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  1. Flor pwedeng ganito ang mga outcome:

    1. Poland, Malaysia & South Africa;
    2. India, England & Venezuela;
    3. Dom. Republic, Poland & the Philippines; &
    4. Argentina, Nigeria & Indonesia.

    Pili kayo. Or post your choices/picks. Thanks.

    • @ paul I’ll take either 1 or 3!


      (Hindi naman obvious na masyado akong pro-Poland. Lolz. Btw, Poland joins Venezuela, Mexico, Philippines, & UK as among the best-performing countries at… MI. I wonder if Yokohama City will still host next year. I have a feeling an entirely different set of countries will take center stage.)

      • Thank you Flor. Crown worthy naman talaga si Poland. And it’s about time na Europe naman manalo.

        Pwede ring Poland (MW), India – 1st princess, and Venezuela – 2nd princess.

        Philippines – top 5, okay na. He, he, he…

      • Malaysia is my heavy favorite. My other favorites are Slovakia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Philippines.

      • Okay Serge. Agree ako sa choices mo. Favorites ko rin sila. How about si Manasa ng India?

        Again, salamat.

      • Malay mo Serge baka nga si Malaysia ang mananalo. Happy din ako. Just hope makapasok si Tracy sa Top 5. Ty.

  2. Thailand (i believe) is not participating in the 70th edition of MW. Please confirm my dear friends.

    • Wikipedia listed so many countries not competing in MW this year. Thailand included.

      Same in the MW list of globalbeauties.

      • Wikipedia listed countries such as –
        Aruba, Australia, Barbados, Croatia, Cook Islands, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Guyana, New Zealand, Russia, British & US Virgin Islands.

      • Comebacking countries include the following: Belize, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Namibia, Norway, Serbia, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Uruguay and Zambia.

      • Indonesia, Japan and Korea speak very good English primarily because they have spent many years in English speaking countries (US & Australia).

      • @ paul I think I’ll take… Japan! Carla Jules underwhelmed me. And the only thing Korean I like is their pottery tradition; everything else can go to _ell.

        Based on your comments so far, my MW 2021 Top 10 Initial Pick consists of Philippines, Japan, Poland, Malaysia, England, South Africa, Dominican Republic, & Brazil or Argentina; on my end, I’ll throw in Iceland (my bestie), & Gibraltar (my girl crush).

        Poland, Malaysia, & South Africa sounds doable Final 3.


      • Sige flor okay ako sa proposal mo na Harnaaz over Manasa. Di ba Harnaaz kami ni Angkol Fabian.

        Daghang salamat flor. Maayong buntag diha nimo.

      • Okay talaga si Japan Flor. Pretty and a good communicator. I just hope she will be styled effectively on the coming challenges. Good luck to her.

      • @ paul As far as Paweensuda is concerned, baka dili kumagat si Mdme. JM sa terms ng team niya. Just my one cents. For one thing, so closely associated she is with Mouawad, herself being the first to be shown in public ads wearing the ‘Power Of Unity’… Surely, there are issues at play.

  3. Group 6 Head to Head:
    Kenya, Trinidad & Tobago, Belize, & Guadeloupe – Top 4
    Norway and Turkey – good

    T&T likely will make it to Top 20. Beautiful and articulate at the same time.

  4. Di nakasama si Tracy sa Top 27 sa Sports Fast Track

    Laban lang Miss Philippines!

    Meron pa naman Beach Beauty, Top Model, BWAP at MultiMedia.

    87 candidates po sila lahat @jaretwrightlover

  5. Are there really 103 delegates ? or only 87 ?

    With MW , you cannot predict by what you see , physical beauty and form …

    I just wish they first select the top 35 most beautiful and select the best beauty with a purpose among the 35 only … but instead , it’s everybody’s game for MW so long as she has some issues to push …
    MW is not a beauty contest/pageant…. definitely Tracy is in that top 35 this year

  6. Ganda ni Gibraltar. 🙂

    Am getting fatigue from all the ‘mic mukbang kuda’ rhetoric. The European lasses are, with their simplicity & reserve, just wonderfully refreshing! LAMIG SA MATA, kahit buong maghapon titigan.

    Parang pabalik ako sa old-school beauty contest na matimbang ang maganda na mabait at nakikinig muna bago nagbubukas ng bibig. All this self-absorbed oratory is begun to burn my ears.

    (Because if that is the direction MU is going, I’m not sure I’m still too crazy to follow Israel… I think when you’re younger, the eloquence is like a drug you fall for. But now older, not really & maybe you’re jaded. I wonder if that’s how Mdme. JM feels & so the choices she has made in terms of who have won in the last few years. ‘Ewan ko.)

    Uncle, kasi maraming tanders dito sa blog. In your opinion, do today’s youth like this kind of talk?

    • Mas mainam talaga Flor maganda ka na, may laman pa ang utak mo,and you can articulate your thoughts well. Kumpletos rekados.

    • Groups 1-5 Head to Head Best Performers:
      1. Malaysia,
      2. England/South Africa,
      3. Slovakia,
      4. Poland, &
      5. Japan.

      • Poland is crown worthy. So we have to watch out for her.

        Japan is pretty and very articulate. I hope she will be styled well in other challenges. She is very promising.

      • Most of the African girls and those women of color from the Caribbean are excellent communicators. And very knowledgeable too.

    • Group 12 Head to Head:
      Nigeria, Panama & Mexico – Top 3
      Korea & Malta – very good
      Spain – good

      Facial beauty: Panama, Mexico & Spain

      • Among Latinas, Argentina is also very promising. I just hope mapansin siya. She is far better than many of her sisters from South America.

      • @ paul Look closely at Karolina Vidales (Mexico).

        Combine Natalie Glebova & Edymar Martinez. Then, SOFTEN. The result is her. 🙂

        Mexico seems to have a really well-oiled charity! Whether or not Mdme. JM would wish to get involved in it remains to be seen. It reminded me of Fred Cull’s own (MU-Indonesia 2019), which also involved providing documentation (?) to children of unregistered birth.

        And although not of this group, Palacios of Nicaragua (forgot her first name) may have a BWAP program more ‘manageable’ for the MWO to partner with. Smaller in scope.

    • @Flor Tula – Julia has been doing this for decades so it is safe to assume that she is like a seasoned corporate recruiter who knows what she is looking for and sees through veneers and flowery words.

      We may not always agree with her choices but the ones who have won have graciously and luminously graced charitable activities during their reign.

      • I think that’s the reason why she chose toni ann in 2019. Nice and easy to work with and an effective communicator.

      • @ paul Good morning, Dong.

        Loco ka. Sabi mo last year, pangit si Toni-Ann. Ngayon, todo papuri ka. 🙂

        Btw, I recall now who that was at Supranational 2021’s Head-to-Head Finale who said that even if we stop carbon emissions now, the planet would still be warming up from past accumulation. T&T!

        Trinidad & Tobago.

        Btw, matutuloy daw ba si Marian Rivera sa Israel? That can only mean she was already en route when the news broke out, if not there already much earlier. I’ll bet GMA-7 brokered the deal! Any chuk-chak which Philippines TV station/mass media outfit will carry the rights to air MU 2021 live?

      • He, he, he… Hindi ko sinabi na maganda siya. Pero may developments naman sa styling niya. She looks better now. Toni Ann is nice, easy to work with and an effective communicator.

        Plus magaling pa siyang kumanta. Thanks Flor.

    • Tama ka flor. Most European delegates are so cool. Both sa mata natin and in terms of personality. Kalmado sila at hindi gigil na gigil.

  7. Magandang pangitain ang first photo. Tracy along with 2 Misses World.🇵🇭👑❤️

    • Sana magkatotoo Adrienne. Katulad noong picture ni Catriona with Iris, Demi at Pia. Salamat.


    Both Audra Mara and Caitlyn Vogel share three things in common. Both were crowned Miss Teen North Dakota (2011 & 2018 respectively) and Miss North Dakota (2014 & 2021 respectively. They both finished as 1st RU in both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA.

  9. The girl who shone the brightest during the Q&A is this year’s Miss USA! She wins 100k, a Porsche and will have LA as her base.

    Her winning answer on environmental conservation included the words macro and micro (remember Karen Ibasco’s winning answer?)

    • Thanks Cool Brew for the info. Panoorin ko videos after preparing our lunch. Maayong buntag diha nimo.

      • 3 Filipino Americans participated in Miss USA 2021. Hindi sila pinalad. Better they should come to the Phil. especially if they have dual citizenships.

      • @ paul Unahin na si Kim Layne (Idaho), whom Uncle featured among his MUP 2021 hopefuls.

  10. Sige lang Sjeffie, mag-hope pa rin tayo na papabor ang takbo ng kapalaran ka Tracy.

    Maraming salamat my dear. Good morning to you.

  11. Wow, wow, wow! Hindi patatalo ang ganda ni Tracy Maureen. Laban lang inday. Good luck to you.

    • Tracy is leading in this group. And it seems all the girls are having fun.

      Salamat kaayo Norman kay murag ganahan jud ka mag-feature kay Tracy pirmi dinhi sa imong blogsite. Maayong buntag sa imo ug sa imong staff.

    • Ewan Paul,i can appreciate black beauty definitely. But the reigning is just…. milya2x ang lamang ni Tracy naman, ang layo!!! Kaya nanghihinayang talaga ako kay Tracy…we know how Mess World cooks.

    • Mabuti pa rito tahimik lang. Sa kabila magulo. Virus, nawawalang baggage, di magkakaintindihan sa outfits…

      Tayo tuloy lang sa pagsuporta kay Tracy Maureen. Thanks.

      • Binabantayan pala ng MUP team ang comments dito kaya nag-react kaagad sila sa nawawalang baggage.

      • Good morning Norman. Mabuti pa rito kalmado lang. Di tulad sa kabila grabe ang bakbakan kahit sa maliit na bagay. He, he, he…

      • Thank you Norman. So sa matured category na talaga kami nila flor, serge at iba pa. He, he, he… Mga tiguwang na… Maayong buntag.

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