17 comments on “Beatrice Luigi Gomez and The Golden Lunar Dragon

  1. Nice costume but so-so presentation. Sana head piece nlang yong ulo tapos bakunawa movements.

  2. As confused and overthought as the mentoring of Mr Abunda 😆🤣🤭🕊️ She was hidden in all those gaudy adornments. “Wait, let’s add some more!” said the designer. 😆🤣🤭🕊️

  3. For me this is a better version of her natcos in MUP but it would be better if the dragon’s head is positioned at the back rather on the sleeves. Because it covers Bea’s face when she is walking. She will also be able to move her hands and arms freely. It will also be dramatic that at the end of the runway she will pose with her back facing the audience the the moon will lit. But still good performance from Bea. #goodjob

  4. Love the costume. Wish she wore a more comfy shoes. Halatang medyo nahirapan syang mag lakad at project bec of the shoes.. 🙂

  5. Morocco’s costume looked great , and the one worn by Bahrain too … just curious , is Bahrain half-Pinay ? …

  6. I was afraid for Bea falling off the chunky shoes and injuring herself … thank goodness nothing happened , whew ! The costume is very Filipino , the theme and the characters …

  7. Nice costume indeed, I love the details, although this kind of costume is not so popular in Ph I guess.
    Nakulangan lang ako sa body movement ni Bea, especially yung hand movements sana to show her fingers/nails… or umikot man lang sana when she reached the center. She’s stiff. Parang hirap sya maglakad with those shoes!
    Dinala sya ng costume which should be the other way.

    Swimsuit and evening gown performance is fair enough to be in the semis.

  8. Finally! An amazing costume.

    The ‘secret pasavogue’ was worth the wait.

    2019 and 2021 have the best costumes

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