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  1. Grabeng sakripisyo to be stayed up on the wee hours just to watch the MU preliminaries. Kaya when it was Bea’s turn both in SS and EG, nakaidlip ako! Nakakaloka. Buti na lang may mga nag-post agad sa YT.

    Anyway, although malinis ang dating ng hair and make up ni Bea in both rounds at maganda ang execution niya ng kanyang pasarela, my honest view is that she could do better. Hindi ko inasahan na ganun ang magiging hairstyle n’ya. It did not really stand out. Mas maganda pa rin ang bouncy lugay hair sa kanya, lalo na kapag voluminous ang hair n’ya, sa swimsuit round. She could easily perfectly pull off the Pocahontas look.

    Sana din pagdating ni Bea sa harap, nag-stay muna s’ya ng 5 to 7 seconds para maka-aura man lang s’ya sa camera. Para s’yang nagmamadali, eh. Ganyan din ang ginawa ni Rabiya last year, kaya walang moment sa screen.

    I am not trying to be negative here, pero that Francis Libiran red gown is less impactful. Very Indian ang concept ng gown, at parang nakulangan ng artistic concept. I would just understand kasi nga limited na ang oras to arrive at a well-crafted evening gown.

    Good thing, Bea’s presence on stage is impeccable. Ang lakas ng screen appeal n’ya. She’s authentically natural, something na hinahanap ng MU sa winner.

    In fairness, ang daming magaganda ang gown at pak na pak ang presentation. Pero standout sina Paraguay, India, Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, Belgium, Sweden, USA, at Japan. Hindi nalalayo ang pambato nating si Bea, syempre. Kaya I am confident na pasok ang rep natin sa semis.

    How about Thailand? Naku, si Baby Jesus na ang bahala. Malay natin, mag-people power vote ang Thais para makapasok s’ya sa Top 16.

    That’s all.

    • Regarding the gowns…

      Paraguay looks like a model for a Downy commercial with the flowing extra fabrics on her gown.

      A naive judge will certainly like it.

      I like Bea’s gown better this time compared to the Furne Amato during MUPH prelims.

      It looks a bit too simple but she was able to walk seamlessly.

      My issue with Furne Amato’s gowns is that they are heavily embellished on top that you cannot see the girl’s natural body movement from waist to the chest as if she’s wearing a hard corsette or an armor. Look at what happened to Rabiya last year.

      However, I am hoping for a more elaborate design for the finals night. But again, it doesn’t matter if Bea doesn’t make it to the top 10.

  2. So the strategy was to carefully pull back and just show Bea’s personality.

    No fiery stares, bad girl-nice girl transitions, and theatrical turns.

    Just a nice clean glide.

    I hope Jonas’s calculations are correct and enough to propel Bea to the top 16.


  3. YouTube placed a ‘mini-ad’ as the Swim video played. For play make-up, for little girls. Plus all those accessories – hand mirror, hair pins, faux tattoo, sunglasses (I think), etc… I’m not familiar with the brand, doesn’t seem to be Barbie (does Mattel still own?).

    All the while, the voice-over rings ‘… bisexual’.

    The advertiser is probably conveying the assurance that feminine beauty is inclusive. Regardless of the young girl’s emerging gender preference/choice, she is most welcome to use their products.

  4. I believe her performances in the preliminaries are enough to push her into the semifinal round.

  5. She did pretty well. Question is, is her performance enough to secure a spot in the semis? Ang daming magagaling na mahirap e ignore sa batch na ‘to. Wishing her all the best, though 🙂 Go Bea

  6. I don’t know if it’s hesitation or disinterest, she’s flat. All this training makes the candidate too stiff, displaces the natural charm and confidence of a Filipina candidate. Makes the candidate overthink All chicken meat, no joy. 😆🙋🏼‍♀️🕊️

  7. Felepens end of golden decade in MU
    wag nyo na pilit hindi sya stand out mas maganda performance nya sa MUPh
    anung hairstyle yan 1990s? pang graduation
    Latina na naman mananalo

  8. If I am an ordinary pageant enthusiast looking for a “confidently beautiful” role model for the world in this precarious times, and I sit in the selection panel, I would look for inner courage, quiet audacity, determination, street-smartness and relatability. I am positive Bea projected these attributes with ease in the preliminary interview. Was this personal brand imagery sustained in the Intro, SS. and EG segments? Clear audible voice, dignified walk, simple sophistication in EG– no threatrics, no distracting frills, no trying-hard antics… just the right imagery of a “confidently beautiful” and a “beautifully confident” working titlist.

    • I think the voice-over annotation of Bea’s stature as “proud member of the LGBT community” and “Navy reservist” reinforced her personal brand imagery of inner courage and audacity. That she’s smiling all the time conveyed the message that outside that nerve of steel lies a great dose of relatability, compassion and friendly demeanor.

      • Bert ang layo naman ng Brooke Lee kay Bea. Brooke’s bubbly personality transpires from her performance. Halata na she’s a people person. Bea on the other hand is an obvious introvert who turns extrovert.

  9. Post Prelimimaries 3 sets of possible top 5 that will comprise the top 16:🌹 1st set top 5 Belgium, Japan, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Philippines…. 🌹2nd set top 5 India,Colombia,Namibia,Vietnam, Venezuela…🌹3rd set top 5 SA,Brazil,USA,Argentina,Spain 🌟🌟🌟…..the 16th spot tjese ladies can duke it out France,Thailand,Morocco,Bolivia…. Wahoooo ✌️💪🌹

  10. My guts tell me , if my guts is correct , that the 70th MU crown will go to Paraguay , if not , the wild card will be Great Britain , just like spoiler Miss Belize who spoiled the Miss Earth contest.

    Bea I think has a 42% probability of winning the MU title but a 95% spot in the semifinals

    Go, Go, Go … let us wait for Bea’s surprise new look on Finals night !

  11. 💯% confident ako na Bea will take a semi-finalist spot based on her stage performance sa prelims. She did a great job. Pang MU talaga ang walk which is far different sa walk ng mga MGI candidates. I love you Bea. Laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  12. Maayos naman ang lakad ni Bea.
    Ang tanong, sapat kaya yun para makapasok sya?
    Parehas po ba ng designer sila Dindi, Katrina at Bea?

  13. Oh my oh my why did they choose that kind of hairstyle.
    That is the hairstyle that I hate the most which I only see sa mga abay sa kasal sa probinsya.
    Sayang si Bea mali ang mga advisers nya.
    I really hope makapasok pa rin sya sa first cut.

    • Bawal po i-criticize si Miss Philippines.
      Magagalit mga entitled Pinoy Pride pageant fans 🥴
      Miss Philippines is the best, pang top 5 po siya.
      She will bring home the crown.
      Pag natalo po, cooking show po according to the fans.

    • Finally an honest take. She’s painfully ordinary. The walk is good though. The face ( Karen Agustin level , buti na lang may sash factor, Saka diba may Utang pa MUO Kay chavit hahaha and who would want to upset the rabid Pinoy fans? Kahit ata kamukha ni mommy D Ang ipadala naten, sasabihin naten na dyosa sa ganda at pang tough 5 talaga) so palagay ko naman papasok sya sa semis. The pics of her closed door look decent naman. If she makes the cut maybe voluminous wavy hair? I agree with the other observations, about her prelim Do ..what the H?!? yeah it looks abay sa kasal sa kanayunan. Still in the spirit of supporting our own , may the stars align for her. Another thesis beauty na kelangan ng madaming justification. Or bka hindi ko lang talaga cup of tea Ang beauty nya. Calling it as I see it. Fairness to me, ginawan ko din sya thesis in my head, so I could like her more ( like the fact she likes Riyo mori?) 1000 points in my book .. pero ayaw talaga eh .. still believe it or not, im sending my best to our delegate. Hopefully the KNOW IT ALL at feeling Osmel na mga taga MUph will continue to do better moving forward.

  14. Bea’s performance was clean, not as showy as Paraguay, but at least Bea is relaxed unlike Brazil, Colombia and Mexico whose nerves were showing , such a shame. Bea just walked out there, kept that smile and enjoyed her time… good enough for a semifinals placement because I believe she was excellent in the Q&A … go Bea go

  15. I’m so happy for Bea’s prelims performance. She brought something new and refreshing in terms of styling that makes her unique from most of the girls. As always, I love the power in her walk. Super linis!! I hope she’ll make it to top 16. GL Beatrice!
    Btw, Brazil what happened to you girl? Such a messy performance. 😕 I hope Miss Lima can save you from clapping.

  16. Remove pageant politics and sash factor, based on the videos, she’s not going to make the first cut.
    Rabiya was a drama queen pero at least nakapasok sa semis without the fan votes.
    Underwhelming representative.
    This one needs a lot of luck. Good luck.

  17. standout delegates after the preliminaries – paraguay, india, colombia, puerto rico, vietnam, venezuela, singapore & usa

  18. A couple of delegates who are revelations during this prelims and really surprised me because they were not in my radar ( my top 36 ) are … Costa Rica, France and Kenya

  19. Oh gawd… that hair. Why?! Sigh. I hope her preliminary interview was strong enough to make an impression with the selection committee… and they loved her enough to overlook this styling and carry her through to the semis. I have my fingers crossed! Sending positive vibes for Philippines to make the cut!

    • The hair made her stand out. Wala siyang kaparehas ng style ngayong gabi and that is actually very smart

  20. I think that was enough to secure a top 15 spot with our sash factor.

    Hairstyle was a standout but not overly excited about it. It did suit the both her swimsuit and evening gown cuts. She looked lean. Wow that body was perfection. Her strides are the same powerful strides during MUPH.

    While I liked the red color in her, I wish she had picked black.

    So many commenters mentioning her smiling all the time. It didn’t bother me. At least the smile looked very genuine. I think it has to do with trying to be more relatable. Yes, a slight fierce look at the beginning would be great.

    Paraguay and India are my current front runners. The African girl Namibia could be that silent killer. tall and modelesque. Japan is cosmopolitan- I would keep my eyes on her but she looked blank during the presentation. She might have lacked trainining.

    I wonder if Israel will a token placement. In my opinion, she shouldn’t.

  21. Tito Norman, nagpuyat ako sa MU 2021 prelims.
    Maraming magagaling po sa swimsuit competition, at magagandang evening gowns.
    Pareho yun hairstyle ni Bea sa both SS and EG po
    Personally, I am okay with Bea’s swimsuit and evening gown pasarela.
    Kaso I noticed po sa mga red gowns, parang mas maganda po yun kay Miss Chile.

  22. dami nag reklamo sa haistyle ni Cindy sa Homecoming nya. Well yun pala PEG ni BEA.

    Yung gown parang pang Opening Number.

    She did her BEST, she really tried.

    Hoping for Bea to be in the Top 16.

    Kinakabahan ako kay France!


  23. Different hair style might be better? Walk is okay. After Prelims, Paraguay, India and Colombia will sure have a spot. Top 5 contenders perhaps. What happened to EG of Thailand? She is quite big in frame.

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