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  1. She gave sincere and impactful statements. Winning the crown is not a remote possibility.

  2. Tracy by far is really one of the strongest candidate the Philippines has sent in any pageant. She is rocking the MW competition! How I wish she tried her luck in pageants earlier. I really wanted her to be sent to MU!

    • I think she is really destined for MW. She joined MUP but other girls were favored. Her last chance was given to her by MWP and so is meant for Puerto Rico.

  3. I want to share my observation regarding the dates na nanalo or nagplace very high ang Philippines sa ALPHA BEAUTY PAGEANTS such as Miss Universe and others. For example December 17, 2013 nanalo si Bea Rose Santiago sa Miss International sa Japan and then in December 17, 2018 sa Philippine time zone nanalo si Catriona Gray sa Thailand. December 19, 2012 na December 20, 2012 sa Pinas muntik nang manalo si Janine Tugunon as Miss Universe sa USA. At December 20, 2015 na December 21, 2015 sa Pilipinas nanalo si Pia Wurtzbach sa US as Miss Universe 2015. This coming December 16, 2021 sa Puerto Rico ay ang finals ng Miss World 2021 at December 17 2021 yan dito sa Pinas, sana may miracle na Tracy Maureen Perez will win the crown prophetically. I just wonder with these coincidences in the past few years.

  4. In the photo, she’s just like looking on the horizon with silver lining! You’re gradually stepping closer to what’s you’re hoping for, and that’s winning! Good luck, Tracy!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  5. Tracy reminds me of another favorite of mine Leren Mae Bautista.
    They both have impeccable fashion sense.

  6. “That is my commitment…that is my dream!”

    Omg, she nailed it! A little teary here….

      • @ Norman Maayong aga, Uncle.

        (Am babysitting fur kids, all suddenly bright & happy at 0200H for no apparent reason.)

        I recall just as MWP 2021 Screening was underway (1st week of Feb, no?), you featured teasers on your Fb page, of two Cebuanas, one silhouetted against a clear blue sky as she stood by a pool, the other staring deep into a distant sunset as surf crashed onto her on the beach.

        One was most probably Tracy. The other one, who? Doc Shaila? Or, perhaps Megan (whom I did not know was Cebuana when you featured her on PN’s together with the other teen bets) Deen?

        I WANT SHANNEN MANZANO TO TRY FOR MUP. What’s the age minimum? Ask Voltaire pls, ty.

      • And, oh yeah, I want to take this opportunity now to commend Norman’s Blog for what to me personally is its 2021 highlight – an absolutely gorgeous song I discovered on the Mr. Gay World post.

        Comment obviously has nothing to do with the subject at hand. But before we finally burn ourselves out in a few hours & with year-end all-manner-of-business, it may be worthwhile to pause & reflect on the year that’s been…

        We now seem to have some grip on this ‘time of pandemic’ schema, finally. We are begun to dip our toes in the water again. Best, it didn’t take as long as naysayers lamented. Certainly it’s not over. But at least now we’ve settled in to a kind of comfortable~routine vigilance.

        All the absolute best to you, Tracy! It’s been wonderful so far from your end. Stay on (fast) track!

      • (Cont.)

        OT ulit. AS IN.

        (Baka maaari po’ng mapakiusapan ‘yun’g Admin sa kabila’ng wordpress vlog na tambayan din ng ilan sa atin dito, na buhayin na ‘yun’g comments sa pinakahuli’ng posts… At nang maka-reply kay ‘Urvashi Rautela’ sakali’ng mag-comment. I-co-congratulate ko lang. Marami’ng salamat, Uncle!)

  7. Parang bet ni Julia c Cameroon (I like the way she speak too). Palaban talaga c Inday. Yung Makita mo na kailangan nya ng tulong. Tulungan
    naman kaya cya ni Julia? Hihihihi
    I admire Inday bilang fighter. Pero parang mas ok kung tularan nya si Risa hontiVirus sa pananalita na parang Santa santita🤭😊hihihihi
    Yung hindi gigil ala Meagan young.

  8. Sana po huwag mangyari but in the event the Miss Universe 2021 crown eludes the Philippines, I am pinning my hope on Tracy to land in the Top 5 of Miss World 2021. She is really a great communicator and I can feel her sincerity just like Queen Catriona Gray when she speaks. Good Luck !

  9. Tracy did so well. She’s been this hidden gem, overlooked by Pinoy pageant fans because of our uneasy relationship with Miss World. But she’s fighting–and doing it with such grace & intelligence, not to mention impressive public speaking skills. Well-done to Tracy & her team & the MWP organization!

  10. During her spiel, everyone was riveted. Julia wiped away a tear at the corner of her eye (she did). She got the most applause afterward (was the forum open to the public/fans or just members of the org and her fellow candidates?). I was choked up- her BWAP has to got to be one of the more genuine ones we’ve seen in a long time after Catriona’s.

    How could a woman with this much sincerity, depth and charm escape our attention??

    True, she may not be the most stunning facially, but if the whole purpose of this contest somehow puts civic responsibilities at a par with facial beauty, then Julia Morley should stop beating around the bush and put the blue crown on Tracy’s head.

    That, or at least a Top 5 placement..

    May God and the fates be on your side Tracy..

  11. So this is the 2nd round that features all 16 group winners before they were narrowed down to the top eight.

    @53.25, you will hear the promotional spiel if Tracy for Puerto Rico. It was brilliant, sincere and she personalized it by relating her airport arrival experience. You can never go wrong when you extol the virtues of the host country’s people.

    Good to know that the 2nd round was decided by a panel that included JM. Good luck Tracy

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