50 comments on “Tracy Maureen Perez is in the Top 4 of the Miss World Head-to-Head Challenge

  1. I saw the video of the Top 16 at the Puerto Rico Capitol Building.

    So, itong apat na ‘to, guaranteed sa First Cut, right?

    Nonetheless, I am hopeful Tracy will not slacken off, & be noticed at Beach Beauty, too. 🙂

    Nicaragua & Colombia should go to RH afterwards, if they have not done (so) prior.

    Quote of the year comes from Haiti. “(In Puerto Rico), food is the best part of the day”. Yummy!

    Cameroon is serving ‘black Cat’ class. Together with our very own bet, her mark is set.

  2. In addition, despite an interruption by a toxic troll stalker, it is only in the Philippines where pageantry is a full-fledged industry, with favorable forward and backward linkages in fashion design, footwear, skin and hair care services, photography, video production, cosmetology, blogs/vlogs, App development, etcetera

  3. @Bong700 on the possibility of duplicating India’s 1994 twin win: It’s possible. Tracy and Bea are level-headed intelligent conversationalists, good attributes of a spokesperson. At this juncture of human history, MW and MU need a relatable and eloquent influencer in their respective platforms. The two organizations obviously need strong inspirational figures. So far, our two reps are showing that they have what it takes; their respective personal brands are just what MW and MU need to stay relevant in this precarious times.

    The political economy of beauty pageants favor bringing the crowns back to the world’s epicenter of pageantry development. Across the global pageantry community, which country remains pulsating with life despite the formidable odds wrought by this deadly pandemic? Which country has the most number of pageantry fans– and the noisiest– both in physical and virtual realm? Which country has the most number of blogs and vlogs dedicated to pageantry industry? Only in the Philippines! As I always say, revolutions come and go, pandemics come and go, but the celebration of beauty stays forever! Interestingly, beauty pageants complete the 3 national pastimes in the Philippines– basketball, boxing and beauty pageants– the 3 B’s.

    • In addition, despite an interruption by a toxic troll stalker, it is only in the Philippines where pageantry is a full-fledged industry, with favorable forward and backward linkages in fashion design, footwear, skin and hair care services, photography, video production, cosmetology, blogs/vlogs, App development, etcetera

  4. i want haarnaz to be the new miss universe!! beautiful face. articulate. check. dalawang tulog na lang.

  5. Ano kaya at mangyari sa Philippines ang nangyari sa India noong 1994 hihihi. MU and MW 2021 for the Philippines 🤭😆lelz😱

      • If Bea wins , then it will be so very evident to everybody because she can clinch it , not just with her sexy body and her pasarela gown-surprise , but with her Q&A nerves-of-steel interview … So nobody can complain of manipulating the results or anybody being favored by the MUorg

    • Ambot lang sa imo manong
      Pwede pa siguro India and India. Manasa and Harnaaz.

      Tanungin nyo si Jonalyn dahil sabi niya sa 2025 pa raw tayo mananalo ulit. Ty.

    • It is also possible that Paraguay will have a twin victory this year to the shame of Latin pageant powerhouses.

      • @ nunyabiz1991 I think, if this becomes incredibly feasible, the entire continent will in fact unite.


        Unlike in the Far East-to-the-Indian-Subcontinent, those neighbors don’t see each other as rivals as much.

        OK din si Paraguay sa MW. I prefer her to Nadia Fereirra. In any case, a ‘P’-group country will slay.

  6. Cameroon is second place sa Top Model Challenge!

    Then ngayon nasa remaining 4 ng H2H!

    Malalaman natin sa Final Result kung may bearing ba talaga tong mga challenges ni Julia sa mga candidate! Or prerogative pa rin niya ang mananaig sa huli!

    In both ways, hindi nagpatalo si Tracy! She proves she has what it takes to be a Miss World!

  7. hindi naman luluto ni manang hulya na Felepens mananalo

    bet nya India paulit ulit manalo

  8. Is this the best placement PH had in the MW H2H challenge in the recent past?

    Good luck, Tracy!

    • I think Michelle Dee did well, too (maybe the same?). She made it all the way to Top 12.

  9. I thought that the MW rules are that the 8 winners of the Q&A are automatically in the semifinals … now , it looks like only 4 ,… I must be missing something

    In MU, I say that these three faces were beautiful surprises in the prelims and on Finals night , they might surprise everyone … France (Europe) , Laos (Asia) , Costa Rica (Americas) I note that France also represents the black delegation from Africa and Caribbean … I am in fact almost sure that France will be in the top 16, maybe top 10 or top 5 or top 3 ( and so are USA & Paraguay & India )

    dark horses for MU : Great Britain & Ireland who can actually win the 70th MU crown

  10. I am unfamiliar with Miss World’s scoring system, sorry. Will Tracy’s top 4 head-to-head placement have any bearing at all on her final placement? Or is this something Julia Morley cooks up every year just to raise our hopes, but have no bearing in the end?

    • @Casper – Why don’t we just give credit to previous representatives who did well enough to make the Top 30/40? Laura was a great representative who had a worthy BWAP but was she really more deserving than Manushi and Andrea, who eventually won Miss Universe?

      Ladies from Valerie to Michelle represented our country very ably. Do not demean that by dissing Julia Morley.

      • @Caroline – Who among our representatives was I demeaning? And who said I wasn’t giving credit to our previous representatives? It is you who is deflecting from Julia Morley’s opaque system of selecting winners, where various “awards” are given to deserving girls, yet in the end, Julia makes backroom deals and selects a winner of her own choosing for reasons other than selecting the most deserving delegate. If the judging panel is to be independent, she should recuse herself from being a judge where she has enormous sway! And yes, I am definitely dissing Julia!

      • @Casper
        IMO Caroline’s comment is very sensible and is a refreshing one in the midst of all the comments about Miss World similar to yours.
        Julia Morley will continue to ignore our candidates if fans like you continue to disrespect and malign an organization that has been there even before all of us were born (please refer to a comment of Ms. Pilar of the The Miss Globe about disrespectful fans).
        Miss World will not give in to a small number of fans and will continue to crown whoever they think is deserving (including Megan’s time) and we are not a privy to their judging criteria since we are merely spectators who don’t actually see the events that are taking place in the whole 1 month of the competition leading to the finals.
        I believe all of our past candidates’ placements at Miss World were fair.

  11. I’m happy for Tracy. She is peaking at the right time. I think JM will be seriously looking at her now as a contender even after her failed attempts during her earlier Challenges.

    I remember Megan’s year when both Ghana (very out of the radar, and didn’t place high in any challenges) and Gibraltar (I think, who only made it due to People’s Choice) made it to the Top 5, with the former winning 2nd Princess, besting both Spain and Brazil.

    I am so proud of Tracy now, regardless of the final outcome.

  12. Another Miss Phils. from Cebu who’s on the other side of the world competing for MW crown. Tracy is on the right track. Wooh Phils. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  13. will it be a Paraguay winner in both MW and MU ? or ou own Philippines ? !!!

      • Mga bekle, bakit di niyo kaya maging objective? At least si Norman diretsahang sinasabi sa picks niya na medyo influenced siya ng nationalism. Kayo?

      • @ THROWBAKLA Sir, we are unsure how long you’ve been a Norman’s Blog regular (# of years).

        But both @ jaretwrightlover & @ scorg have been robust nationalists for the most part; with them, it’s almost always a given so they no longer (need to) explicitly state their slant. Just saying.

      • Ha????? Malabo ang pelepenz sa world. Ngayon pa na sabay at ayaw ni Julia may kahati nang atensyon. Imagine Bea winning edi echapwera si Tracy. Julia doesn’t like that.

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