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  1. She’s not a frontrunner.
    She should just enjoy her stay in Israel.
    Not hating, just stating.

  2. I must agree with some of the comments here that Bea’s outfits have been underwhelming.
    I just saw a picture of her with some of the Asian delegates wearing a gym attire; a big No No.
    Please fix this asap!!
    The only one that I like so far is the hot pink sunday suit. I just think it looks fresh and fashion forward,

  3. Nakow, parang napasobra ang tan ng fezlak ni Bea. I mean, I dont mind it at all. She just reminds me of Snooki from the Jersey Shore hihihihih

    Nevertheless, I really dont care about what she wears as most pageant fans love to critique every single thing every day.

    However, based on the social media coverage so far, I am seeing Spain, India and Paraguay being the facially gorgeous candidates this year. I am waiting for USA to arrive and mingle with the girls to see how she stacks up.

    Bea is somewhere in the middle- just waiting for her time to come out of the pack and start devouring the pack leaders one after another. Just like her dress, she’s that quiet predator, patiently waiting to strike for the perfect kill.

  4. Ang taas na ng balikat… Nilagyan pa ng shoulder pads?! Hindi ko maintindihan ang Peg…

  5. How many people are styling her? I’m confused with this number in terms of the departure, arrival, photoshoot & dinner outfits, etc. Just an opinion, lol.

  6. Exactly the same outfit worn by Karen Ibasco circa 2017 in her Miss Earth stint! Kaya pala familiar dahi recycled nakakalokah ! Cumbia reborn

    • i actually see the sense of madam Stella’s cumbia in this pandemic era..both ara and pia were among the last patrons of this open door closet.. and yet, their pre-pageant ootd’s were decent..and most importantly, they placed. in a way it was a statement against ostentatious display and extravagance. .kung clapper lang din naman, dahan dahan lang sa gastusin. .of course the bottomline, if u have the cash-ing, u can go bling. peace.

  7. I like her here minus the shoulder pads which she doesnt need since she has a beautiful scapula already ala Mirriam Quiambao

    • And you mentioned scapula. Rabiya has the worst. That’s why her frame is the least to be desired. Also that explains the awful looking boob job.

  8. All the salty bitch experts here taking swipes at the animal print as elderly 😘 I don’t know if that’s a fact. The Kardashians, Gigi & Bella Hadid, and Kaia Gerber have all worn animal print. Only Kim Kardashian is an elderly millennial in that bunch. The Hadids & the younger Kardashians are younger millennials / zillenials & Kaia is firmly a zoomer. So animal print is not just for the real housewives & Moira Rose.

    Having said that, for me, head-to-head, Tracy’s styling & wardrobe has the edge versus Bea’s (so far). And I’m not pitting the women against each other, I’m pitting the stylists. Is Rick Sotelo the main stylist for Bea? But then these pageants have different briefs & the Miss World wardrobe of understated elegance might not work at Universe.

    I guess scrutinizing wardrobe & styling is part of the fun for pageant fans, but let’s remember it’s not the basis for the crown. Otherwise Amanda Obdam would’ve won last year–& the Miss Universe Thailand representative would win every year, for that matter.

      • #MUPBeLike

        Respect your haters.

        They the only ones who think you’re better than them.

    • Dear SQ,

      There are just three “salty bitches” (your words) who took swipes at animal prints in this thread. So I am sure I am one of those you are alluding to.

      Some points:

      > No one from this group EVER said that OOTDs will be the basis for the crown. But aren’t we allowed to give comments here?

      > If the Kardashian-style is your benchmark as the styling that will best represent our girl in MU, then we indeed have a problem. Lol.

      > It is not just the animal print per se that was disturbing. It was the texture (parang palara at kumikuti-kutitap ang effect. Ang cheap at parang ang init ng dating. Lol.)

      Now, couple this with a faux fur coat and knee-high boots, then it really indeed reminds of a streetwalker in Las Vegas by way of Greenhills Tiangge. And again, what is with the numerous “turtle neck” outfits?

      Having said that, I still like Bea. I am rooting for her and I am confident that she will do well in MU. Yes, and Tracy too in MW. And Sam too in MGI.

      World Fish (salty).

      • Hi Thomas, you may give comments. That’s why the comment section exists. My whole schtick here is commenting on the commenters, subjecting them to the same cutting scrutiny they throw at our representatives. In effect, giving the salty bitch experts a taste of their own medicine. Triggering isn’t it, when rudeness & a lack of empathy gets thrown back at you?

        In your original comment, you said animal prints age a woman. I merely pointed out that younger women in their twenties like the younger Kardashians, the Hadids, Kaia Gerber, and let’s throw in Zendaya, considered style icons for zillenials & zoomers, have worn animal print. So maybe that’s why the stylist for Bea went with animal print. Maybe his reference points for animal prints weren’t as … mature as yours.

  9. Just learned from Dani Walker that Michael Cinco is a sponsor of Miss USA. Just sharing.

    • @ charlotte york Oh, I’m so embarrassed… I thought of another celebrity (in response to @ john in the more recent post regarding MGI). My apologies to M5. 😦

      And thank you for the comment, so correcting me.

      • Lol, no prob. I think many pageant enthusiasts of Filipino descent might eventually lead or take over pageants in other countries, just because. The Miss USA org putting its trust in him is a sign of more involvement from Filipinos in years to come. Filipino pageant innovation & creativity is getting its due.

  10. May replica na ganyang leopard dress, made of velvet or cotton na Roberto Cavalli, juiceko! Ginto ang precio!

    • @ kean ‘Bakit, Papa. Binawi mo pa, ang pag-ibig mo sa akin. Bakit nga ba pinaasa mo pa. Kaya ngayon, naloloka…’. – Laban o Bawi, Sex Bomb.

  11. Nagharakiri na ba yung mga stylists ni Bea? JuicEcolored nung isang araw para syang principal na magnininang. Ngayon naman para syang matrona sa isang bar sa Baclaran na nila langaw.

    • i guess the stylist of bea is the same group who intially styled rabiya, na ang hilig hilig sa mga pa shoulder shoulder extension ek ek, who was eventually ditched after some backlash. i guess matibay ang kapit ng grupong itetch..favored supplier kamu, parang pharmally lang. lols.

  12. They were worried about Bea’s lost luggage because it’s what her Ootd outfits were. And this is what was part of the luggage. I guess you don’t have be worried about it.

    • @ mikama1 Aaawww. It was that bad, the contents? Kaya pala inilabas na nung kumuha…. 😦

      (I thought kaya kinuha kasi inisip it could bring good luck or abundant fortune to the one who took it. Though Year of the Metal Tiger next year so maybe maling feline ang inspiration.)

      Pero, OK lang sa akin. Kung ayaw nila, akin na lang. At 50+ years of age & a waistline now out of the calendar, no chance for me to go to MU whatever sash. Ma-feel ko man lang magka-OOTD.

      Hihihihihihh…. 🙂

  13. The shoulder pads made her neck look shorter.
    Animal print outfit + boots remind me of streetwalkers in Vegas.

  14. Yun oh si Bea, lumalaban ang walk! Can’t wait to see her in the finals. Go Bea, laban Pilipinas! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  15. I am looking forward to seeing her sport a new hairstyle. She looks nice with this parted-in-the-middle-straight-hair look but I would like to think that she’s versatile enough to look great in another hairstyle too. It would be refreshing.

      • I hope this sashes arriving is THE good sign of luck for Bea … Even though I said her aura is natural , unpretentious , polite , well-behaved , I am still worried … We have seen these before , as in Karen Agustin, Maricar Balagtas , LiaAndrea Ramos … yet all these ladies did not make it to the semifinals … I hope it is different this time … ( actually it is different this time because IMG did not own MUorg back then, it was then owned by the mafioso mobster orange ape monkey named don )

  16. as the days pass, her semifinals capital is growing, I don’t know but right now she may be 90% for sure entering the semifinals , I don’t want to jinx it , I am keeping my fingers crossed , there are still more days to come … her aura is natural , unpretentious , polite , well-behaved …

    Those sashes , I wonder if it is going to be the final sashes … that can’t be , it will look bad ; perhaps they will some kind of sashing ceremony , like in Supra … or maybe they are still waiting for a few delegates to arrive like USA, UAE, Russia, Bahrain, Morocco …I haven’t seen these ladies yet in Israel

    • I just saw Morocco … she is in Israel already … and I think I saw a very short delegate which I thought was ‘B’elgium but I think it is Bahrain … so Bahrain might be there already

  17. Make-up yes.

    Attire – no. Animal prints ages a woman. Only women in their 40s and above love wearing animal prints. And is that made of shiny polyester? It looks cheap and hot (hot as in mainit isuot). Match it with faux fur coat, and voila! it’s as if she was styled by Greenhills Tiangge. Lol.

    ‘Still love Bea though.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Ang style sa animal print, one garment or piece lang. Huwag head-to-toe-all… In this example, it is good to omit the fur coat. Honestly, even in its heyday, the idea of wearing an animal’s pelt was unnerving to me. In Maya olden days, the high priest wore the pelt of the leopard or the flayed skin of the man sacrificed to the Sun God to guarantee the seasons wouldn’t fail their crops.

      Or, yung boots ang ‘kahayupan’. Everything else, (regular) fabric.

      And speaking of ‘kahayupan’, my mother once had a most beautiful long purse in tanned authentic crocodile leather. I remember it very well – texture, weight (not at all as heavy as most might imagine), & even aroma! Young then as I was, it was for me the height of luxury. 🙂

      • @ FLOR TULO. I also find wearing animal prints tacky. And what is the heck is the neck covers all about? Are you noticing that so far, the clothes of Bea are covering her neck?

        Is it about the neck lines some are harping about? If yes, Bea Darling, we have accepted and embraced your sexual orientation, no need to hide the neck lines. As if naman hindi lalabas eventually (ex. Swimsuit with neck cover? Groundbreaking! Lol). Covering your neck all the more make you appear to have no neck Dear.

        Unless of course you want to be a commercial model for the shampoo, Head and Shoulders. (Meaning no neck. Lol).

        World Peace.

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