7 comments on “15 Minutes with Pia: You are not alone

  1. Care to share Cat’s Mindset also Tito Norms? If you do so, I am expecting Scorg to reiterate his comments therein. Depota kasi sa akin mga biased na tao. Thank you.

  2. Beauty queens are supposed to be a source of inspiration. More so after her reign. The true measure of a real beauty queen is what she has become after her reign. Pia continues to inspire and touch peoples’ lives, unceasingly finding platforms to reach out to people aspiring for better life. She continues to be the peoples’ queen. Bravo and more power to her!

  3. That was a very inspiring Monologue.. I have mixed reactions to your struggle… I am both sorry that I criticized you on your 1st and 2nd try but I also don’t regret it because my contribution to the collective effort of critics did light a fire up your ass that led you to where you are today. Congratulations and thank you for becoming that beacon of hope.

    • C2f, you bashed her on her 3rd try as well
      You were on Janicel’s side the whole time

      • Excuse me… I was on Janicel’s side during BBP 2015.. but I did not bash Pia that year… I even mentioned before that Pia could win BBP international..

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