. Sobrang rami pa nilang reserba, they are a nation of 1 billion people.

  9. Satisfying conclusion. Well-deserved win for India.

    Congratulations as well to Bea, A&Q, and MUPh! I was not the biggest fan of Bea’s preliminary gown & hairstyle, but Mama J and Voltaire know what they’re doing–Bea’s finals gown and beauty look was faultless.

    It takes tremendous courage to be true to oneself and to live with pride for something so many people still shame and dehumanize us for. I’m so proud of Bea for raising the flag not just for our country, but also for the LGBTQIA community. Mabuhay ka Beatrice Luigi Gomez!

  10. The BEST miss universe host. Congratulations Israel ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ

      • Kol for you what year is the best in terms of country hosting?
        1. Bangkok – 1992, 2005 & 2018
        2. Manila – 1974, 1994 & 2016/17
        3. Puerto Rico – 1970, 2001 & 2002
        4. Mexico – 1978, 1993 & 2007


    • Best Miss Universe host? Ano ba kaibahan ng nasa Philippines ang host? Mas maganda naman ang hosting ng Philippines kasi they roam around the country. Marami sila napuntahan. Hosting or Staging are 2 different things. Maybe Israel had better stage but hosting? Nah. Philippines and Thailand did better in hosting.

  11. Congratulations ulit, Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe 2021.

    Is it safe for me to go to the parlor and have my nails done? Hihi.

    I would like to commend Israel for excellently hosting the MU pageant at this most challenging time. Imagine, they gave the pageant a red carpet treatment in their country despite the fact that it came first in closing the border. I just wished that the MUO gave more airtime to promote the beautiful Israel.

    And to the Filipinos in Israel, grabe kayo. Nakakakilabot ang suporta n’yo kay Bea. She had the loudest cheers among all the candidates, especially when Bea came out in the evening gown.

    Francis Libiran also deserves a kudos. Ang ganda ng gown, and Bea carried it well.

    To Throwbakla, manahimik ka muna. Huwag ka na munang kumain ng ampalaya at pinapaitan. Taun-taon na lang, ampait mo sa MUP rep natin lalo na kapag from Aces & Queens ang winner. Huwag kang mag-suicide ha? Love ka pa rin namin.

    That’s all.

    • First word that came to my mind when Beatrice appeared in that tight little gold number was โ€˜dyosaโ€™. It was a total moment for her.

      • When Bea came out in that gold number, halos mabitawan ko ang mug ko. As in, wow! Iba ang impact n’ya, eh, kung tutuusin pareho silang naka-gold ensemble ni South Africa. Ang lakas kasi talaga ng dating ni Bea.

        That’s all.

    • Let’s have compassion for Throwbakla. Alam naman natin that haters are just fans in denial.

      • I have this in mind na si Throwbakla ay isa sa mga dating staff ng Aces & Queens ni Jonas Gaffud noon na napalayas ng kampo kasi trumaidor s’ya sa grupo. O dili kaya, pumitik s’ya ng mga make-up kaya napalayas s’ya. Lol. Kaya ang laki ng galit n’ya sa AnQ, lalo na kay Jonas.

        Sa totoo lang, hindi ko ma-gets ang hate ng mga beauty enthusiasts na baklita kay Jonas. Grabe ang inggit nila kay Jonas, huh! Ito naman kasing si Jonas, grabehan kung mang-inggit sa mga perks na nakukuha n’ya as creative director ng MUP. Kada-post n’ya sa IG, umuusok ang ilong ng mga baklah. Hahaha!

        That’s all.

  12. Now we know who’s the ONE! Congratulations Ms. India. Best performance plus Luck equals VICTORY!

  13. Yung pag kanta ng Halleluiah sa Final Look, naiyak ako.

    Speaking of iyak, yung Final two nag iiyakan na moments before the winner was announced. First time to witness that in a pageant.

    Bea exceeded Our expectations, some of us owe her an apology.

    Congrats India!


  14. Super well-deserved talaga!! Congrats India. Congrats Bea! A very tough competition indeed, most difficult question in the top 5 bec you cannot inject any drama or quotes, straight forward answer just like what you did is the way to answer it tlg. You made us all proud! Ako nga baka sa Miss Barangay baka kahit semis d p pumasok ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Her answer was good! She might have stuttered delivering her answer or fumbled on one or two words, but no matter what she answered it truthfully! She did not sugar coated, she went for the answer that she believe it is right for the public health!

  15. Congratulations are in order to Harnaaz Sandhu for bagging Indiaโ€™s third Miss Universe crown.

    Also, congratulations, Beatrice, for making it to the top 5!

    • asan na yung THROWBAKLA… Jonas Gaffud and Team AQ rules…

      Finally, nakabalik na sa Top 5 ang Pinas…

  16. After 20 years, the bacon returned to them. What a deserve placement Miss India. Congratulations as well to Bea for making it to Top 5. A nonplacement kuno per bashers to Top 5. Congratulations. I honestly put you on my Top 10 predictions. Forgive me I have sinned.

      • Yes they are making a comeback. And I’m guessing that Filipinos in the next years will bash Indian delegates to death. Lol ๐Ÿคฃ just like what they do when Thailand is placing.

      • Agree. After all, they were once the powerhouse in Asia. Comeback is real. Now, we can now focus in Miss World. Hopefully, Tracy will have the same fate as Bea and eventually win it. What a moment to end the year.

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