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  1. Miss Philippines’ prelims performance was lackluster and unmemorable. All good things must come to an end and this may be the year that we don’t place as a semi-finalist. Katrina Dimaranan would have been the better representative.

  2. Ms. Philippines, lovely lady in a homely outfit na kamatch ang color ng background wall.
    To be fair, majority of the ladies parang magnininang sa binyag or kasal ang damit lalo na ang mga nakaputi.

  3. the stage is so so fantastic and so fabulous … Fantabulous ! and I noticed that unlike recent stages, this one is very similar to the older pageant years with a lot of stairs , winding stairs

    I like those kinds of stages from the past MUs … gonna be a magical night !

  4. Kalokah naman yang outfit ni Bea Benene, how can you wear colour at poo ( feces) in your preliminary interview??? what the designer is thinking!!!
    Parang elementary art cut out project lang ang peg , at Day bat gusot gusot at di pa na plantsa!!!
    That outfit is so busy ! at mukhang madungis! Super FAIL for my taste!!!

    Don’t sugar coat ! just telling the truth..
    Kulay Poo !

  5. Nakapag text sa akin si Marian ang sabi nya malakas daw sa committee si Bea . Char lang. Tinipid
    Tayo ni Bea sa social media complete opposite ni Rabea na halos pag ihi at pag popoo eh naka video. Kaya walang masyadong ganap . We will just know kung makakatulong sa kanya ang mystery effect o hindi.

  6. Boring interviewees are not necessarily an omen for a bad score … just recall Mexico Andrea Meza
    As long as the answer actually answers the interviewer’s question & the has clear substance, it’s fine

    I think as Bea idolizes Meza, she is kind of imitating her style , which is strong, confident and focused

  7. Kailangan ko magtagalog para sabihing:
    Wala akong makitang ningning kay QueenB.
    I hope this would change during prelims and finals.

    • why do we always assume that our candidate will always make the final round? Look at Rabeya last year, everyone was expecting she would redeem herself in the evening gown finals. Nga-nga!

      • You have a point. Why do we always expect PH to win every year? We just won twice recently! Just enjoy the show. Like in 2000s when we are already proud when our girl bags the Miss Photogenic award!

  8. The Preliminary Interview, just like a job interview, is meant to determine the candidate’s personality and fit for the job. The attire should be able to enhance the personality the candidate is projecting: corporate look? casual? party dress? Whatever get-up it is, it should reflect the personal brand of the candidate. If the total package presented in the interview fits the MU template as perceived by the selection panel, the candidate is propelled to the Top 16. Based on the photo grid alone, the Philippines, Japan and Kenya easily projects a no-nonsense-but-approachable take-charge personality.

  9. Japan exuded the most cosmopolitan vibes in the photo grid. The stance, the self- assuredness and that charming smile. Hope she makes the first cut.

  10. After watching the interview of Bea with Boy Abunda, I’m not hopeful with Bea’s chances. Apart from being reserved, it’s obvious that she’s not well read. I’ll already be happy with a top 16 finish.

    • Bea has a chance if being well-read is the basis.

      Pia wasn’t “well-read” to the standards of many… but she’s an eager learner and was rich in experience.

      And Boy Abunda isn’t an ideal QnA/Interview coach for Bea in my opinion. He has a habit of talking over and interrupting his interviewees.

      • Agree. Boy Abunda tries to impress and even tries to outshine the interviewee unfortunately. He talks more than the interviewee even

    • I share your sentiments Nunyabiz regarding Boy Abunda. His know-it- all, glib, patronizing style of answering is for Ms. Q&A, It’s Showtime type of contests. Boy is too clever by half. Pa impress but empty rhetorics.

      Admittedly, Bea can still improve her delivery. It somehow lacks conviction and confidence. As we all know, in most pageants, it is not really what you say , but HOW you say it that counts.

      The mere fact that Bea is articulate, can express herself, and can think on her feet is already a big plus factor. Hindi ka kakabahan na baka nguma-nga, just like what I felt for the likes of Maxine, Ariella. Bea’s demeanor reminds me of Rachel Peters : articulate but can come off as a “reluctant beauty queen”.

      Overall, I still think that if she gets in the short-list, she will deliver in her Q&A.

      World Peace.

      • Ariella? Takot Kang ngumanga sya? Kaloka Ara might not sound good in English pero di naman sya boba unlike Maxine na interior design lang ang kurso sa Benilde. Jusko basta may pang tuition ka lang dyan at sa program na yan papasa ka. Ara on the other hand finished her Chemistry degree in one of the best Chemistry programs here in Ph in UPLB

      • Thomas I agree with Rachel Peters thingy. They have similar personality and demeanor.
        I don’t agree about Ariela; I actually find her very smart and quick witted.

      • I take it back then. Sorry. Ariella is smart nga. It was really just the manner of speaking representing the Felepens. Lol.

        World Peace.

    • Yes, it’s true what they say about that “pageant mentor”. It’s obvious that the aim is not to mentor but to gain social media points. It’s his show and it’s all about him.
      I remember when he interviewed Rabiya after her competition. Given that the lady just got relieved of the stress of the pageant, he pounded her even more with queries about her performance. And he had the gall to engage her with questions about the status of her personal affairs. Now isn’t that proof enough that he was never there to mentor. 💐🕊🙋🏼

  11. Strictly based on confident posture…

    1. Belgium
    2. Chile
    3. Japan
    4. USA
    5. Peru

  12. Apart from Bea , the ones who looked good and relaxed from their interview photos are Japan, Panama, Belgium from each of the three groups … My top semifinalists keep changing, we’ll have to wait for Friday and see …

    I hope they choose top 21 but if they only have 16 semifinalists, I will have them all compete in swimsuit, gown & speech … and then from the 16 and from all 3 competitions, select the top 5 finalists… no more intermediary top 10

  13. Me shoulder pads nanaman… 🙄

    Anyway, I trust that she would do very well in this challenge… Consistency is way better than a 1 time big time spectacular…

    Goodluck Bea! You desserve to be in the Top 5!

  14. Were any consistent guidelines given to delegates regarding what to wear for their “interview outfits”?? Seems like it’s all over the map…

  15. Some thoughts:

    > Is it deliberate that Bea is often dressed mannishly? Someone said before she kinda reeks with a faint whisk of testosterone. And are those — horrors, shoulder pads? Lol.

    > Horrible peek-a-boo, almost vulgar dress of South Africa.

    > Almost costume-y attires of Korea and Kenya.

    > Chunky corned beef look of Thailand. No judgement.

    > The attending a binyag look of those in white.

    > The oh-so-simple and almost lazy thought dress of Brazil, Italy and Denmark

    > The mag-a-attend ng birthday ng kumare sa Cabalen restaurant of Honduras. Lol.

    > And yes, the I wanna-dance-with somebody USA. Lol.

    World Peace.

  16. I hope she impressed the judges with her answers. Wishing her the very best in the remaining days of her journey to the crown. Good luck Bea! Laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • Aside from Bea, I love the look of Miss Japan. Her hairstyle and attire made her so pleasing.

  17. black was the color of wardrobe wore by bea as ive seen on youtube… its different here..

    goodluck inday bea👸👸👸

  18. Mamang Paquita Butete Banana aka Banned Mess Peleypens bashing comes in 3, 2, 1…….

  19. why are there cameras allowed during the ‘closed-door’ interviews ? … this is in danger of leakage to the press/media … Philippines for top 5 ! 2nd ru will be a total win for Pinas … I hope no sash factor countries in the top 5 except for Philippines … and a new country wins their very first MU crown for this year’s 70th edition MU 2021 !

    • The cameras are supposedly for the judges’ use only. There are so many ladies that they wanted the interviews taped just in case the judges need to review later. Supposedly.

      As for these photos… Travis, who has been working on the USA and Universe events, is the one who took these photos. He was in the room and the only one allowed to take photos inside.

  20. My top 10
    Puerto Rico

    • I would like Ireland , Spain and the Czech Rep in the top 10 , maybe also Albania (Angeline Jolie face of the pageant)

      I’d remove Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico & maybe USA

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