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  1. Tracy’s gown was so so beautiful in motion. Glad she was able to walk the runway alone.

    The camera took time to zoom in on the details of the gown. The audience expected nothing less from Miss Philippines!


  2. Surprisingly, Tracy seems the only queen that has not endured any sort of bashing from pageant fans this year. Is it because of the groupthink that her chances of winning is really slim or we just all think that she’s a genuinely nice person.

    I am actually baffled.

    • @4M – All of the above. On the other hand, Tracy should just enjoy this pageant experience to the fullest and make it her personal victory despite the outcome or the odds.

  3. This gown looks more like an “anahaw” because of the sleeves.

    But it’s beautiful and unique. Yellow looks good on Tracy. But I like color of the gown she wore in the MWP finals night bettter.

  4. Sexy, beautiful and Smart Tracy😊 This is what nawat wants a candidate to possess kaya ligwak c SamP. Accdg to Nawat.😊
    Kaso, MW ito hindi MGI hihihi😱🤫😊😊

    • Bong patuloy nating suportahan si Tracy by voting. Maraming salamat. Magandang gabi.

  5. Easily my favorite of any gown created by a Pinoy designer this year.

    It’s modern & yet you can see the inspiration in our traditions.

    Bravo to Pablo Mendez III & to Tracy’s style team (those earrings with that dress–faultless!)

    • Thanks for the wonderful remarks on Tracy and her team including the designer & the stylists.

  6. Wow! Super ganda si Tracy in this yellow gown!
    Am I the only one that’s seeing MU 2018 Catriona Gray in her?

    • You are not alone. Many are seeing Catriona in Tracy. She is very promising. We are hoping for the best outcome with her.

  7. The gown is beautiful.
    It does remind me of an Ilang Ilang, especially the bottom part.
    Wish her hair bun was more relaxed.
    I’m not a fan of the Miss World pageant.
    Still, best of luck to our candidate.

    • Thanks for the good review. Please support Tracy by voting in the MW website and its fb page.

  8. The gown was stunning!

    Tracy looks regal and majestic!

    Hindi lang niya nadala ng maayos Kaya hindi nakapasok sa Top 13!

    I saw her in motion! I don’t know if it is the shoes or the length of the gown na medio hirap siyang bitbitin!

    In both ways, I’m still expecting her to be in the Top 10!

  9. So far, Tracy has been doing everything right. Kahit minimal preparation time, everything was planned beautifully. Styling is always on point! She must be proud of herself and her team for representing us well in MW. I hope the stars will align for you!

  10. Classic yet Avant Garde….
    Intricate but not over the top…
    And I do see the inspiration which is the Ylang-ylang… I love it!

  11. Ganda ni Tracy. Ganda ng gown. Ganda ng pgkakasuot..kaso mukhang di cya npapansin ni Chef Hulya 😔

    • I hope napapansin siya. Tahimik lang ang MW. Sa finals ang malaking sorpresa. Hope for the best and let’s pray for her. Thanks.

    • True. Not a fan really but she has shown perserverance, focus and grace in her fight. Not expecting much sa finals night but I am proud of her representation.

  12. Nice and unique gown still.

    I wonder how they’ve kept the sleeves up the whole time. Did they sprinkle it with Robust? Hehe.

    Unfortunately, Madame Julia Ygnored-ygnored our Ylang-ylang.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Good question.

      Usually, such sleeves are ironed backstage at fashion shows, just before the model comes out, so that it stays stiff.

      I suspect this is detachable. Perhaps there’s a velcro trick~hack by PGM III? Tracy ‘assembled’ it!

      Incidentally, PGM III also made Charmaine E5’s NatCos back in BBP 2017, which while looking quite stiff in motion nonetheless was one of the unanimously-loved posts here in the blog back then.

      That dress was, I think, inspired by one of the accolades of the Virgin Mary. I don’t know if you’re Catholic… Tomorrow is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

  13. Whether Maureen makes it or not, let’s celebrate her and her efforts. It’s not easy joining pageants and being at the receiving end of most comments. 👑💐🕊️ Congrats to her great team as well.

  14. We don’t have to lose our hope. My crystal ball says that Philippines will going to raise our flag at the final show. Mabuhay Philippines.

  15. in or out of the top model challenge doesn’t matter.. this gown is an eye catcher and looks stunning.. kebs na kung hindi type ni JM si Tracy or yung gown.. alam naman natin how the cooking show works… Still, the PH rep is representing us well..

  16. @ THOMAS, we’re a bit off-tangent, pala. It ain’t Pterocaesio chrysozona. 😦

    (‘Chrysus’ is Latin for ‘golden’. Gold band fusillier.)

    This is Cananga odorata… Personal story to follow. But, first,…

    Congratulations to PGM III! I much prefer this to Atty. Patitay’s ‘ribbon manga warrior’ at the 2019 BBP Screening. I recall that post; he even replied/commented under his own name! 🙂

    Back in freshman college, our organic chemistry professor touched on fragrance molecules in flowers & he mentioned that ‘ylang-ylang’ was a major component of an internationally-known woman’s perfume, that our (the Philippines’) harvest was, & probably still is, THE BEST in the world. Incidentally, this scent celebrates its centennial this year! The company even commissioned a jeweler to design a piece with this very flower as its centerpiece, in all its hexagonal splendor.

    Ylang-ylang is initially green upon emergence, then turns golden-yellow with age. Right after a deluge, to stand under the tree’s canopy is an utterly unbeatable olfactory sensation/experience!

    ‘Ylang’ because nobody plants it; it just sprouts in waste places. But I think now somewhere in Central Luzon they have grove/plantation of it. It was a NatCos at a male Nationals recently.

      • @ JustPassingBy Close!


        That was the era of Jean Patou, Guerlain, & Houbigant. ‘Jicky’ was one of those scents, no?

  17. Cote D’ Ivoire top model, Cameroon second, Puerto Rico third. Aruy… wala Philippines sa top 13

  18. She looks great regardless … but I cannot believe that MW still has two more weeks to spend … wake me up when the winner is about to be announced … they should have a competition like in Miss Earth where all the delegates appear without any make-up … a facial beauty competition … but I forgot again that this is not a beauty pageant/contest …

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