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  1. Look closely how Puerto Rico moved in the swimsuit competition. OMG. She was so graceful.

    Brazil, Ecuador, Puerto Rico

    Sam has improved immensely. She seems to be more comfortable and happier now compared to the previous rounds. Great job Sam!

  2. I love the national costumes this year… The history… the artistry… Miss Grand International is definitely the most entertaining pageant of this generation… Hats off to Angkol… I am without a doubt entertained…

    As for the Sam P.’s costume…
    Is it historical?… meh..
    Is it cultural?… meh
    Is it informative?… meh
    Is it aestheticaly apealing?.. meh..
    Is it inspiring?… meh..
    Is it entertaining?… meh…..

    … is it?.. Meh… I don’t care anymore…

    I want to try Miss Hong Kong’s dumplings.. yumm

  3. Iba talaga production value ng MGI. Nawat is serious in making his pageant the number 1 in the world, the universe rather.

    Columbia, Chile and Ecuador for me top the prelims. Sri Lanka is a pleasant surprise. Hope the Philippines make it to the top 10.

  4. Ayyyy. Palaban si Ateng SamPan sa gown and swimsuit. Panalo!!!! Ganyan mga bekle. Pag maganda, purihin. Pag chaka, admit. Kaloka mga panatiko. Yes ng yes.

    • May galit ka lang. Move on. Maiksi lang ang buhay para punuan mo ng galit ang puso mo.

      • It is hate free, dont worry. I am doing this out of concern sa Philippine pageantry. Kanalism ng mga bekle should be stopped. Hi Mama J and MWP owner!

  5. Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia, Italy, Hongkong, Thailand, and Peru are my top picks for best in national costume

  6. Mabuti pa ang MGI gi-acknowledged ang mga national director present. Rumampa pa sila sa stage.

    MGI din ang nakakuha ng 2020 Pageant of the Year award by… Globalbeauties. He, he, he…

    • Bakit ang opening turn ni Sam P. sa swim parang na disorient sya. Kung saan titingin at haharap after. Parang gulong gulo sya.

  7. Brazil or Italy ang best in national costume. Kasawa na mga feathers at doble-dobleng mukha. Parang vakla pamhin lang.

  8. Out of topic: ” its official MC is now part of MUSA and is going to make her gown at Miss Universe… Dani Walker”

    • @ john Mariah Carey… Now has shares in MUSA & will serve on the MU 2021 Board of Judges like Marian Rivera-Dantes? 🙂

      • @Closer2Fame… requesting/waiting for your review/ comments on the National costume of Miss Phil Grand SamP. Salamat
        @Flor… To date MUO has not officially announced the Board of judges for MU2021?? (not Mariah nor Marian?)

      • @John

        Review?.. Wala ako sa mood.. i don’t hate it… I don’t like it either… Ni walang pa trivia tungkol sa mga Paru-paro.. Mehhh..

  9. I’m so friggin tired of big costumes with big feathers already.

    Malaysia’s costume is stunning with the blue and gold depicting the Hindu goddess.

    Italy’s costume is so refreshing. I wonder why so few Italian delegates in international pageants have used this Venetian masque carnival theme as it could have so many possibilities.

    • @ Casper CR_P. Italy’s rep to MW atm is BELLA.

      If Italy is not serious in winning any Grand Slam crown, it could at least lead Europe in NatCos. You are absolutely right; Venice alone is AWASH in inspiration – Duomo San Marco (an UNESCO World Heritage Site, if I’m not mistaken), the glass work ateliers in Murano Island, & the lion (it’s emblem & the spirit animal of St. Mark)!

      For me, it is citrus that comes to mind. Two fecund potted trees stood as sentinels to the entrance of one of the grandest hotels in Piamonte (Piedmont) when I last went (now more than 10 years ago). And we all know that Calabria in Reggio has given its bergamot appellation so that their identity is secured for all time against production in other countries (Source : Wikipedia).

      Puwede ring wheels, but the Italian ND will probably need to get permission & pay royalty of some sort – Ferrari, Lamborghini, & Maserati come to mind.

      (I like to fantasize getting married in a citrus orchard. Kahit anong citrus – kalamansi, suha, dayap, etc.)

      • @flor, parang hindi magandang pangitain yan, aasim relasyon nyo. .chos. my go to plumber once commented why i have a kalamansi tree in the front yard. hindi raw propitious..im just renting the place and it was there when i moved in.

      • @Flor – You are so right. Italy has so much to offer in terms of its national costume, and Venice alone offers a multitude of inspiration!

  10. I don’t really get it why there are Filipinos bashing the national costume of Samantha Panlilio despite the above average workmanship on top of her impressive performance and stage presence. And yet a lot of foreign pageant vloggers have her in their choices of the top ten national costume presentations of MGI 2021. So much for Pinoy crab mentality rearing it’s ugly head as usual with all this over critical attitude towards our candidates.

    • Are we bashing? Di namin bet. So magsisinungaling kami? Please. In an ordinary year, jusok yan but bongga costume ng karamihan. Sige bakla. Mamuhay ka sa ka-plastikan. Sabihing maganda kahit hindi. Ituro pa foreign vloggers. Are they unanimous sa pagpili sa costume ni Sam sa Top 10 nila? HINDI. Baklang to.

      • Ganyan ka talaga mag-isip basta utak DDShithead and BoBoManyak ka. Nega pa more. Halatang halata tuloy na walang nagmahal sa yo mula pagkabata mo.

      • Gurl Aron, #Kakampink tayo. Mas radikal ang magmahal. Mas radikal magsabi ng katotohanan kaysa magsinungaling. Gawaing #DDS and #BBM yarn.

      • Effort na effort si TinapongBakla na mag-like and dislike all day para pasikatin ang sarili. 🤣🤣🤣 Dami mong time, teh! Palamunin ang peg? 🤪🤪🤪 DiscardedBayot, DON’T US! 🤨

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