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  1. Don’t trip over things that are behind us. Let’s just send love and warmth to Samantha Panlilio. Emulate Mme Stella Araneta’s composure & grace, and concentrate on improving our own pageants. It’s time to be one again and move forward – with dignity and class. 🕊️👑💐

  2. I didnt really expect much from Sam Panlilio, The moment she was crowned in Binibini, I know this would happen. Facially average, tuyot looking, and a pasarela na parang lasing, I think fair lang na hinde sya nakasali sa top 20.

    Be objective guys, in as much as gusto natin nkakapsok ang Philippines sa Finals, this time hinde talaga sya pwede, maraming mas deserving. Same as with Eva in 2018. Grabe kasi mka hype ang pinoy, kaya yung iba tuloy ang taas ng expectation.

    Sa susunod kasi, ang ipadala sa MGI, yung maganda talaga ang mukha, as in yung totoo g maganda. Hinde yung pinaganda lang ng apelyido at connection

    • @ Baby Nica I will have to disagree on the surname & connection. At NO time during BBP all through MGI did Samantha Panlillio behaved as if entitled.

      Watch the BBP coronation again. How she is crying, clearly overwhelmed knowing she will be criticized for it. How the gracious Aya Abesamis serenely took stock of the bizarre twist of the wind that unceremoniously ended her pageant hopes. And how Samantha Bernardo almost confers some divine blessing on her namesake successor. It was POIGNANT.

      Huwag na siguro natin himayin kung paano ang naging process of elimination that resulted in our third Samantha to MGI. That’s BPCI’s burden forever. But then, they may understand things we don’t.

      And one more thing.

      Maybe Angkol is testing us. 🙂

      (I wonder if we can start by being gracious to Nguyen Thuc Thuy Thien as we were to Phuong Khan when she won ME.)

  3. So many social media reactions center around #dropMGI. Completely understandable. There’s a side of it which is completely derived from some bitterness. But a lot of countries also experience this kind of pageant tragedy at MGI. If all these countries band together to simply ask “why Mr Nawat?” then #dropMGI could possibly work. Just saying. 😁

  4. They should have it in the Philippines…. and the organizer will have a good time 😂😂😂

    • @ Kiki KF should be able to pull it off nicely! They have a production outfit, don’t they? The one that also puts out ME annually? 🙂

  5. Sam P could definitely replace several candidates in the top 20 likeVietnam Myanmar and Indonesia plus Angola Germany Australia and France
    But obviously Nawat wanted to make a statement by excluding Sam P and Thailand

    • Korek imong analysis kol. Brayt jud ka kay taga-Padre Faura baya ka. Simple lang pero PAK. Good morning kol. Advance Merry Christmas to you!

  6. The only grand in this pageant is the stage, the background and the lightings.
    The contestants while others are bubbly, others have been trying hard already that they have become a laughing stock. How the show progressed last night was really an indication that this is not at par with with Universe, World, International, Earth and Supra.
    It’s just a barangay level with so much entertainment and unprecedented production.
    I pity to all the girls who are deserving but didnt make it because of political reasons. They are wasted.

      • @ scorg I realize now… When Angkol asks us to ‘Stop the War’, he is referring to himself.

        Ayaw niyang kinokontra siya. Gusto niya, kampi sa kanya all. I guess that’s narcissism?… It’s clear he likes taking charge, in stepping in to intervene when he thinks he is right, never mind what others think/feel. Talk about ‘bossy’.

        No other pageant boss savors the spotlight more than him. This king is a queen. Love it or hate it.

    • @ juanjuan It has its own business model. It doesn’t aim to emulate any other brand. It is its own animal; we either like it or we don’t.

      I’m sure had Samantha Bernardo won, we would all be singing an entirely different tune. But even then, ‘politics’ will dictate Samantha Panlillio or whoever BPCI sent this time would still not be allowed to get very far.

      I don’t know that Brazil, Puerto Rico, & South Africa are wasted. Precisely that they are Runners-up, they can use this as capital for crossing over… That’s what Maddison Anderson Berios did.

      (Perhaps Angkol, with some wisdom, crowns those he feel are already at the end of their pageantry. I think we can say that of Abena at the very least. He wants his crown to be their high point!)

      Just for me, as long as the ladies did not feel short-changed and were served royal treatment, OK.

      • @flor rubbing elbows ako w thai admins ok they said di daw Kasi binibigay request nya last bbp gabby nga before si pusa
        He picked clenci binigay so placed high
        Ano daw si morley lang pwd mamili? Sya din daw

    • Korek ka juan2x. Pambarangay or pambayan lang jud ang quality mg MGI winner. He, he, he…

  7. SamLo, SamBer, SamPan, – 3 Samanthas in a row. But for me SamBer is the best. At siya ang malinaw na winner sa nakaraang MGI. Luku luko lang talaga tong Nawat at pinaglaruan ang resulta.
    Anyway, thanks SamPan for representing Ph. I know you did your best and we are proud of you.

  8. I just want to say how beautiful Abena’s Farewell Gown is. I’m not a huge fan of trains, but here she looked like some rare pheasant! 🙂

    And still very sweet to the core. We’ll miss you, sweetie! Hugs & Kisses. From MU to ME to MGI.

    TL was right. Angkol wouldn’t let this opportunity to crown an MI alumna pass. And only his second Asian queen (after Ariska). I look forward to a European winning. Ivan Gunawan will now begin stressing out; he needs to start the process of putting together Indonesia’s next (female) pageant hosting after MW 2013. In light of religious conservatism, will relatively-secular Bali again be the venue? I wonder, too, if they can visit some really cool mountain lakes in that country…

    (Alvin Sebetero pronounced it correctly. It’s ‘ngw-eeen’.)

  9. The political economic calculation of Angkol favored Vietnam this time. After some forays into the Latin American market, and last year into the Africa American market (as in USA and Ghana), it’s pivot to Asia once more. In this time of the pandemic, it makes sense to bring the business back to the Asian markets, which has the biggest and noisiest pageantry market base in the world. But the pivot to Asia bypassed the Philippines. My hunch is that per Angkol’s political calculation, despite the perennial non placements and the subsequent howls and mudslings directed at MGI, Filipino fans anyway continue to follow the pageant in droves. I think he knows that despite the online tirades, the Filipino fans will continue to be energized and will continue to watch its crowning events with so much frenzy.

    • @ scorg The Swim Showdown is enough reason! Kahit ‘yun lang panoorin ko, eyes are busog. 🙂

      • @Flor, my venerable co-commenter: the survival of pageants nowadays do not just depend on pure entertainment value. Corporate sponsors partner with a pageant based on the congruence of the latter’s message with the business’ brand(s). Consumers nowadays, especially the millenials and GenZ’ers patronize products that communicate the values they want for their own self-image. Why is it that MS jumped recently into the branding bandwagon that revolves around an advocacy? What is the secret of MW, MU and ME’s sustainability? They are not just pure entertainment– their corporate life revolves around advocacy.

      • @ scorg Angkol has his own money, apparently. He seems to move in a circle of wealthy peers. I mean, Piyavate Hospital & Tanaporn Clinic don’t look cheap; some of the services they offer are not for poor patients, that’s certain.

        My point. it doesn’t look like sponsorship is an issue with him. So, he gets away with his whims.

        BUT IT IS, WITH MU OR MW. Not even MI, which has its own coterie of corporate giants as backers.

        It’s also possible Angkol is aware that his brand caters to a more ‘practical’ pageant fan who just wants to have the occasional fun. And in doing this, he has not prevented BIGger brands from doing what they do how they do. Ang talagang sinasadya niyang sagasaan, ME. No surprise?

  10. Thank you Sam for doing your best representing our country. Unfortunately, the “third Sam was not a charm”, and our wish “did not manifest” (di manifest, dahil makafal pa… lol). A top twenty placement would have been a fair outcome.

    Boys, girls and beks, let us not anymore add insult to injury by our “I told you so comments” and “review my past comment comments”. Most of us knew. Let us just hope some lessons are indeed learned.

    Norman’s title of his previous post “Let us JUST enjoy the show” was an indication of the non placement of our rep. Norman’s no post of his Final Picks was Norman’s way of being kind to our girl and to us.

    Congratulations Ms. Vietnam! Congratulations MGI for yet another entertaining edition.

    Those who continue to bash and yet watch (and rabidly rant) and monitor the pageant year in and year out, should better come up, invest millions, think of gimmicks to make the pageant interesting, sustainable, controversial while balancing it with credibility.

    Let us be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory.

    World Peace.

    • Really appreciated this comment, especially the message at the end which we can all use & apply this pageant season.

    • I love this comment Sir Thomas! (Sorry po, I rarely comment but I can’t let this one pass)

      You are a sweet, well-mannered pageant fan who speaks highly of others! The line “Let us be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory” got me.

  11. I smell another Vietnam hosting. Binigay ni Nawat yan kasi Vietnam is leaning towards Earth this past few years. Wais din yan si Nawat eh wkwkwkwk.

  12. hayok na hayok kasi sa korona na ito ang pagpagland
    mga utu uto
    kahit gawin nyo pang naturalized Filipino ang Indonesia and USA mga KF queens tas represent Felepens hindi mananalo

    hindi na natuto

  13. I love how entertaining Miss Grand International is… Nakakaloka na nakakabwisit yung tie breaker…. HAHAHAHA… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Based on this year..
    Our next rep should know how to Sing, Dance, Act…
    Kung pwede e ibirit w/ kulot yung intro…
    Kita nyo si Vietnam marunong mag salita ng Thai….
    And sobrang maganda ang katawan… long neck, small waist that tapers to the hips, long legs, and ample perky boobs…

    Miss Vietnam is trully desserving!

  14. she won’t even get any crown if she had competed in Bb Pilipinas …this pageant is below standards …

    • Are you referring to Miss Vietnam?

      I thought she was eloquent, too.

      But in terms of facial beauty, I wouldn’t say that she is prettier than Sam or any of the runners up. Her pasarela also didn’t register to me.

      But you know Nawat, he prides himself for having an unpredictable choices in his pageants.

      • 2020 year top 5 was amazing , and results pretty predictable based on the beauty and performance of the top 5 ( although between Samantha and Abena, I would choose Sam but Abena is deserving too) … I thought that the pageant was on its way to greater improvements … wrong,wrong,wrong

        I want to see the 2nd ru Guatemala compete in Miss Universe 2022 or 2023 …

      • That for sure is her plan. She will mature a little bit but perfect for MU age.

  15. I reviewed Vietnam’s SS prelims..mala SamB ang execution. at me pa theatrics pa. . un cguro nagpanalo..chos.

  16. Winner: Puerto Rico
    1st RU: Brazil
    2nd RU: South Africa
    3rd RU: Vietnam
    4th RU: Ecuador

    The sequence that we deserve had Ankol played it fairly.

    BPP should really drop this franchise.

  17. Poor Samantha was given a tough assignment given that she does not even fit the MGI mold.

    I think Hanna will avenge us at Miss International 🙂

  18. My pre-pageant arrival pick is Brazil and Puerto Rico! Kahit balikan niyo pa comment ko, ok lang!

    I also mentioned that I don’t see Samantha winning! Again, balikan niyo pa comment ko!

    So, what happen to Samantha Panlilio?

    Face it, mga bakla! Face it, BPCI! Take it with a grain of salt! She is not an MGI Prototype! Juiceko! Pitong taon na yung pageant hindi niyo pa rin makuha kung ano gusto ni Nawat? MATIGAS ANG ULO NG BPCI! Anim na ang corona natin sa Miss International! Dapat ang tinututukan nila is MGI pero ano? THEY REMAIN STUBBORN WITH THEIR SELECTION PROCESS! Next year ulit! And don’t rebut on me the case of Maureen and Cindy!

    Rewind sa performance ni Samantha,

    She’s stiff! Her body is like a teenager! She tried to emulate slash replicate the fierceness of Samantha Bernardo last year but it didn’t work on her! Hindi porque naging effective kay SamB eh magiging effective na rin Kay SamPan! I believe that’s what her handler is trying to do!

    Moving forward, get ready Steffi Aberasturi!

    • Even if we send our best candidate, do you think she will win?

      The org’s bias is so manifest. It screams in our faces.

      What happened to PR and Brazil just cemented the org’s questionable credibility.

      • The best candidate we have so far is Nicole!

        But unfortunately kinulang siya sa ganda! Na-convince ni Nicole yung org through her charisma kaya naging mas mataas ang puesto niya kesa Kay Madison na di hamak na mas maganda sa kanya facially!

        If we are going to send a candidate with a strong charisma who happens to be tall and facially beautiful who will leave no stones unturned (the way Cindy did) and who don’t possess any “swagger” in her language then perhaps Nawat wouldn’t hesitate to give the crown! And at this early, I believe, that is STEFFI ABERASTURI!

      • Do you think Steffi will settle for the golden crown?

        If she will give it a go, why not?! She has all the goods to make it high in MGI.

        After all, I believe KF has the perfect training program for this kind of pageant.

    • Hi Clair.

      Please learn how to use “was”, “happened”
      Or better yet, type in Tagalog:

    • Stubborn with their selection process? WOW! And why should they be prioritizing MGI over MI??? Oh should BPCI hire you? Nabuang ka na gyud. Itigil ang pagdrogas!

  19. Pipitsugin Ang beauty ng Pinas VS Indonesia and Vietnam. Sabi ni Nawat yan ha kaya next time c nawat Ang papiliin kung sino Ang rep natin para Sabihin n nman nya na pinili ko Ang natural na Ganda ng Pinay Ang “gandang pangit” para matalo uli🤫😊lol

  20. You must admit that MGI and Miss World are similar in that they lead Filipinos by giving false impressions that our representative has a chance of winning their cooking show. They’ll even attend the pageant in The Philippines pretending they give a sh*t about who we choose. Oh sure, they’ll throw us a bone by giving us a placement now and then, giving us “hope” that the next time, “We’ll win?”. Yeah, right… We were very fortunate with Ms. Young. She was undeniable the night she won. And then Catriona… Oh well, I truly suspect that we’ll never win MW again. Placements perhaps. It’s a way to keep Filipinos interested and hopeful.

    I do not claim to know the operations of the above-mentioned pageants. However, it does seem that winners are picked in advance by the respective owners and they play games with the placements. Watch these pageants if you wish. Just go in with a mindset that Filipinos have been duped, hoping for our viewership and traffic over the internet regarding their respective pageant. Sad to think that if we ever win in the pageant, it may be because we’ve lost interest and they need to draw us back in.

    Sorry for the rambling and it’s fine if you disagree. I’m just voicing my humble opinion and my frustration…

  21. I’m so happy for Miss Vietnam! 🇻🇳

    She looked very unassuming.

    I remember her talking in Thai during the dinner. Maybe that gave her a nudge in the contest.

    I am very proud of Samantha! 🇵🇭

    She exited the competition with her head held high! Too early though may it seem.

  22. Parang I am watching a suspense-drama-comedy-culinary show sa MGI 2021.
    Ay ewan!

  23. This pageant a trash. 🤮

    Puerto Rico and Brazil gave the strongest performance. PR delivered the most substantial answer.

    Surprise surprise, yung mga hindi nakasagot ng maayos ang Top 2. May kunwaring tie breaker pa.

    Tapos ang Best in EG, binigay talaga sa manok nila para may pampalubag loob. HAHAHA

  24. Congrats Vietnam usap na kayo in Thai ni Abena.

    Sa mga sasali next year, Bahasa na ang practice nyo. Goodluck.

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