5 comments on “Mouawad: A Partnership of Extraordinary Crowning Moments

  1. I wonder if the Miss Universe crown will ever land on a muslim beauty queen’s head? Maybe this year with Miss Morocco — Kawtar Benhalima — perhaps? Kawtar’s family is also of Algerian origins, so if she wins, that would be significant.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any muslim woman has ever won Miss Universe. Georgina Rizk of Lebanon comes to mind who won the crown in 1972, but she comes from a Christian household and is half Hungarian.

  2. P_ta. Dinugo ako sa ‘unapologetic ambition’. 🙂

    Pascal, Alain, & Fred are the Co-Guardians. And Hedera (English ivy) is the vine motif, pala.

    Guys, napanood niyo na ‘yung bagong Christmas TVC ng McDonald’s Philippines? There were also three ‘guardians’ who accompany St. Nick as he made the rounds. I will name them Carlo (de Gaulle), Pablo (Picasso), & Coco (Chanel), the ‘three names that remain, in this century in Paris, as per French novelist & Culture Minister Andre Malraux.

    Uncle, remind lang kita, po. Ang ‘Essence of Substance’… Alam mo na. Patent for at least 25 years!

  3. there has to be a Miss UAE in MU2021 , they are the sponsor for the MU crown … truly embarrassing if they pull back now after the much publicized selection of top 30 a couple of months ago …

    She can arrive at the same as Miss USA who is still being fitted her wardrobe in Houston before flying to Israel … Miss USA’s hair last night is her natural hair, very unique and attractive … her face is the JLo of MU2021 , Miss USA will definitely be in the top 20 , same with the host delegate Miss Israel !

    No news yet that I have seen or read on how they will choose the top 20… If I may suggest, here is my take on this:

    After the prelims, they should choose the top 7 regardless of continents … then , they should choose among those that remain , the top 4 from Europe , the top 4 from Americas , the top 4 from Asia/Africa. That will be a total of 19 semifinalists… the final choice will be the internet/popularity vote, 19+1=20

  4. Fits Andrea Mesa 🇲🇽 nicely…

    And will definitely look elegant on Bea 🇵🇭.

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