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  1. Group 15 Head to Head:
    Somalia, Nicaragua & Guinea Bissau – Top 3
    Armenia, China and Iraq – very good

    FB: Nicaragua

  2. Flor finally napanood ko na ang BWAP project ni NIcaragua. Pareho sila ni Nepal – suspension bridge.

    Pero ano ang pagkakaiba?

    Nicaragua spearheaded the rehabilitation of an old & rickety suspension bridge, while Nepal led the initiatives in the construction of a (new) suspension bridge in a remote village in her country.

    Good morning to you my dear.

  3. These are the possible outcomes:
    1. India, South Africa & Poland,
    2. Poland, India & South Africa,
    3. Malaysia, Poland & Colombia,
    4. South Africa, Malaysia & Poland, and
    5. Poland, Philippines & Puerto Rico (PPP).

    Laging may Poland no? He, he, he…

    • Best of Asia: India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan.

      One thing in common – all are very good English speakers.

    • Best of Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, & Kenya.

      Majority of the African delegates are excellent English speakers. Good luck.

      • Best of North & Central America: Panama, Mexico &: Honduras.

        Best of the Caribbean: Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico.

    • Best of South America: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil & Venezuela

      Alternates: Peru, Chile, Paraguay & Uruguay

    • Poland, Malaysia, India and Argentina are crown worthy.

      South Africa, Colombia, the Philippines, Nigeria, England, and Indonesia very good as runners up.

    • I will be very happy if either India or Malaysia wins in the finals. I hope this is an Asian year in MW.

      • With Philippines, Indonesia and Japan in Top 20, I hope Tracy can move on to Top 10 or even Top 7/5. Good luck Tracy.

  4. I love it. May laban tayo so far. Hanapin ko Muna Yung H2H challenge nya at panoorin at manlait after hihihihi. But I think she’ll do well🤫😊

    • Bong si Tracy ang pinakahawod sa ilang grupo sa head to head challenge. She was the best performing girl – very articulate and spontaneous. Maayong buntag diha nimo.

      • Bong how about these following delegates:
        1. India and Malaysia from Asia;
        2. Poland and England from Europe;
        3. Nigeria and South Africa from Africa;
        4. Dom. Republic and Puerto Rico from the Caribbean; and
        5. Argentina and Colombia from South America.

        Sino gusto mo rito?

    • Thank you Serge for your constant positive review on Tracy’s wardrobe and styling. Good evening to you.

      • You like Malaysia, right? What if ganito ang kalalabasan: Malaysia, Miss World; Poland, 1st Princess; & Colombia, 2nd Princess? Okay lang Serge? Thanks.

  5. What a sexy white ensemble! Keep up the good work Tracy. Good luck.

    Happy Sunday to all.

  6. wow … yes … how come the results of the group interviews take so long to be known ….

      • beauty-wise, I don’t see a lot of Rolene-type or Megan-type beauty this year … I would vote for Tracy and she speaks very well, enough to wear the crown … but then again, this is not a beauty pageant/contest as proven by MW2019 … so, hard to predict , but my bet is Pinas this year

      • So jaretwrightlover kung ganito ang mangyari:
        Miss World – Philippines,
        1st Princess – Poland, &
        2nd Princess – Puerto Rico?

        Okay ba ang PPP? Good morning.

    • Okay refresher course on Head to Head:
      Group 1 – Malaysia, Bahamas & the USA – Top 3
      Nepal & Peru – very good too.

      Facial Beauty: Malaysia, Peru & Portugal

      • @ paul I am utterly confused because I could swear I saw Sheyniss Palacios (Nicaragua) in an earlier group; I recognize the suspension bridge! 😦

        I just saw Group 15.

        Sheyniss is pretty, MGI type. But not fluent in English apparently, probably won’t do for MW.

        I can’t see a front-runner here. But here are my individual notes.

        Iraq – Nineveh was a biblical city, wasn’t it? She is Ms. Motto – 1) Be yourself, 2) There is a time for everything, & 3) Hope trumps all pain.

        Somalia – the FACE of the group. The ‘Horn of Africa’. Brought to mind Iman’s ‘herstory’ when her family fled Mogadishu… Her first modelling job was for (Ralph) Halston & they made up that back story that she was a shepherd’s daughter… Anyway, it’s probably well-known now.

        Nicaragua – above

        Armenia – I like her energy. A positivism also seen in Albania. Both are in their late teens. 🙂

        P.R.O.C. – Pan-Far Eastern ‘fair country maiden’. Could have been Korean or light-skinned Indonesian.

        Guinea-Bissau – All eight (8) of its islands are UNESCO-listed. So cool! Brings to mind Fernando do Noronha in Pernambuco state (Brazil), both culturally & ecologically significant.

      • Wow Flor you got me feeling…are you a historian?
        You’re making me nostalgic. Really? Pernambuco, Brasil love love the bucolic vibe over there.
        Bahia particularly Salvador is also culturally beautiful and it reminds me of my time back in Cote D’ Ivoire in Africa.
        By the way, Mauritius official language is French and its’s widely used the same way in Seychelles.

      • Group 2 H2H:
        England, South Africa & Indonesia – Top 3

        Group 3 H2H:
        Slovakia, Dominican Rep. & Namibia – Top 3

        Group 4 H2H:
        Poland, Cayman Island & Honduras – Top 3

      • Group 5 H2H:
        Japan, Sweden & Venezuela

        Group 6 H2H:
        Kenya, Trinidad & Tobago & Belize – Top 3

      • Group 15 is a very good group. We’ve learned a lot about their history, culture and life challenges. Ty.

    • @ jaretwrightlover They have to pace the release of the videos. They still have a full 2 weeks to go & so need to ensure they have content to sustain fans’ interest.

      @ paul Kaka-release lang ‘ata ng Groups 14 to 16. I’ll try to watch. 🙂

      Btw, I like how the hotel refers to itself as ‘gran reserva’. As if they are aging high-end rum in their cellars.

      • Flor sori ha. I have YET to watch the BWAP project of Nicaragua and rewatch that of Mexico to confirm that confusing suspension project. Thanks.

      • Dec. 6 na, 10 days na lang may bago na tayong Miss World. I just hope makapasok sa Top 5 or Top 10 si Tracy. Good luck girl! Good morning to all.

      • It’s supposed to the face mask-painting Charity Project and a visit to the racetrack. Still waiting for a photo of Tracy in either of the two events.

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