3 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 7 Episode 2: Christmas with the Queens Part 1

  1. I do not know if the technical problem is in my end or in Norman’s end. Norman’s audio is audible but broken. I cannot understand properly what Norman is saying. Anyway, good luck to Shane Tormes on her pursuit for Miss Global Queen. She should take Emmanuelle Vera’s advise seriously which is to bring her A-game in every aspect of the competetion.

    • @ serge Yeah, me too on my end I got choppy reception so it must be something with that video.

      Shane is a veteran. She’ll know when to rally, & when to pull back. 🙂

      With Emman it was probably somewhat paranoid as she was at a language disadvantage. She had to be fully aware 24/7, which is certainly draining. 😦

      But that being said, if Katrina Llegado & Ms. Vera are able to pull in Runner-up placements despite the handicap, then it simply means we are on the right track as far as this pageant is concerned.

  2. Daina looks like Bea, the chinita version. 🙂

    Good Mon morning, Uncle. Was that judging stint back in 2019 also when Jojo Bragais sponsored the footwear?

    S7E3 next Sun will more or less correspond with MU (0200~0300H in Israel is 0800~0900H in Manila, right?). Will you be able to momentarily patch up with Voltaire in the afternoon para lang makamusta siya & so that he can give his personal account of the proceedings?

    Also, when will we get to meet/know the 2021 Fit Philippines court? Anjamie, at the very least, should be able to pull in viewers.

    Will you be able to also feature Misses Earth USA & Chile, kasi last time only Belize & Thailand?

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