11 comments on “Samela Aubrey Godin of the Philippines wins Miss Culture International 2021

  1. Congratulations! Kahit more than 10 lang sila competing. Winner pa rin. Thanks for bringing home the crown.

  2. Wow. Filipina beauty queens are winning international pageants one after another. Congratulations.

  3. In 2021, Pinas wins the small pageants, & wins some of the middle level pageants, … but hopefully, maybe in a week or two, wins the two biggest pageants of them all …

    • @ jaretwrightlover If DESTINY will allow only one of the two for Philippines, which would you choose & why?

      Or, rephrased, who is more deserving between the two Cebuanas?

      • don’t make me choose … both have a chance to win … especially if both of them reach the Q&A session … judging on beauty , Bea has a lot more competition than Tracy, so if I have to choose, Tracy has a better chance of winning based on beauty alone…. I have not seen any MW candidate who has a Rolene type of beauty , or Megan … the two most beautiful winners of MW in recent years

  4. With the travel ban against everyone coming from Southern Africa (right?) in place, Samela will have a summery (it’s the opposite in the southern hemisphere) Christmas. Wow! Plenty to see. 🙂

    That’s another cred for MWP Batch 2021 after Mika Leonardo placed in the Fit Philippines Final 5.

    Lesotho reminded me of their 2017 (or was it their 2018?) bet to MW. A lawyer, she gave a memorable (for me) turn at the Head-to-Head. In a very pleasant manner, she justified with clear logic how her law practice allowed her to effect change… In any case,…


  5. Congra-tumalations!! (Siguro naman more than six ang candidates ? Lol )

    Moral Lesson : SAM-times you win. SAM-times you lose.

    World Peace.

      • Hello Tito Norms, napansin ko po na hindi kayo nagpost ng inyong final prediction for Miss Grand kahapon. And, you only made an update telling us: Let’s enjoy the show. From what I see, it seems like hindi na po kayo gumawa kasi aside sa naging busy po kayo, baka ramdam po ninyo na may hindi mangyayaring maganda sa resulta.

      • I was actually in a haze on how Samantha Panlilio will actually be likened or not by the organizers. And I would not want to make a Final Prediction that would not include her or one that has her in a token 20th spot. And you’re right, the simultaneous activities of Miss Universe and Miss World kept me busy as well.

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