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  1. Why do Sam and Bea don this long curtain style bangs that look like drooping antennae?

    Is it a trend?

  2. The gown reminds me of the one Ornelia Muti wore in that old campy sci-fi film “Flash Gordon” — in a good way 🙂

  3. the shoulder layag churva transformed her look into a natcos entry..this was supposed to be the EG segment.., it’s a no for me. peace.

  4. I like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Mauritius
    What happened with the “P” girls this year.
    Is Miss Cuba the black sister of SamP?

  5. The gown is very sexy.
    I hope she doesn’t wear tacky platform shoes with it and instead wears classic high heels.

  6. Amazing presentation..
    Certainly better than Eva ‘s
    But It will all depend on the judges whether or not she will make top 5

    I love Nigeria Guatemala Costa Rica Colombia and Thailand
    But I have to watch it again

  7. Daming magagaling bakla dito pero yung mga bunga nga mababaho. Sam did her best period.

  8. So how is this Balangay related? So the cresent shaped shoulder piece is suppose to represent a boat? Has the designer seen a balangay? Anything else about this this that represents a balangay? I need a clearer diacription… But nice try…

    Beautiful from afar but needs a lot of editing up close… I see a lot of tiny flaws when you zoom in…

    • artifact of the balangay (the real one) is on exhibit at Balangay Museum in Butuan City, my birth place🎄

  9. We’ll have to give it to this girl for really working hard for that crown. She may lack that stunning facial beauty, body curves and height — but one can see the earnestness, hard work and doing everything she can to get a high and decent placement. If beauty pageants have indeed evolved from more than pulchritude, Sam should be a front runner.

    Good luck Sam!

    • @ THOMAS Sam 3.0 lacks curves?! I beg to disagree. It’s all in the ‘angle’.

      Sam’s look is actually quite universal. Look at Evette of Sex Bomb… That mold, more or less.

      And (straight) guys prefer ‘shawties’. One of us said this some time ago. I think it was in 2019 but I forgot the pageant it referred to, I’m sorry.

  10. She’s giving me strong Princess Aura/Dale. Arden vibes through this gown. 🚀⚡👑💐🕊️

  11. I like both pieces the swimsuit and gown. I just have a problem with the execution. It seems Sam is not an MGI mold. She is pretty but on a classy one even her walk and projection falls on the sophisticated side. Unlike the MGI mold which is on the theatrical side and over the top. I just hope the organization and judges will have a different POV this time and sees Sam’s merit.

  12. Look closely how Puerto Rico moved in the swimsuit competition – the twist and turns, and that slow motion glide in the middle.

    Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, South Africa

    SamP has improved immensely. She seems to be more comfortable and happier now compared to the previous rounds. Crossing my fingers for a top 10, even a top 5, landing. Great job Sam!

  13. I like her evening gown. Very Thai which is tamang-tama for MGI na Thai-owned beauty org. Go Sam, go Phils. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  14. Beautiful gown. I am satisfied with her performance in the preliminaries. My top 5 in the preliminaries are: Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras, Colombia, and Russia

  15. She did well during the preliminary but there are others who did “better”.

  16. Iyan na ba pinagmamalaki niyang swimsuit pasarela? Pangit. Yung turn niya parang gulong-gulo siya sa buhay niya. Pati evening gown presentation niya walang dating. Kailangan pang magsuot ng elevator shoes para maitago ang pagiging unano. Super major downgrade from SamBer. Let’s get real. Hindi siya mananalo. Lower your expectations,

  17. Beautiful gown. Reminds of me Sam’s gown with the additional beadings and the shoulder cape reveal.


  18. You see? Sam is not a Panlilio for nothing. She made a bursting presentation, and I would say that that was a winning performance.

    Look wise, Sam is beautiful. Her facial features are definitely a stand-out. Sigurado ng pasok s’ya sa first cut, and I have no doubt that she will make it in the final five. It’s up to her how she’s gonna seal her fate during the QnA, but of course I’m gonna pray that she will not go blank in the midst.

    Good luck, girl! Bring home the crown.

    That’s all.

  19. Sam’s defining moment was her last turn in the swimsuit competition… right in the center of the stage… perfectly timing the music…
    slowly & elegantly swaying her right hand.

    Time stood still. That was so magical.

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