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  1. When Bea cracks the top 16, she will do everything to outshine the other semifinalists all the way to the last women standing …

    On the other hand, by chance if Bea is not selected as a semifinalist, wouldn’t it be great to see if the last two women standing are either of these two pairs :

    Great Britain vs Ireland (I prefer Ireland but very good too if GB)

    Belgium vs. France (I want Belgium)

    No matter who wins, I just bet that the new MU will cry her heart out because this is the 70th year !!! and this is a most memorable place to have the MU crown put on her head … less than 24 hours ! ! ! !

  2. Carson Kressley showed he could be a good host if he sticks to the script. 😇 Andrea Meza spoke clearly and was focused.

    My personal likes which may not be in the judges’ radar: Bolivia, British Virgin Islands, Denmark,, Equatorial Guinea, Japan, Guatemala, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden. Most of these are those which don’t fit the current pageant mold of women but are worth appreciating a second look. Bahrain’s strategy might end up working to her advantage in the placements, who knows. 💐👑🕊️

  3. kung lalaban uli si thailand sa ibang beucon, itapat n Phil c gumabao, para patas 😄😅

  4. I don’t know but I’m conflicted with Bea’s performance and that hairstyle uugh.
    To be honest if Bea were from a country with no sash factor, no one will give her attention with that performance.
    Sorry dont get me wrong I’m a fan of Bea since MUP and I can still vividly see how she outperformed everyone that night where she looked more elegant and confident.
    I believe there is something wrong with the mentorship and decision making of MUPh when it comes to styling and setting the minds of our candidates. I am seeing another Rabiya case in Bea now though Rabiya was so much prettier specially in her swimsuit round.
    And why the heck they kept that horrendous hairstyle for the intro, ss and gown. Whoever had a say on that should be crucified.

    • nandoon si mj lastimosa bka siya ngsulsul sa buhok ni bea, yan ang ayos sa mga pictorial niya kya kala niya maganda… noong lumabas c bea sa stage sigaw ng sigaw c mj ng amg ganda ang ganda, haisst… nawala pgka edgy ni bea eh, cheap ang dating..

  5. I cannot help myself … but I would like to think ahead in the MUP2022 possible strong contenders …just thinking of Ahtisa Manalo , Michelle Dee , Gabriela Basiano …

    The 70th MU is going to be the best , most memorable working vacation experience of a lifetime for all of these girls , a venue that I can honestly say “I wish I was there” … and a stage that harkens back to the grand old days of the pageant except for the space-age-like theme at the center … it looks like it is some kind of a time machine contraption … one more day !!!

    • Ahtisa Manalo for World and Michelle Dee for Universe
      Basiano will be another ordinary looking candidate if ever, in the mold of Eva Patalinhug.

  6. Why is it that people will say wag ilabas yung 100 percent sa prelims eh ang hindi nila alam major factor ang prelims para maka pasok. Anyhow I love Bea but lets make it clear na daming magagaling depende nalang talaga sa mga judges. Isa pa daming magagaling sa you tube forecast nila lalu na yung isang Filipino na wala man lang yung Philippines sa top 16 nya. Oh well lets see kung sino ang tinadhana. Masaya na akong makapasok si Bea sa top 16.

  7. I love the gown! Kahit balikan niyo ulit ang comment ko before, bagay sa kanya ang one shoulder gown then bun nasa puyo! And I’m glad they did!

    MU will choose Top 16 which is equivalent to upper 20% (16/80) of the candidates

    If the judging percentage is 25%EG – 25%SS – 50%Interview, I’ll give her 85% (20+20+45) so pasok siya sa upper 15%. There is also a possibility na malalaglag si Miss Thailand kung ganyan ang breakdown ng percentage! Ang score ko sa kanya (15+15+45=75)!

    One word to describe Bea’s performance: CALM! Hindi gigil! Hindi pilit!

    Si Vietnam parang nire-replicate yung performance ni Stephfany! Si Colombia and Paraguay, napanood seguro si Katrina Dimaranan na talaga naman Diosa ang EG sa MUP kaya medio feeling ko replicated din!

    Best of luck! Again, maka-2nd runner up lang siya masaya na ko!

    • Love the math! Yes. Just a chance to answer QnA and place in the top 5 is already a win!

  8. The first hour and a half would be very important in terms of viewer retention for Telemundo/MUO. Just saying.

  9. ok naman tayo sa body positivity ni Thailand
    pero girl tamad ka lang mag work out at diet
    may time ka di mo ginawa

    tigil tigilan nyo na ang narrative na ganyan

  10. Felepens end of golden decade in MU
    wag nyo na pilit hindi sya stand out mas maganda performance nya sa MUPh
    anung hairstyle yan 1990s? pang graduation

    Latina will win

    • Well dpa nman tpos ang finals so its too early to say na ligwak ang Pinas. Sana lang we will support Bea at least man lang sana dito magka isa tau.

  11. Oh mga baklush nag text sa akin si Marian char. Most likely alam na ni Ding dong yung result 😂

  12. I’m starting to see a pattern emerging & I think that A&Q does a better job styling than MUP.

    I feel like the same thing happened with Rabiya last year where her beauty really shone at MUP & then she showed up at Miss Universe preliminaries & we were left searching for the radiant beauty we saw at the MUP preliminaries & finals.

    I’m just not sure about these styling choices. The gown doesn’t really stand out (to me) and the Fa Mulan hairstyle … well, to me, Bea was more beautiful at the MUP preliminaries & finals. I think she was instructed to tone down the fierce, hence the lack of variation in her facial expressions while she was performing. Perhaps because the brief is that Miss Universe is looking for “relatable.”

    Looking at positives though, Bea’s national costume is one of the best we’ve ever sent. Just stunning. Too bad it’s not scored. And her strides in swimsuit were *chef’s kiss*.

    And I’m glad that MUP is progressive & forward-looking and didn’t try to conceal Bea’s identity as an LGBTQIA member. Because representation matters. The hope is that these micro-efforts at representation will have a macro-effect in advancing equality for us. Chour not chour! Kudos to the MUP organization for that.

  13. It looks like Bea has a chance at top 5
    Colombia Venezuela and PR for me we’re disappointing
    SA .

    • We share the same sentiment. It’s for her to answer the q and a good. She’s very eloquent, like Adline pero baka ma rattle sya last minute. I have a feeling they will exclude miss usa too sa top 5 to reduce the threat.

  14. Hanep ang dating ni Philippines
    I would be surprised if she failed to make top 16 at least

  15. Let’s pray that Bea makes at least top 10 so we can see her on stage in both SS and EG .. para masaya namang panoorin ang MU

  16. Glad she smiled throughout the prelims presentation. “Fierce look” doesn’t suit her. She looks “mataray”. So it’s perfectly fine that she displayed on stage her natural sweet smile while walking. Go Bea🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  17. Bea’s gown has a similar style with Michelle Dee’s gown during Miss World 2019.

    The differences are: 1. the color of Bea’s gown is red while Michelle’s is Turquoise, 2. Michelle’s gown has more fabric while Bea’s has more beads

    Then again, it shouldn’t be a surprise since both gowns are by Francis Libiran

  18. She would have looked great in a sheer gown with gold embellishments. Just saying.

  19. i think the blue gown she she wore during MUP was way better on her, it made her looked expensive… this one for me lacked wow factor… though bea carried it well.🙁

  20. it looks great in picture … but when you see it in motion on stage , the effect is quite diminished but Bea still carried it well and did her best

    • We do not know exactly how it looked like in the stage from the judges view. We only rely on videos on line.
      For me the gown is superb, bagay kay Bea and she carried it very well.

      • yes , I meant how it looked like online video/streaming/TV when Bea was walking/moving wearing the gown …

  21. I appreciate more the beauty of her now it’s featured here up-close. She carried it so elegantly during prelims. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • I felt the same with USA’s gown, but when you see the still photos it gives you a different perspective. The judges definitely have a better view. I wasn’t a big fan of her hair style either, but it revealed her face more and made her stand out from the rest – strategy? Ara had a different hairstyle in the prelims, changed it up for finals and made it to the top 5. It’s anyone’s game. May the stars align for her. Go Luigi!

  22. I’m trying not to be overly negative but WTF IS THAT HAIRSTYLE? She kept it from intro to SS to EG. And it looks absolutely horrible.

  23. The design is simple but not bland. It has amazing beadwork that is not over-powering and does not take out the attention to Bea

    The gown fits perfectly with Bea’s body – and we can see her body

    Compare to last year’s gown, this is big upgrade.

  24. The symbolic meaning of red is passion, the “life force” behind such is blood– red! Francis’ color choice reinforces Bea’s personal brand of courage and risk-taking. Smart move.

    • Bakit etong mga sakto lang todo praises ka pero sa mga pasabog ni Cat noon dami mong kuda? #TeamAhasAndKweens #TeamDemolition #EvilMamaJ

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