13 comments on “Marian Rivera: Off to Israel!

  1. Nakakainis na si marian pag nkikita ko…lalo ko na r realize kung gaano ako kapangit! 🤣😅😂 Cya effort less, ako effort full! Pero kahit 1% di ko ma-achieve!

  2. Mga Baklang ito issue nila yung English ni Marian bakit hindi nila issue yung mga pangit na mukha nila na ang power lang nila eh yung mag type sa computer nila t mang bash.

  3. It would have been smart to allow them to access the VIP lounge as they’re going to an event where they will represent the country. This way they’d be safer from getting exposed to COVID before arriving at Israel.

  4. Urvashi Nutella (sorry po.. help @Flor)… Miss India 2015, actress (contravida to Miss Pia) is officially a member of the selection committee as well (from Heydamag aka Adam did you see this coming?)

    • @ john Y u ask 4 my succor? Nabalitaan ko rin lang dito sa blog, at dili rin ako nag-comment…


      Speaking of Urvashi, nung una dili ko pa alam na Miss Diva is the Indian MU franchisee. So when I saw that title being attached to her, I thought it was derogatory…

  5. Let us be proud that a compatriot is chosen to be part of the selection committee for the next most beautiful woman in the universe. I cringe at the thought that negatrons question her capability to do the job on the idiotic perception of her lackluster English fluency. It’s pathetic how the legendary “crab mentality” can take some ignorant pageant fans to use the laughable myth that English nonfluency equals low IQ. Sad!

    • So Marian and Dingdong are flying by Emirates, my favorite airline. Layover at Dubai is always a joy due to the many Duty-Free Shops, fast foods, and refreshment bars that are mostly manned by Filipino sales clerks.

  6. ‘Ay. No chance for ‘Temptation of Husband’. Sasama. Cr_p. 😦

    Uncle, speaking of ‘husband will accompany’, are Mdme. Shamcey & Sir Lloyd still going? And Boss Albert?

    So, ang ‘andun ngayon, Jonas, Bea, Voltaire, & Nelson & Marian to join them. Five (5).

    Kayo po, Uncle? Kailan kayo uulit via-viaje internacional? Dili natuloy ‘yung Albania niyo… Visa ba issue?

  7. I do not know what the negative fuss about Marian being a judge in MU. That she is not fluent in English? That has got to be the most laughable criticism of all time. Let us be happy and proud that a fellow countryman has been selected to appear in a world stage.

    And doubly-happy that the Filipina representation is easy on the eyes.

    World Peace.

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