11 comments on “Hiyas ng Pilipinas 2022 Official Candidates

  1. Bakit Hiyas? Wala na bang ibang title?
    Para kasing Kepyas ng Pilipinas! 😃😀😄

  2. Just wondering. Is Bea really 5”9’ tall? She seems small in all her group photos with all the other delegates.

    • She’s probably just 5″8. Katrina is taller than her and she’s 5″10 walang dagdag walang bawas.

    • @ serge Angel de Guzman, you mean? I wonder if she is with the just-recently concluded Miss Sultan Kudarat 2021?… Baka isa sa mga Runner-up, kung hindi ako nagkakamali. At least in this photo, she does resemble Steffi Aberasturi, no? 🙂

      Megan Deen Campbell. I guess this means Supranational Filipinas 2022 will be crowned anew!

      There are quite a number of Cebuanas. At least 7! Posibleng ‘eto ‘yung mga dili papasa sa BBP for some reason. After the lone representation by Mercedes Pair this year, TL said marami daw this time.

  3. ‘Ala! Ang Phoebe Godinez, dito sumali… Wasn’t she slated for BBP 2022, as per chuk-chak?

    UNLESS, HnP will conclude just as BBP begins its Screening come Spring.

    I still hope the organization can negotiate to get the Philippines franchise for the Puglia (Italy)-based Progress International. For now, I think they got KF to field Shannon Tampon for Elite 2021.

    Katherine Topsnik is GUTS. Right after Fit Philippines. Such feisty will get Marian Rivera’s nod!

    Uncle, how is Natsumi related to Ryuichi, the C-U-T-E from a past male Nationals?

    Leilah Alexis Mah of Mandaue City looks mighty pretty. Like a young Aubrey Miles. 🙂

    Sheena Balansag of MisOr looks mysterious~interesting. Must keep an eye on her.

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