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  1. ‘Ay, Sam. Alam ko na ang gagawin mo ‘pag uwi mo. PAGKAING MASARAP LANG ang pantapat diyan!

    I’m very sure Araneta Center has some kind of food & beverage trade exposition annually. Isama mo sina BBP sisters mo; IKAW PUMILI KUNG SINO GUSTO MO KASAMA.

    Sa mga ganyan, maraming ‘free taste’. Libutin niyo at subukan niyo lahat. I-video niyo. 🙂

    Like Brooke Lee, ‘eat everything in the world twice… They (bashers) have no idea…’.

  2. I think that Madame Stella and Nawat should discuss which girls he wants to see winning MGi in the next BBP edition. That allows for Madame options and choices in terms of assigning winners. This is in no way to give Nawat the “best girl” in the competition but rather gives us a glimpse in terms of his taste in the future.

    I still think that Meiji or that girl Graciella would have had better chances over Sam P. Unfortunately, this is the only title that really fitted Sam while assigning others crowns with higher chances of winning. So in way, Sam P became the sacrificial lamb in the batch.

    Sam P should know that the Pinoy fans were behind her regardless. It was just not meant to be. So take the time to heal and pick up the pieces you left off.

    MWP could be her last and final stop if she still wants to compete in the future. Miss Eco or whatever lower tier pageant might appreciate her more.

    • Angkol actually posted 2 girls on his personal IG… 1st was Gab Basiano and then weeks after… Sam Panlilio… maybe he got disapointed w/ Sam physicaly… and yet saw her comskills as a huge threat to the other girls… Possibly the same case w/ Eva Patalinjug… but I agree that he crowns girls who are at the end of their pageant journey making the MGI title the highlight of their pageant career… Gab Bassiano is still too young and away from her pageant peak.. she may reach the TOP 5 but not win because she could still gun for a higher crown like MU MW and even ME…

  3. Most of the Filipino pageant fans, including me, are also heartbroken. I wondered why Sam failed to advance to the first cut because if we base her performance she could easily have gotten to it. One could not also doubt if she did well in the preliminary interview. So, why in heavens, angkol, why?

    From now on, mark my words, I will despise commenting about Miss Grand International pageant. This pageant deserves no support from the Philippines.

    That’s all.

  4. What I like about our candidates is that they are very disciplined, no matter what odds they’re against. I think it’s Mme Stella Araneta’s grace and composure rubbing off on them. Being a Binibini already makes one a winner 🏆👑💐🕊️

  5. Sam deserved a top 20 placement
    Canada Australia Angola Myanmar … even France Vietnam DR and Indonesia could easily have been replaced By Sam Pan
    It’s unfortunate na di type ni Nawat si Sam Pan
    I donot think Binibini should drop Grand International. First of all , I heard that Binibini does not pay a franchise fee . And second , this provides us the only pageant entertainment next to MU MUP and Binibining Pilipinas
    I just wish they would appoint someone who can really parade on stage like Sam B Parul and Clenci . There are so many in KF bank who can fulfill Nawat’s requirements

  6. Nalungkot din ako sa nangyari kay Sam pero ganon talaga ang contest. Dahil karamihan sa mga comments ko dito kay Tito Norm’s blog eh manalo, matalo for the Phils. pa rin ako. Pero I don’t agree na dapat i-boycott ang MGI just because dahil sa talo tayo. Just remember na mahabang panahon or dekada na laging waley tayo sa MU pero walang nag-udyok ng boycott kahit laging nganga at nganga at nganga pa rin. Masuwerte ng makita si Miss Phils. sa MU stage at madaanan ng camera, makita sa frame ng kahit 2 seconds man lang. The lesson here is acceptance dahil sabi nga ni kuya Kim, ang buhay ay weather-weather lang. Still mahal ka namin Sam!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • the difference is sa MGI may “perceived” bias at animosity between nawat and Pinoy fans ( like yung pasaring nila when catriona won, yung war with miss earth etc etc) sa miss U wala naman.

  7. 25 lang pala si Samantha!!!! Go MUP Sam…where height is not an issue. GOOORRAAA

  8. We have seen how Samantha improved and transformed herself. Thank you Samantha for all the effort and commitment, We pageant fans appreciate for giving us 100% of yourself. Perhaps the universe is telling you that there is something bigger and brighter. This is episode will make you stronger than ever. Mabuhay ang lahat ng Filipina Beauty queeens. Mabuhay ang Filipina. Mabuhay Samntha!

  9. This is not sour graping, but I have always been asking the question: what does MGI stand for? Other international pageants stand for something beyond physical beauty. And the platform they provide the winner enables them to “walk the talk” about their slogan. This pageant boldly dishes out the pointed audacious “Stop the War” bravado. Yet, other than the stone deaf prepared talkies by finalists during the finals night, not even a whimper is heard thereafter about the advocacy. As @jaretwrightlover observed: “it seems that the winner is just a face for the owner, a caricature symbol of a young pageant”. And the annual worldwide search for this “caricature symbol” continues, pivoting from continent to continent…, bypassing the “Felepens” each time.

    • And judging from Sam’s sterling credentials and the family’s socio-economic stature, I don’t think she will be comfortable being simply a “caricature symbol” of MGI, and vice versa. This thought alone is enough to bypass the Philippines big time this time.

  10. Well, ganyan talaga ang life. It’s unpredictable, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We cannot always get what we wish for, kahit sabihin mong ginawa mo na ang lahat.
    I hope SamPan can pick up from MGI and move on to conquer bigger things in life.
    Sabi nga ni Queen Cat sa final walk niya bilang MU 2018 – “To everyone with a dream, know that your dreams are valid. And on your path you are never denied, only redirected.”

  11. She could try other national pageants. She is a good speaker and has nice figure. Who knows?

    • Korek Serge. Try niya MWP next year dahil dami titles. Or sa MPE and Mutya Pilipinas. Sali lang nang sali. Good luck!


  12. Just concentrate nlang sa mga hotel businesses nyo kung meron man. Huwag sayangin Ang Oras sa bayoti pageant 😊
    Mas marami Kang matutunan sa pagiging hotelier mo👍

  13. Sam got elbowed.

    It would not have been too painful had not her team campaigned too hard to get Nawat’s attention only to be snubbed completely in the end.

    Maybe a chill approach would be better next time?

    This is also true for national and other international pageants. Campaign to broaden the fan base and social media following, but not to catch the attention of or put pressure on the pageant org.

    I think the non-inclusion in the top twenty also has something to do with PH claiming the Globe and Intercontinental titles.

    We know how insecure and narcissistic this guy is.

    Oh well.

  14. what actually is the job of the chosen winner ? in other pageants, it is pretty clear what the job is, but with MGI it seems that the winner is just a face for the owner, a caricature symbol of a young pageant


  16. To be fair with MGI, if our candidate really deserves a placement, she will place.
    The likes of Parul, Clenci, Sam Bernardo, Nicole all placed simply because they were all outstanding and deserving while Eva, Samantha Lo and now Samantha Panlilio are just so so candidates.
    The Philippines is not invincible in pageantry. Some candidates are outsranding some are not.

    • Wow coming from you? As if ur the epitome of beauty. Hoy baklush mag Sipilyo muna bag o human ash 😂

      • Hi Ivan, Im sure ikaw yung isa sa dalawang nag thumbs down sa comment ko or ikaw din yung isa. Don’t worry that is just my own opinion. Don’t take it seriously.
        Sorry if I prefer to be a mature spectator of beauty pageants. I watch intelligently.
        By the way, thanks dun sa 9 na nag thumbs up sa comment ko.
        Love and kisses my desr Ivan mwah❤️

  17. As is often said, it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters. Good thing you come from a more prestigious pageant such as Binibini so there is nothing to be ashamed about. 💐👑🕊️

  18. The whole nation was heartbroken Samantha. Keep hoping and believe yourself. You have all the qualities to be a queen, you are beautiful, amazing talent and towering height. I hope you will join Miss World Philippines. If one thing you do fails, try to succeed at other pageants. Get the crown girl.

  19. Sinabi na ni Ariska ang selection criteria ng MGI,

    It’s all about who Nawat wants! It doesn’t matter who the judges choice!

    Contrary naman sa chica ni Rafa na ang gusto daw ni Nawat manalo eh si Miss Ecuador pero judges choice is Miss Vietnam!

    Then there was a video na nagto-toast si Nawat sa mga candidates then dinaanan lang sa SamPan! In fairness nasa bandang likod siya kaya seguro dinaanan lang!

    I’m not expecting anything kaya hindi ako makikisama sa hashtag dropMGI campaign ng mga bakla! Eversince SamPan won in Binibini, she was never my choice! Nung ni-review ko yung performance niya that night! I knew she wouldn’t go that far in MGI!

    In a way, parang naging “collateral damage” lang din tong si SamPan na baka kaya siya pinili ng BPCI eh bilang castigo sa pagba-bypass sa kanila ni Nawat for allowing SamBer to compete without their permission!

    • As usual, ClaiRe you are not only inaccurate. You are also a liar.

      BPCI announced Samantha Bernardos appointment for the MGI last year.

      You don’t have to spur a conspiracy theory just to prove you were right about your opinion of Samantha Panlilio.

      Enough of you.

    • May explanation na diyan ang isang IG Admin,

      If BPCI will drop the MGI franchise, it will just be given to another org,

      As an example, kaya napunta ang MWP franchise kay ALV dahil din-drop ni Cory Quirino yung franchise after the Catriona incident

      Ang advantage lang if another org will get the MGI franchise, hindi na siya magiging major spectator event dahil ang BPCI is the primera liga de Concurso de Filipinas!

  20. Don’t be heartbroken, Sam. Pageantry is just a stepping stone to your dream career. If its doors close, there are a lot of other doors and windows that will open. There are other equally outstanding facets to your beauty– the intellect and core values– that will certainly take you to your dream destination in life. The Filipino nation knows that you did your utmost best to represent us in the global stage. It was just your tough luck that your persona did not match the political economic playbook of MGI.

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