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  1. Paki bigay nga ang mga pangalan ng stylists ni Bea utang na loob grabeng baduy yung mga pinapagamit nyo. Daig pa kayo ng baklang sumali sa muss gay sa isang barangay. Ilabas kung sino man yan, 😩

    • Blue chiffon dress with matching blue hooker boots
      with ethnic mindanao earrings
      only those blind fans will agree with this styling ! cmon ! wake up!

  2. Even glammed up, kamukha talaga ni Bea ang pinaghalong Perfida Limpin and Anna Maria Igpit

    • Even glammed up, kamukha talaga ni PAQUITA X ang pinaghalong kanang paa ni Perfida Limpin and kaliwang paa ni Anna Maria Igpit.

    • @Paquita X, LOL, yung Octopus hair extension ni Igpit!
      I swear, I have interacted with you during those days…😆
      Para syang saling-pusa dyan sa group…
      The problem with some people here, they kept shoving in my Deep thr**t that she’s beautiful!
      If you replace her with Stefi A in that group, Stefi will probably outshine everybody.

      • Eh bobo yung bet mo kaya nga si Bea ang nanjan. I-train mo sa Q&A para manalo at di magkalat pag may hawak na mic.

      • She is a Miss Universe caliber. Mababaw lang pamantayan mo ng kagandahan. Marami siyang pinataob na magagandang kandidata sa MUP palang kasama na ang bet mong kandidata na shunga. So panoorin mo nalang si Bea.

  3. Last year, 3 of the MUBA girls are clappers, 1 is top 21 and the other is top 10, so it’s not a big deal para magyabang!!! Actually, being selected there is a curse, No MUBA girls managed to get the crown yet !

    • K…. Wala daw pake sayo sina Miss India, Miss Spain, Miss Belgium, Miss Vietnam at Miss Philippines. Hahahaha

  4. India looks weird in this photo. So far I still like Adline’s confidence better than Harnaaz’s.

    Adline has the “Sorry girls, I’m the winner here.” aura.

    • I also think that India is not MU crown material … she will be up there , very close but not at the top

      I am feeling the thunder from Spain … she has beauty that is unique , that is gorgeous , that is sexy…

      But then we have not seen the other less talked about ladies , like Norway, she is classic beauty or Great Britain , she may be beauty and brains , eloquent, well spoken , and the hometown girl Israel who has Catriona-like beauty of face … We need to see how they all walk on stage and project …

      • @ jaretwrightlover Isn’t that contradictory somehow? Spain is ‘unique’ while Norway is ‘classic’.

        Exactly which beauty mold does MU want now? Just asking, kasi Andrea Meza looks plain even by her own batch’s over-all impact.

        Would you say the brand was partial to ‘classic’ in the past? And now is more open to the ‘unique’?

      • I agree with Great Britain. She has fun and outgoing vibe like Julia of Brazil last year.

        I don’t think MU will pick editorial-looking girls like Paraguay and Brazil this year. Although these kinds of beauty are very difficult to pass up.

        There are comments about Beatrice’s bland personality during the prepageant activities. My take is that the pageant is still won on the stage and not on the streets. So I will still wait for the prelims before I judge how she is faring. The last PH candidate to show a lukewarm vibe was Rachel Peters, and she still managed ti get to top 10. We’ll see.

      • It is not contradictory at all .. I can appreciate all kinds of physical beauty and I am sure MUorg can too

        In the past, like “past past”, MU emphasized physical beauty above all but as it evolved, they now look for the total package… I think the scheme is to narrow down to the top 35 most beautiful delegates and then choose the best ‘total package’ among the 35 which includes things we cannot physically see. It is the interview skills, their personalities, the way they engage with people, all kinds of people like their chaperones & co-delegates, so a lot of things a future boss would look for in a prospective employee…

  5. there are three amazona-like delegates this year : Puerto Rico, Thailand, Venezuela

    I think only one of them will make it to the semifinals. Their slots will be filled instead by Philippines and India ; and if none of them make it to the semifinals, then Vietnam will fill in for the last space …

  6. BEA- utiful !
    Go, Mez Universe!

    Being selected by a major sponsor to model for them is not a guarantee that she will land a high placement, but the mere fact that for that one particular day, the five girls were noticed, and featured by pageant watchers and bloggers will give them mileage and confidence.

    Good Luck Bea!

  7. tahimik yung palaging meron bad comment about sa neck ni bea… nganga! 😂😅😁

    • Hahahah! Hayaan mo na di pa kasi siya maka move on sa talunan niyang bet sa MUPH kaya lahat ng kasiraan ni Beatrice hahanapin niya. Kahit siguro mga pores ni Bea hahanapan ng kapintasan. 😄 Buti hindi iyakin si Bea.

  8. Oh kitam! Bea is chosen by the org. or sponsor to be one of the candidates for cosmetics photoshoot. Not all are given this kind of exposure. Maybe meron inggit feeling yung ibang candidates sa 5 na itey. Go Bea! Laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 Sarap mag-cheer… woooohh!!!

  9. That means top 20 lang like Rabiya last year. She was included in the MUBA photo shoot.

  10. Love love love Bea’s fierceness here. Hello Luigiiiiiii hihihihihi.

    In fer nanglalamon din ang looks nya with this type of make up.

  11. OMG , they did not pick Paraguay ,,, she must be showing some kind of diva personality , hard to work with sponsors … but I still believe she will be in semifinals , she is deserving …

    • @ jaretwrightlover It’s also possible that Nadia, being the social media star that she already is prior to joining, may have had some sort of association with a cosmetics entity incompatible with the current sponsor, kaya ‘yan… We need to bear in mind the org has done background checks; it’s part of their job to do so. After all, you do not want to displease your investors.

    • Huwag hayaang lamunin ka ng patriotism Madam. So diva rin si Cat sa time niya kasi di siya na-invite sa photoshoots and sponsors? Luh. Bekle.

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