14 comments on “Beatrice Luigi Gomez: Bedouin for a Day

  1. Just wondering. Is Bea really 5”9’ tall? She seems very short in all her group photos with the other delegates.

    • @ JustPassingBy But long-limb, so looks willowy. Not bad. 🙂

      Michelle Colon (Puerto Rico) & Anchilee (Thailand) will be our ceiling; both are declared at 180 cm.

  2. In the Americas, we cannot ignore Paraguay and Brazil , they are for me the two best by far in the Americas … in Europe , Spain and Norway(or Czech Rep) … in Asia , India and Philippines(or Vietnam) … this is my top 8: Paraguay, Brazil, Spain, Norway, Czech Rep, India, Philippines, Vietnam

    I will include USA and Israel … and there is my Top 10 for now !

    • @ jaretwrightlover Teresa Santos & Nadia Ferreira seem to be compliant with Pinoy pageant fans’ current craving for blonde-ish/Teutonic Latinas. Look at the Chilean in the 2021 Elemental Court, Van Denecken if I’m correct. 🙂

      MU-Israel 2021 is ‘white’ too, no?

      • Israelis (or Jews in general) consider themselves white but not the case among the white population and definitely not true in the past … ( same with Italians , in the past they were not considered ‘white’)

  3. I love the colorful dresses of Bedouin women. It could have been more realistic if the event is held in the dessert.

  4. I love the colorful dresses of Bedouin women. It could have been more realistic if the event is being held in the dessert.

  5. let us all send our energy to Eilat Israel that from this day on, everything will be smooth sailing, all candidates will be enjoying their working vacation of a lifetime in Israel , and after France, nobody else will come down with a positive test,… only positive thoughts to send to all the MU crown aspirants !!!

    there are so many beautiful candidates this year , each year it is getting harder to choose that one destined representative who will raise her country’s flag as the MU crown is put on her head … !!!
    We need to see them all walk , project on stage … talk to media … engage with the fans wordlwide…

    • Dati sinabi kong parang si Maggie Wilson si Bea while others said na may pagka-Kylie Verzosa. Ngayon para syang nagiging Phoemela Baranda na. Ganda mo kasi Bea! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 Go Phils. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Singapore looks like the MGI 2021 Runner-up from Brazil, no? 🙂

    Naalala ko tuloy si Mauritius sa MW na aral-France at lakbay-South Africa na mukhang dili mananalo dahil nag-French sa Head-to-Head gayong gusto ni Mdme. JM ay Inglisera. 😦

    Mahirap siguro mag-emulate ng Bedouin home dito sa atin kasi imagine maalikabok, tuloy marami kang pupunasan. I mean, look at ALL those (brass?) utensils & tableware!

    But the dresses I like very much.

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