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  1. South Dakota is also a journalist and used to be a White House pool reporter … I wanted her in the top 8 to hear her interview answers … would have been nice to see North Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina and South Dakota all in the finals of MUSA for the very first time in MUSA history …

  2. Miss Universe 2021 – Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss India
    1st Runners Up – Miss USA
    2nd Runners Up – Miss Albania
    3rd Runnners Up – Miss Venezuela
    4th Runners Up – Miss Paraguay

  3. Very Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
    Final 2 = USA & South Africa
    MU 2021 = USA

  4. She has lots of personality. She is gorgeous. She is a clear frontrunner in this year’s MU

  5. She has this angas like Bea in that photo. She’s quick witted and has oozing personality. I think she might bring USA back to the tough 5.

  6. Elle is beautiful indeed but I hope she changes her styling a little bit for Universe since she registered as quite matronly on that USA stage tonight.

    I’m also surprised at the number of hideous gowns making the cut. I think I only liked maybe two or three at the most. Plus, I’ve never seen so much lip fillers too. Were they running a special on lip injections in Tulsa? Scary.

    • Thanks, Lily. Same observation here.

      She’s gorgeous sa Official MIssUSA Photo (I don’t care for the swimsuit shot of the girls, or the swimwear itself. Masyado silang exposed in the wrong places.). Although sa short video of her crowning moment ko lang sya nakita in motion (I recorded the pageant but have yet to watch), I wondered about the hair. What and how did she style it?? Didn’t look good at all! Pati tuloy si Asya ay parang “nabatukan” lang yung ulo ni Elle bago naipatong yung crown. ***I remember Jamie Herrell caressing Angelia Ong’s hair before placing her crown during the latter’s crowning moment. I thought it was sweet!

      Good luck to Elle. She will do well. Parang approved naman yung mga candidates once her winning was announced.

      • Hi @Anonymous. As a broadcast journalist, Elle definitely speaks well so she’ll certainly do well in the interviews. She’ll win the judges over with her gift of gab. Apparently, she’s also very likeable so she was a favorite among the USA delegates.

        Hair naturally blond curly locks give her a unique look. Her puffy hair reminded me of Miss Teen USA 2019’s (Kaliegh Garris) hair. I didn’t like it much but that’s what she’s got and she capitalized on it being different from everyone else’s to stand out (just like Kaliegh did back in 2019). Though she’s pretty, her overall styling was just matronly — that ‘updo, those wide shoulder straps and that gown just screamed bride’s “older sister” (though not quite “mother-of-the-bride”). Despite that, or maybe because of it, she still managed to stand out tonight… but I didn’t think this USA batch was particularly strong anyway. I was rooting for Florida but she kind of fizzled out. I thought North Dakota was lovely but her gown was horrendous.

        Still, I think Elle will do very well at Universe… at least besting Asya’s placement last year.

      • @Lily, i wonder how Caitlyn Vogel of North Dakota felt after ending up as 1st RU to the same prototype of beauty (Elle 2021 & Kaleigh 2019) in both MTUSA & MUSA.

      • @Cool Brew: I know, right?! I hope Caitlyn does not suffer PTSD every time she sees a girl with puffy curly hair and go berserk! It is so interesting that the two times in USA history that two ladies who placed first runner-up in both Miss USA and Teen USA are both from North Dakota (Caitlyn Vogel 2021 and Audra Mari 2014) — a state that does not even make the semis that often. Another interesting trivia with North Dakota is that every time they make the semis, they always make it all the way to the Final 6. Hopefully, Caitlyn gets a chance to compete again and end up representing the USA in another pageant (she is still young after all)… just like Audra Mari ended up representing USA in Miss World in 2016.

    • Do you mean lip fillers by white candidates?? Black women have naturally big lips by the way. Kung msgpapafiller pa sila Donald duck na Ang hitsura nila. Nakakaloka

  7. Legit na smart and relatable ang gurl na to. Ready to compete narin. Super upgrade for me in all aspects compared to Asya. Sana may reserved energy pa siya dahil wala siyang pahinga. Ganda rin ng show. Congrats Crystle Stewart.

    • #notoomicronvariantexposure

      • Mu is a coffecat to miss earth na Ang dating wkwkwk. Ang hypocritical lang no US Ang number 1 contributer ng greenhouse gasses wkwkwkwk

  8. I still hope there will be a Miss UAE … there has to be , they are the sponsor for the MU crown … truly embarrassing if they pull back now after the much publicized selection of top 30 a couple of months ago …

  9. Right after winning, lipad agad sya papuntang Israel. Sobrang pagod ni girl. I think the last 2 women standing would be Bea and Elle. It’s just my forecast. 🇵🇭🇺🇲

    • Taas talaga mangarap ng Pinoy noh? Malayo sa realidad. Pero nung kay Cat, di daw mananalo ek ek. #TeamAhasAndKweens #TeamDemolitionSince2018

      • Kaya pala yan ang username. Hindi maka move on, throwback bg throwback. Sana ma throw ka na lang ng tuluyan bakla.

      • Unless you acknowledge the realities Madam, you won’t grow and transform. Excessive nationalism won’t help uncovering the flaws of our candidates. You think gou are helping by praising Bea to the heavens? LOL.

      • I’m not praising anyone but I’m hoping. Everytime there are events like this be a beaucon, olympics, talent contest etc. I’m always hopeful, coz I I believe in the hardwork and efforts of my fellow Filipino.

      • @Bimbo 👏👏👏👍👍👍Clap clap sa’yo, while standing. We’ve got the same attitude when it comes to Filipino reps. Full support ako regardless of what contests, matalo or manalo for the Philippines pa rin ako! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  10. Bakit na ka pang Gym si Philippines habang best in Cocktail Attire lahat?

    Saw her photo with Miss Thailand, she was in rubber shoes.

    Punta kayo sa Thai Sashes. Si Bakla nag FB live ng 6 na oras sa lobby ng hotel ng MU

    Kita lahat doon ang girls, I must say daming Dyosa. Iba talaga Miss Universe


    • Required ba ang naka cocktail? May party ba? In the 1st few days registration and fitting lang. So tingin ko mas appropriate ang suot ni Bea. She can move freely and quickly.

    • The story behind the tracksuit. Earlier today, Jonas and I were chatting with Bea while she was still in quarantine awaiting her RT-PCR test results. We were checking to see if there was news about her missing suitcase. When she collected them at the Ben Gurion airport, all were accounted for. But when she got to Jerusalem, one suitcase was missing and not taken to her
      room. It has been reported but still has not been found. So, we were deciding what to do while waiting for that luggage
      to be found. She had full hair and make-up on as she was trying a couple of outfits should the luggage not be found in time for some activities. In the middle of our chat, We found out that she tested negative and could leave the room. So we told her to immediately go down and check the hotel luggage room. We told her to just wear the track suit and the sash (which is required) since there was no official activity and she’s only checking her luggage. It so happened that Anchilee was there and she was asked to take a photo with her. So, that track suit was not an OOTD. I hope that before anyone jumps to conclusions, blames people, throw out negativity, know that there is usually a plausible explanation. Whether or not that is given, it does not give anyone the right to be toxic or accusatory. And up to now, 1 of Bea’s suitcases has not been returned to her.

      Voltaire Tayag
      MUPh Org PR Head

      • Wow Sir Voltaire, ang sipag did magreply dito! Please keepus posted on how you think Bea is going so far.

        Wag muna atupagin ang yummy Israeli boys. hihihih Post coronation na lang.

      • Filipino pageant fans have been known to be over solicitous with their queens. They agonize over departure and arrival outfits, hair styles, teeth, makeup, footwear, walk, smile… just about anything enough for a neophyte’s fragile emotional capacity to implode. This incident of the track suit has been blown to untold proportions, and unsavory remarks about styling and dressing have immediately been thrown, when the real situation was that one of Bea’s suitcases was still nowhere to be found.

  11. Off topic (sorry)…
    Anyone know if they ever found Beatrice’s lost piece of luggage?

  12. I believe the MU format will be very different from the MUSA format … the two orgs parted ways but I noticed the salary of the new MUSA is a 6-figure annual salary …. that is topnotch ! … I wonder about the MU prize now … will they make sure it is bigger than the MUSA ? ( who btw will live in L.A. while the MU winner will live in N.Y.) p.s. the new MUSA will also get a new Porsche (automobile) … wow …

  13. After hearing them speak during the panel discussion/talk show format of the Q&A, I knew she would be Miss USA 2021.

    After all has been said and done, the Q&A is still the make or break. Florida still got third place despite a tepid Q&A because she was so gorgeous.

    The billionaire’s daughter Gracie Hunt’s journey ended at the top 16. Nevada, NY and Pennsylvania didn’t make the first cut.

    Frustrating for Caitlin Vogel who duplicated her 1st RU placement in Miss Teen USA 2018. She now ties with Auda Mari from the sme state for placing 1st RU in both Miss Teen USA & Miss USA.

  14. Interesting the way they announced placements from a final 8. I had read an unconfirmed report that Miss Universe would not have a final 2 but would announce winners from a group. I wonder if Miss USA’s format is a foreshadowing?

    • And they now discarded the word runner up which is standard in pageant placement. Instead they announced “in fourth place….”

    • @ Philip de la Torre Parang sa BBP.

      Btw, bakit ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’? Was Col. Harlan Sanders literally from that state?

      • I mean ibang organizers at team managing the current Miss USA. So may sarili silang format and style.

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