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  1. Thank you for giving all your best Bea! Kahanga-hanga ang katatagan mo sa kabila ng napakaraming kababayan mo ang hindi naniniwala sayo at di nakikita ang husay at kakayahan mo. Congrats on your top 5 finish! 😘😘

  2. As I predicted India and Paraguay will be the last 2 girls standing and India will win. Likewise Bea will be in top 5. I did not expect SA in the top 5.
    Congrats to the winners.
    India is really deserving.

  3. Congratulations Ms. India. No question about it. You deserve the crown.

    Congratulations Bea! You did us proud. Thank you for representing the country very well.

    Kudos to the Filipino fans who never fail to enliven any Ms. Universe event. Ang galing.

    Congratulations Israel for a successful and beautiful hosting.

    As Iv’e always said : Let us be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory. However, having said that, I would like to give a a “special shout out” to the two or three negative people (who will remain unnamed) who did nothing but post toxicity (and not even in a funny way) and negativity towards Bea. May the good placement of Bea be a triple, hard slaps on your ugly faces.

    World Peace.

  4. if not for south africa, … but congrats Bea ! you are still my favorite almost-top-3 and almost-2nd-ru delegate of the 70th MU 2021 in Eilat Israel ! many many things await you in your future !

  5. Congratulations, India! It’s a well-deserved win for Harnaaz Sandhu who aced the QnA for Top 5 and Top 3 rounds. MU is back because it determines the winner based on the ability of the girl to relate to the public.

    Paraguay, oh, Paraguay. I was sad that you failed it considering that you are the favorite to win. But still, that is an awesome win for your country.

    Miss South Africa is vindicated after her country withdrew from supporting.

    Miss Colombia was like Tamaryn Green with a taray look. I though she would make it in the Top 3. She answered good than Paraguay in the Top 5.

    To Bea, my first prediction of you was you were gonna make it in the Top 5, and that did not change. I thought the nerves got you, hence, you stuttered on a very easy question. But who are we to judge you? For me, you did well. I knew it’s still tough to be in front of the cheering crowd who rooted for you to win the crown. And you know what? I was in awe when you came out in that beautiful Francis Libiran gold gown. Kudos for that.

    Atty. Bea Patricia Magtanong, please prepare now. You are next MUP.

    That’s all.

  6. I don’t think they will gove the crown to South Africa every two years. Paraguay’s lack of pageant training was obvious in the Q&A but u can’t deny the passion and conviction in her answer. India should win convincingly.

  7. TAMA AKO – Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe 2021!

    Angkol Fabian panalo tayo for Miss India.

  8. Sayang kinabahan sya. She was glowing during the finals. I bet natalakay nila yung pag mandate para sa vaccination. Im still proud sa kanya. Kaya yung mga baklush na minaliit sya san kayo ngayon specially yung head nung critical beauty na super pangit na matandang bakla.😜

  9. India should win based on the final question.

    Paraguay should win based on marketability.

    South Africa should not win, period. LOL

  10. Next in line : ysabella Roxas Ysmael , 25, Philippines!
    Then after that should be Mis Oriental 2021

  11. sayang si bea, tailor made yung tanong sa kanya about mandatory vaccination… wala laman sagot nya, kinabahan??? dapat mg vaccine para safe ka at pati n yung mga taong nakapalibot sa iyo… pandemic is a current issue dapat meron n siyang nakahandang tamang isasagot pag natanong siya… waley !

    • one has to remember that majority of the countries e walang share ng vaccine.. so pano mo sasagutin yun

  12. I got 3 out of 5 for my Top 5: Paraguay, India, Philippines.

    South Africa and Colombia were in my Top 15.

  13. Top 5 is Top 5. Though I got a feeling that India will most likely take home the bacon. 2 of my 3 bets made it to Top 3. Thanks so much Bea for exceeding my expecation at par. Happy kid. Hope Tracy M will pull up a top 5 finish.

  14. 2nd runner-up: South Africa
    1st runner-up: Paraguay
    MU 2021: India

    Atty. Bea Patricia Magtanong, please sali ka next year. Kudahan pa rin talaga ang labanan, i-level up mo lang ang styling at confidence, Miss Universe winner na.

    That’s all.

  15. South Africa is my Miss Universe 2021 ♥️😍

    Clearly smart.

    Paraguay is ok. She’s my 3rd RU.

  16. Humongous congratulations to Bea for making it to Top 5 and exceeding the expectations of so many with her quiet confidence and elegance! She gave an impressive answer — no major major moment — among 5 outstandingly articulate women and she was clearly the crowd favorite which is no mean feat! Even the anchors expected her to make it to Top 3! Thank you sooo much Bea for raising our flag so well!

  17. Not a bad finish for Bea. Still so proud of you. You proved your bashers wrong especially those Pinoys who hate their own candidate moving forward! Woohhhh Phils., still the semi-final streak continues!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 By the way, we still have one doing great in MW. Let’s support her!

  18. The journey has ended but a big THANK YOU to Bea for bringing us back to the top 5. Mabuhay Philippines!!!

  19. What? Paraguay in Top 3 with that answer? 😒
    It’s either South Africa or India for me. They both sound smart in answering the question.

    Bea did great! Congratulations for making it to the Top 5 🥳

  20. Ang hirap ng Tanong kay Miss Philippines.. ang dali kay Miss Paraguay. Hindi nasagot yung tanong ni Colombia dami lang sinabi..

    • I agree. Bea’s question is very political and divisive.
      Wished the Top 5 also had one question.

  21. I think her nerves got in the way. Did she understand the question or did she just bluff her way? I think i heard oculation.. Did she mean inoculation?

    • She didn’t give a convincing answer. She could have cited how Israel became one of the first to achieve herd immunity because of their strict protocols on visitors’ entry with emphasis on proof of vaccination. Just my take. Peace everyone.. Still, congrats are in order.. Placing in the top five is no mean feat

  22. Bea answered the question with confidence 🥳

    If I were to choose the Top 3:
    South Africa

    I don’t get why Paraguay and Colombia needed a translator when they clearly are able to understand and both answered in English.

  23. Bea’s answer is not the best
    Hope she still makes it to top 3
    Colombia, India and South Africa gave the best answers

  24. India, South Africa and Colombia. India gave a topnotch answer.

    If Bea did not stutter, she would still make it in the Top 3. I wish I was wrong.

    Oh, Paraguay, sorry. You answer was not responsive.

    That’s all.

    • @Ana I also felt India didn’t answer the question. Or baka meron lang akong hindi narinig. Yeah, sayang at nagstutter si Bea pero we’ll see.

      • India gave an inverted pyramid answer, so you might have not heard that at the end of her statement, she also took the answer personal to herself.

        That’s all.

  25. OMG NO Puerto Rico!!! What did I say about her earlier lololol

    Bea let’s get that second runner up hihihihihi

    India and Paraguay are still the ones to beat. BUT HUGE CONGRATS BEA!!!!!

  26. South Africa and Philippines wear the same color, but Bea’s gown gives us a wow factor, and the audience in Israel went wild!

    Go, Beaaaaaa!

    Meanwhile, Throwbakla aka Paul is now hiding in his cocoon. Lol.

    That’s all.

  27. Wooohhhh Bea, wooohhh Philippines!!! Laban pa Bea, laban Pilipinas!!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  28. When Bea entered the stage with that gold gown … WOW 😍
    Gorgeous glamazon!

    India and Puerto Rico are ♥️

  29. @ paul Maayong aga, Dong.

    ‘Uy, makigulo ka! Mamaya ka na mag-Mall… Dali, at nang maka-Top 5 si Haarnaz. 🙂

    I’ll help you campaign for Tracy.

    (Also help Taty. I rooted for Tempra of MisOr but the former ain’t too bad, either. Pisay* pa!)

    * – Philippines Science High School

  30. Ay, paksyet! Kabog ang gown ni Philippines! Bumawi tayo mga vaks. Pasok sa Top 5 na yaaaarn.

    That’s all.

    • And based on the gown performance alone, she should also be in the top 5 in my opinion. A couple of girls overdid it like Miss Puerto Rico (the shoulder movements, cringy na) and the Bahamas.

    • Looks like India could win… pasok si India sa beauty, woman empowerment, and environmental causes..

  31. Wooohhh Bea! While other pinoys don’t believe in you, I’m proud to say that I have been rooting for you from the moment you won MUP! Laban Bea, laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


    Philippines 12 years
    USA 11 years
    Vietnam 4 years
    Puerto Rico 4 years
    France 3 years
    Colombia 3 years
    India 3 years

    Brazil 2011-2020
    Thailand 2015-2020

    USA 22 years (1977-1999)
    Venezuela 21 years (1983-2004)

  33. The Bahamas’ first placement after 58 years of participation.
    Singapore’s last placement was in 1987 (34 years)
    Aruba makes it again after finishing as 1st RU in 1996 (25 years)
    Paraguay’s last placement was back in 2006 (15 years)

  34. Thank God, Philippines made the first cut. The very least Bea will not have the notoriety of being the one to break the fabulous streak of Philippines in MU.

    • Taking her sweet time in the swim. Nothing over the top, but you’d see she was not scared of the big crowd.

  35. My top 5 are all in !!!
    I am so happy with Singapore and Bahamas (first time semifinalist for Bahamas)

    Aruba is a surprise , … it is ok , but I would have replaced her with European My choice is Ireland … ( perhaps Czech Rep ) … Spain !

  36. El Tocuyo Award: SPAIN!!!

    Luigi is calm. I just noticed that Paraguay, Philippines, Venezuela and South Africa are the last ones called. I reckon they got the highest votes during preliminaries.

    And who got the Lazada votes? I bet it’s Vietnam.

    That’s all.

      • At first Brazil was in my radar. But I lost her after her poor performance in the preliminaries.

        That’s all.

      • @Cool Brew When the commentators reminded the viewers that Brazil, Philippines, and USA had been in the semifinals for the last 10 years, I knew at least one of them would not make it. Laking kaba ko lang na baka si Bea.

  37. Happy that Bea and her roommate Singapore are part of top 16. But feeling sad for not including Israel in the elite 16. Laban Bea, laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • @C2F, when Harvey reminded Filipinos that they were in Israel after the whole venue erupted into cheers and screams after Bea made the top 16, Bea could have said “no worries Steve, Pinoys are so at home in Israel for after all, Israel and the Philippines share a strong diplomatic tie and history”

  38. 2018 Top 3 were the last to be called in the top 16.
    South Africa

    • And so many pleasant surprises. Marami ring ligwak sa mga pini-peg ng fans. Di naman na siguro kasalanan ni Bea kung bakit sya pumasok no? MUO na siguro ang susunod na iba-bash ng fans.

  39. 2nd 5
    The Bahamas
    Great Britain

    3 Asians have made it to the semis already hmmm
    I’m nervous for Bea

    • The Bahamas’ first placement after 58 years of participation.
      Singapore’s last placement was in 1987 (34 years)
      Aruba makes it again after finishing as 1st RU in 1996 (25 years)
      Paraguay’s last placement was back in 2006 (15 years)

  40. first batch of Top 15:
    France – a dark horse
    Singapore – a pleasant surprise
    Puerto Rico

  41. Singapore was a pleasant surprise
    France is so pretty
    First 5:
    Puerto Rico

    • I think USA will have the high chance of getting the crown:
      1. USA has strong diplomatic relations with Israel;

      2. In 2012, there were mass shooting in USA and they awarded the crown to Ms Culpo (despite Janine giving a superior answer) to boost the morale of Americans. Now, Kentucky experienced tornadoes. There’s a possibility that they want to cheer up the Americans again.

  42. In about 15 minutes the show will start and we will be a part of a grandiose tradition Miss Universe celebrating its 70th birthday. I hope that in their celebration and remembering wonderful memories, they will have a remote (zoom) connection to Bob Barker. He is my most favorite host of all time in MU and he will become a young man of 100 years old next year… !

    So I guess with just 15 mins to go, I now have to give my prediction. This is what I want, in a way this is not an actual prediction, but pretty close

    4th ru – India
    3rd ru – USA
    2nd ru – Philippines
    1st ru – Paraguay
    Mu21 – surprise ! Great Britain

    Yes I want her to grab the crown for the very first time for her country… of course if Bea wins , YAY!!!
    But if a repeater is going to win, I do not want India , my best preference is USA … ( North Dakota will become the new MUSA and she was my bet ) , the show is about to begin, so let’s watch the 2021 MU

  43. My Top 16 Final Prediction:

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa

    Costa Rica


    Dominican Republic

    This year is a very strong batch of girls

  44. Praying for Bea’s success and preparing to watch the show.

    Final thoughts..
    Great Britain
    Costa Rica

    El Tocuyo (I do not wish this on anyone. I’m just speculating.):
    Puerto Rico

    Wishful thinking Final Five:

    Prayers for a successful show and praying the stars align for Bea tonight!!!

  45. OMG seeing VVV in the clip gives me a confirmation she deserves to represent the country more than Bea.

      • @ Norman Si Uncle, dili nag-PN’s kahapon. I was anticipating…. 😦

        Kailangan this coming Sun (19), extra-special episode!

        I know. Why not have mom, Mdme. Aurora Tinio, aboard as co-host? I’m sure Producer & Direk wouldn’t dare oppose. 🙂

        Uncle, one of the very first questions I asked you (back in 2016, I think, on the occasion of your birthday) was how you are related to National Artist Rolando Tinio. I know he composed a song for Christmas, dili ko lang maalala kung ano… Anyway, I hope my idea is feasible.

  46. Yung mga NEGA dito be like:

    Kapag ligwak sa Semis si Bea, “Hindi sya MU material from the start blah blah blah”

    Kapag pasok sa Semis, “Buti nakinig sa criticisms blah blah blah”


  47. Good Luck Bea! Praying for you kahit man lang top 5 or 10. Good Luck Philippines!

  48. The meanest bashers in the whole wide wild universe are in this blog Tita Norms. Sila na kahit patimpalak sa Most Byutiful Gurl sa classroom sa kindergarten, hindi man lang pinili ng pre-school teachers nila. Muluoy ko sa ila. They continue to spread negativity and hate. KAWAWA SILA. AS IN KAWAWA TALAGA. Wala nang silver lining ang buhay sa kanila. That in their last gasp for life nandun a rin sila sa decrepit, seedy and squalid state of mind nila. WHAT A PITY!!!!!

  49. Mabuti pa c Tracy pasok na sa semifinals samantalang c Bea may Oras pa pumunta kayo sa baclaran para maisingit Yung name na Bea sa top 16 hihihihi 😊

  50. Matanda na c Bea divah. Huwag pabebe sa competition. Parang 18 yrs old Ang drama. Be a woman of substance, a queen to be respected and not a princess kung gusto mong manalo.. my god Yung pasweet smile eh parang teenager lng Ang feeling🤭🤫😊😱😆
    Good luck. Malapit na magkaalaman na😳
    Sayang pamasahi ni shamcy Di man lang sinigawan c Bea para umarte ayon sa kanyang edad😊 hihihihi

  51. Did Israel agree to hold the pageant in the wee hours ? Or it was /is being held earlier in advance .
    If that’s the case , the result may leak before it is telecast

  52. There will be at least one surprise ! ( unexpected inclusion ) and one shock ! ( unexpected exclusion )

    The surprises might be : Ireland, Great Britain, Costa RIca , Sweden , Laos
    The shocks mighte be : Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa

    I also feel that Thailand and Israel both have some things to say about body acceptance and their issue can be to stop cyber bullies about body shaming…

    BUT I think that the possibility of having them both in the semifinals will be close to nil.
    Maybe one of them can enter by popular vote OR none of the two will make it

    The wait is almost over ! I hope the opening music will be great , I love the opening music in prelims

  53. She looks
    Like a wilted flower .
    Very frumpy!
    Doesn’t she even look in the mirror????
    I cannot understand her fashion sense i

    • I am so perplexed myself. Just look at her styling in the accompanying “Inside the Universe Episode 3” where she looked absolutely stunning — why does she not look like that? Oh well, there’s nothing we can do now but just cheer her on.

  54. Is that a Francis Libiran design? Para syang kurtina na nilagyan ng ribbon sa harap.

    • @ JustPassingBy Cary Santiago, po. Says so in the article.

      (I like it. Except that I’m absolutely certain it’s a copy! Of whom, ‘yun lang dahil dili ko maalala.)

      • (Cont.)

        I got 10 of my 16. 62%. Dismal of me. 😦

        My real-time Top 5 revision – my first time to do this – is Venezuela, Colombia, India, France, & either Paraguay or Puerto Rico (must have P-group!).

        This is my first time to comment as-it-happens… 🙂

  55. The double whams : I was having some premonitions on possibilities of twice blessed countries this year , just think of what can happen …

    reigning Miss International is Thailand,could it be MI (Thailand) – MU (Thailand ) ?

    Unfortunately there is no Belize in MU , else we could ask ME (Belize) – MU ( Belize ) ?
    *if Destiny joins MU in 2023 , she can be a crown contender

    OR Supra (Namibia) – MU (Namibia)

    OR MGI (Vietnam) – MU (Vietnam)

    and lastly , all these possibilities :

    MW (Paraguay) – MU (Paraguay)
    MW ( India ) – MU (India)
    MW (Venezuela ) – MU (Venezuela)

    OR BOOM ! MW (Philippines ) – MU (Philippines) !!!

    we’ll learn in about 8 hours half of the answers , Eilat here we go

  56. I hoping for a higher placement than.last edition. Hoping… Godbless Bea. Enjoy yoir journey.

  57. Parang pagod ang mga mata at umiyak.
    Did she cry discovering the comments regarding her weak presentation sa prelims or because she was made to wear that dress, or both?
    Bea, wag mo masyado damdamin comments namin, we are not personally a part of your life.
    Tanggap namin even if you didn’t make the first cut.
    Even the true pageant powerhouse, Venezuela sometimes di nakaka semis. It happens.
    Enjoy mo na lang MU experience mo. Good luck.

  58. Yung mga baklush dito walang news. Pwes ako meron galing sa asawa ni Dantes malalaman nyo nalang mamaya.

  59. Israel and the Philippines have unique relationship during the World War, The Philippines provided shelter for refugees and our country is the only country in Asia that voted for the creation of the State of Israel

    Bea’s answer when asked by a reporter What’s cool for us to know? Mangiyak-ngiyak yung reporter sa sagot niya!

  60. Surprise us tomorrow please! I know you still have tricks up your sleeves! Sana mairampa ang finale gown of Libiran! Good luck, Bea!

  61. I’m not expecting so much from this girl. Predictions are all out and no one has picked her to be the one. She’s like the weakest MUP ever. Good luck pa din bukas.

  62. Crown or no crown, Bea is wearing Philippines across her chest. We must be all supportive of our own. God bless Bea and Congratulations. Thank you for your hardwork.

  63. WALEY talaga! Kaya pala nawala yung Kurtina ko sa living room!
    Ganda lang ang nag-greet sa iyo sa video.
    Anyway, I still wish you luck Beatrice… hoping you’ll prove me wrong.

  64. good luck beatrice luigi gomez, philippines. Hope you reach top 10! if u reach top5, well and good!! it calls for a celebration.

  65. I still support her no matter what happens. Go Bea! Your fight is ours too!!!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  66. Oks sana ang 2nd RUP para complete natin ang Top 5 placements. Kaso her performance was not at par sa wish na placement. Haaaays. Sayang talaga 2 reps natin under MUP na full of potential. Dictatorial ang MUP pero chaka at outdated ang trainings and ideas (save for the National Costume na obviously di galing sa Ahas and Kweens). Yan kasi kapag lumaki na ang ulo at pamomolitika at pera inuuna.

    • Ano pinagsasabi mo? Top 16 pa lang i aannounce bukas. Hindi naman yung ang basis para sa magiging winner. Kaya nga may prelims at finals.

    • Kamustah tita L? There are lot of things to be thankful for but you still choose to look for negative things. I hope you will learn to brush things off and move on. I’m looking forward to the time that you have your own camp and share your expertise.

      • Why do you bring Tita L to the issue here? Mahirap bang tanggapin na Tita L speaks and truth and many share the same opinion as her? Kaloka kayo mga bekle. We need fair and objective commentaries if we wish to continually succeed. Ass-licking won’t cut it. Kaya nag-breed ang incompetence because we don’t listen to criticisms eh and our culture of worshipping those in power and authority.

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