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  1. Ang panget lagi ng styling when it comes to proportio …. Doesn’t follow the rule of thirds.. Tapos minsan ang daming Kulay… Minsan naman e Kulang… Sala sa init, sala sa lamig.

  2. Bea’s nerve of steel is her best asset. She is calm and composed even under immense pressure. It also pays to have a beautiful figure. I have high hopes for her that she would place higher, top 5 perhaps.

  3. I’m nervous for Bea though I am happy as the pressure on her is not as much as that was put on Rabiya’s shoulders
    Just t stay the course
    Good luck!!!!!

    • Her background story is interesting, credentials are worthy. She just has to make the selection committee and judges feel like she really wants to be Miss Universe. Just saying.

  4. Aside from her unassuming beauty, what made me drawn of Bea Gomez is her sexy voice. I can imagine how she speaks from her heart with that distinct voice once she is called on the first cut and gets interviewed by Steve Harvey.

    I love how she presents herself in the Up Close video above because it certainly reflects her and no iota of misrepresentation is shown there.

    I am very much aware that Bea got a pound of criticisms about her wardrobes lately. Some words are even damaging to Bea and MUP Team’s reputation. I find that such criticisms are merry-go-round as they are usually being hurled indirectly to the MUP Team by the people who did not like MUPO from the get-go, especially Jonas. Well, I’d only say there’s a demarcation line on such criticisms. Let us leave that to the MUPO on how they’d handle the same.

    At any rate, Miss Universe is getting more and more exciting as the days go by. Three girls are by far dominating the pageant world’s consciousness, they are: Paraguay, Brazil, and Spain. India and the Philippines are also in the loop. But, I find Halle Berry look-alike Miss Singapore beautiful. If she only had that sash factor glow, I think she can be considered a frontrunner by the pageant enthusiasts.

    That’s all.

    • i think yung wardrobe ni bea is compliant to the requirement of MUO for this batch to promote green and recyclable materials..🥂 me appreciated bea’s daily outfits coz i know the purpose❤️🙏 meaning no highend clothings nor leathers for the daily activities..🌈

      • @ WillYam Which explains the faux fur coat & leopard print dress. 🙂

        All I understand of this is the concept of sustainable fabric, meaning natural fibers. Cotton, silk, pinya, abaca, hemp, etc.

        But synthetic fibers could not be entirely ‘bad’. As largely innovations of by-products of the petroleum industry, they made it possible to clothe many quickly & cheaply in some cases. They could also possess some ‘greenness’ as blended with the former we get cloth that does not easily crease, minimizing the need to iron (therefore less electrical consumption). Polyester, rayon, etc.

    • i think yung wardrobe ni bea is compliant to the requirement of MUO for this batch to promote green and recyclable materials..🥂 me appreciated bea’s daily outfits coz i know the purpose❤️🙏 meaning no highend clothings nor leathers for the daily activities..🌈

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Nadia Ferreira is STUNNING. You saw that group photo? Haarnaz stood no chance beside her… 😦

      (Dili pala matangkad si Haarnaz.)


  5. Mas gusto ko na yun retro looks ni bea than yunginawa sa phil flag dress last yr . Di na Nila niretoke katawan ni bea which is better

  6. Nasa Video ba yung mga stylists nya? Mga baklush San ba kayo galing bakit halos lahat ng mga suot nya mga baduy ewan talagang baduy. Anyhow my expectations sa kanya masaya na akong makapasok sya sa semi . Yun lang . Official na MGI drop na ni Madam. Char… kiddingly aside dapat lang.pag walang Philippines na candidate hindi yan pageant😂

  7. If Miss India Universe 2015 (the over-the-top hyped candidate in 2015 who became just a clapper and did not like Pia winning) will be a judge for MU2021 side by side with Marian Rivera, I am afraid that she will tank the scores to Bea and give 9.99 to the Indian delegate, and she will have no reservation. On the other hand, Marian being Pinay, always kind and polite, will be fair in her scoring and not do the same thing as her Indian counterpart … this is really something to keep watch on for the sake of Bea…

    • Lol I’m the opposite. I think Urvashi will give the Indian delegate a low score. I have a feeling that she has this ayaw magpakabog attitude. Last time, nag congratulate sya Kay Andrea Meza at hindi kay Adline. Oh Diba it says a lot about her character.

    • Yes she is. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 She doesn’t even show support to miss universe Indias after her considering her millions of follower in Instagram.

  8. Where is the FIRE and PRIDE, Bea?

    I hate to admit her appearances are not only lacking the X factor but also are also diminished of JOY.

    She was even looking down when she talked about being an LGBTQ in the video. And this is already an official MU video.

    This isn’t good. 💔

    • She was also looking down on the reservist part. I think she has a cue card to follow that’s why. Don’t give too much color in everything you see. What do you want her to do? To shout? Her voice was consistent from start to end. I don’t see anything wrong with the way she deliver her spiel. She has been like that, less expressive and don’t put much drama on answering question or delivering speech.

  9. as ive been saying, bea was selected by MUPO because of her backstory to become the first openly gay MU delegate..MUO likes that kind of narrative. . a welcome addition to their branding and it’s a milestone for any beauty pageant at that. so pinilit kahit medyo kulang sa facial beauty/personality..it’s not something that there is someone openly gay matched with a good-looking face that auditions every year, so jonas et al grabbed the opportunity, took the risk, and in return hoped that MUO would reciprocate with a sure top 10 finish..a lot better as an achievement on paper than last year’s maiden entry of rabiya who failed to advance beyond the top16. or was it 20 or 21? good luck Bea. enjoy the journey..you are real and down to earth and that makes u a winner already. if u enter the top 5, i won’t be suprised. go gurl!

  10. Her beauty is polarizing and not universal.
    Not a frontrunner.
    Expectation is low.
    It will be a welcome surprise if she did well in the pageant.
    Best of luck to her.

  11. Nabigyang parangal ng MUO c miss Spain 2018 dahil bakla cya. C Bea kaya, may parangal din kaya bilang lesbian sa MU🤭
    May laban nman c Bea for Top 10 and she might be in the Top 5 depende sa EG performance nya.
    So, Good luck😊
    Ayoko ng imention c KD dahil tapos na kaya move on na. Beauty pageant is like politics kaya go go go Bea 😆😆😆 hihihihi

      • Do we really need to be specific? Yan ang hirap sa community natin, we don’t want to be labeled pero ang dami nating classification. At yung bawat classification may kanya kanyang needs. Paano hindi maguguluhan ang mundo sa atin kung tayo mismo naguguluhan kung sino ba talaga tayo.

  12. Very mocha uson look. Ganda na well-appreciated Ng international community. All the best

  13. Sinabi ko na’to during the MGI event na kung ang criteria for judging is 30%SS – 30%EG – 40%QnA and hindi ka nag-standout sa SS/EG, tapyas na 60% ng score mo which is what happen to SamPan,

    Using the same criteria, I saw the pasarela of Bea and lalaban siya talaga! Kahit gaano kaganda evening gown mo kung hindi mo madadala ng maayos, waley din! Flashback sa Preliminary EG ni Sushmita Sen, parang pinagtagpi-tagping retaso yung gown niya pero nadala niya ng maayos and eventually nagdire-derecho ang bilat! I’m confident na maitatawid niya yung segment na yon!

    Maganda hubog ng katawan niya! Mahaba ang legs! And again maganda siya maglakad! Hindi pilit! So, I’m confident na maitatawid niya yung SS segment!

    No need to justify her QnA dahil inherent/innate na sa kanya yon! And the way she express her thought, hindi arogante or entitled ang dating! Neutral lang!

    What are her chances? Hindi siya perfect so I’ll give her 25 + 25 + 45 = 95%

    She’s a Top 5 material! Ayoko siya manalo dahil wala na cuenta manalo ng MU dahil tenant sa New York Apartment ang kalalabasan niya so i’ll settle for the first 2nd runner up finish!

    • Parang mas bongga pa nga ang prizes ng bagong miss usa. Los Angeles condo for a year, Porsche na sa kanya na and a six figure salary. Mas bet ang LA mas maaraw at malapit sa Hollywood

    • @ClaiRe IbbeTson – Medyo malabo ata yung sinabi mo na okay lang hindi manalo kasi wala na kuwenta manalo ng Miss Universe kasi sa apartment lang naman sa New York magse-stay pero happy ka if she places lower?

      Wala pala kuwenta so why join at all? Unless, you are fully aware that her chances of winning are very slim at best.

      This is one of the most unintelligent comments I have come across here.

  14. I have no real expectations for her
    If she wins or does well, I will watch the show
    Oh f not, I will probably won’t bother .. just like last yr when I turned off f my tv when Rabiya failed
    To make top 10
    It took me months before I could watch the whole show and only a few minutes at a time

  15. I think even in Cebu and MUP, Bea is not an overhype candidate. She is always low profile to the point you will miss her in the radar or not feel her presence. But she always make sure to be noticed and felt at the right time. I think it’s not anymore important what the fans will say, what matters most now is how she is perceive by MUO and the selection committee comes prelim and finals.

    Instead of saying things that might affect the spirit of Bea and might also be abused by other camps to attack her; let us just support Bea quietly. Just like her, she is now fighting for us in the way she know how which is calmly and serenely.

    • MUorg (Paula herself most likely) does not choose the overhyped or over-the-top hyped candidate as winner. They have been choosing the one with the most substance , the total package , candidate during Paula’s tenure. That is why Puerto Rico and Colombia who seem to be all over the place this past week might end up just being clappers on Sunday. Bea has an advantage over them I hope.

    • In addition, I observe most of the comments here is not really against Bea (or even the previous Philippine reps). They are mostly about the people behind our reps which is the organization. But please be reminded that if you will going to attack this people it will just reflect or bounce to our reps since they are the one in the spotlight. This will not help our reps in anyway. If you have direct means to communicate your sentiments to the people concern go for it. But if you don’t have. Please do not post it in social media since other groups may just pick it up and use against our reps. Again this will not help our reps’ performance.

  16. Wala akong maramdaman sa kanya. Last time ko naramdaman ito kay Pia.

    If si Katrina ba, naimagine niyo na mananalo sya? Medyo nanghinayang Lang ako. If she won’t win for sure she will be in the top 5 easily.

  17. Waley talaga! Ka Aura nya si Charice Pekpeko before the transition…
    I was more excited with Rabiya last year na kahit immature….maganda naman!

  18. This week, we will find out more if Bea is really cut as a winner. Does she have the next gear to deliver us to a top finish or least a top 10 or 5? Abangan!!!

    With her more calm, quiet nature, I still would like to see the fire to start burning through. This is not MUPH where Aces and Queens tend to have visibility over the selection committee. This is Miss Universe, make the most of that sash factor plus your game plan to start making the move.

  19. What is Bea’s competitive edge in this MU edition? Her openly gay stature makes her the only one uniquely placed to break the barriers on femininity and beauty, pushing the seemingly monolithic concept to new frontiers. She is the only candidate who can give MU’s “confidently beautiful” mantra a whole new relevant meaning. So far, Bea is the only one among this year’s contenders who can add a more meaningful value to MU’s brand.

    • she needs to be included in the Q&A competition in order to tell her story … without it, it’s for nothing

      • What’s so special about being gay ?
        And what if the question Does not call for it ? Saying that will simply look like a desperate attempt to draw attention to wards her

      • @jaretwrightlover, she doesn’t need the Q&A segment of the show to convey her personal branding. Right at the preliminary interview before the selection committee she can already present her personality and advocacy. Interviews by mainstream and online press, as well as virtual media platforms, would be good avenues during this MU season to bring this timely issue front and center of global discussion. And this constituency is too big to ignore. Per survey conducted last May by IPSOS, a renowned research and analytics compay, the global country average of LGBT population is 2%. On the average, those who describe themselves as LGBT make up 4% of Gen Z, 2% of Millennials, 1% of Gen X and less than 1% of Boomers.

    • @ scorg BEING GAY BREAKS BARRIERS ON FEMININITY??!!…Really…(Cough, clear throat).

      You need to explain this, Sir.

      Anyway, this post was clearly about that new app for remitting by OFW’s. The ‘yellow one with the penguin’. Download na! 🙂

      • @Flor: Femininity, masculinity, and transgenderism are the basic gender identities. Gender identity is one’s innermost concept of self as male, female, a blend of both or neither. One’s gender identity can be the same or different from their sex assigned at birth. Traits such as nurturance, sensitivity, sweetness, supportiveness, modesty, humility, empathy, affection, tenderness, emotional, kind, helpful, devoted and understanding have been stereotypically feminine. Traits tradirionally viewed are musculine in Western society include strength, courage, power, independence, leadership, and assertiveness.

        Gender is hierarchical and produces inequalities that intersect with other social and economic inequalities. I believe the in-betweeners (for lack of a better word) play a strategic role of incursion and internalization of the traits of the opposite turf. How many male gays have shone in their careers because on top of their musculine traits of leadership and assertiveness they are nurturing, supportive and full of empathy. And how many female gays became industry leaders because on top of their tender side they have inner strength, courage and independent spirit?

        Expression of gender identity may or may not conform to socially defined behaviors and characteristics typically associated with being either masculine or feminine. But we need champions who “break barriers” of gender identities. The Philippines proudly sends one to MU stage.

      • @Flor, what is your disagreement about? Please present your case. And how did you know Admin also disagrees? Are you part of Admin?

    • That’s it. Her edge is her being lesbian only. Nakakaloka lol 🤣😂😂😂😂😂 scorg you’re just overanalyzing. Kung mananalo man yan si Bea hindi yan iimbitahan ng Puteri Indonesia kasi HARAM sya. Wkwkwkwk nakakaloka. For me, My bet for Bea is she’ll be in the top 5 at least. I want Miss USA to win or India. Bea is just too plain for me.

  20. Bea is getting more beautiful as the competition gets nearer. I heard in one interview na di nya pinapangako ang crown kasi ang dami talagang magaganda pero one thing is for sure na lalaban siya. Laban Bea! Laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️


    • Paquita X hello! Sa SM Aura lang available? How about sa SM gensan? Punta ako dun. Or SM Lanang Premier? He, he, he… Thanks my dear. Good morning to you.

    • RECYCLED OUTFIT ANG REQUIREMENT NG MU NOW… wag n mg violent reaction kung wala kang alam 😂🤣💪🏾


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