18 comments on “Cebu leads the way in the 70th Miss Universe Viewing Parties

  1. based on quite a few rehearsal videos coming out of the Israel venue, it looks like the girls are rehearsing a lot of dance numbers for the show… it is fun to have some dancing on the show but … not a lot, not this much with intricate movements , they should focus on the girls themselves and not the production numbers and dancing … (I wonder if this is targeting for the telemundo audience)

  2. Naalala ko c Miss Thailand 2018. Naka Top 10 yata dahil sila Ang host. What if hindi Thailand Ang host. Magkaplace pa ba sila. Sa kalidad ng candidate nila that year ay hindi sya Maka top 20 if hindi sila Ang host.
    Now for Bea naman. Hindi Tayo Ang host pero may utang na loob c Lola Paula Kay Lolo Singson. Do I think ipapasok ni Paula si Bea sa top 20.
    India is powerful pero Di ko pa nasilip Ang iba😊

  3. I wish her the best of luck. Bea should rewatch the pageants of several previous winners. They were very alive and engaging from the start of the pageant. Personality is a top draw in Miss Universe. 👑💐🕊️

  4. I believe Bea will not disappoint the partygoers. She just have to give her A-game in every aspect of the competetion so that there is nothing to regret about, win or lose.

  5. Just enjoy the pageant . Ang maganda sa kanya hindi sya ma lakas sa socmed. Mysterious ang kanya ng style. May leak sa ka yang gown sa Facebook Medyo blah lang. what i expect kay Libiran pang ninang ang style nya. Anyways, wala naman akong masyadong expectations.. basta maka pasok lang sya sa semi finals okay na.

  6. ***unrelated***

    The Pageant Nerd (TPN) revealed the face behind the soothing Australian voice in his YouTube videos. 😍

    Sir Norm, I hope you could interview him someday and share your pageant nerdiness with each other.

    He seems really pleasant! I really love his neutral but well-thought-out videos.

  7. I hope that the MUorg people are closely observing the candidates and making their judgments. I feel like they should pick the 35 or 36 most polished, most articulate, most beautiful candidates and in selecting the 15 or 16 ( 20 or 21 ) semifinalists , just narrow down their selection among these 35 or 36

    Here are my Super Dozens per continent. (ranked somewhat)
    Super Dozen Europe: Albania, Czech Rep, Spain, Norway, Great Britain, Poland, Portugal, Iceland, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium
    Super Dozen Asia: India, Philippines, Vietnam, Israel, Singapore, Laos, Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Morocco, South Africa(africa)
    Super Dozen Americas: Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Argentina

    Whoever the semifinalists are ( i.e. those who will excel in the preliminary interviews ) , their names should be among the ones listed above, I believe !

    With the fierce and close competition this year between the Asia/Africa and America groups, I think someone from the Europe group will sneak in with a clarifying and pleasant final Q&A session and take the whole show, with the crown included…

    • @ jaretwrightlover They must choose the Europe country that is most engaged with America to ensure maximum gain/ROI. Iris’ win meant it isn’t France right now. Could it be Ireland?

      I personally like Belgium. 🙂

      (Plus the fact that we currently have a number of biracial beauties like Theunis, Amelinckx, & Baeyens. And I knew someone from the Catholic University in Louvain long ago… In the MUP 2021 post on Jazmine Umali’s introduction video, that whole thing at Illustrado now-restaurant, which back in the day was cafe…)

    • Based on the Up Close Interviews from Miss Universe, I am currently very impressed with Albania, Chile and Philippines , one from each group …

  8. ‘Ay, very good strategy. 🙂

    Ma-pre-pressure tuloy MUO na i-place at least into the Top 10 si Beatrice kasi ‘pag dili, magagalit lahat ng nagbayad makapag-viewing party. Naalala ko tuloy noon nung kina Poonlertlarp & Fahsai.

    SO COOL. Atty. Bruce Rivera is in the Panel. A stellar lawyer!

  9. Let’s just support
    There’s really nothing else we can do
    Remember , Janine looked horrible during the pre-pageant activities but still did really well

    • It’s really in the preliminary interview where she has the chance to catch the interest and eye of the selection committee. As Telemundo understands the behavior of viewers and its consequence to ratings at the beginning of the program, there’s a good chance she might make it through the first cut.
      But Bea really has to get that spirit going and liven up things this early, especially that there will be no opening speech for each contestant. Janine was having fun through the finals night, she was visibly in fighting form.

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