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  1. So far, countries that most likely will enter the top 40:
    Poland, England, South Africa, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, France, Honduras, Japan, Venezuela, Slovakia, Vietnam, Argentina, India, Brazil, Cameroon, Malaysia, and Ecuador.

  2. Group 5 Head to Head: Ito na –
    Japan, Sweden & Venezuela – Top 3
    Angola, Bolivia & Ukraine also did very well but language is a consideration (Flor reminded me).

    Facial beauty: Bolivia, Japan & Venezuela

  3. She did well. The composure and articulation were spot on. Still hoping she fell on Lola Hulya’s favorite ingredients whatever she plans to cook this year.

    Puerto Rico is charming and has that angelic beauty that I like.

    And yes, Tony is not tuyot anymore! She’s very engaging and her personality shone. I guess, this is the kind of things we dont get to see online. We saw her physical beauty but not the personality. Now I can say that she does deserve the crown.

    • Very good review. Indeed Toni has improved a LOT in terms of styling and presentation. Maraming salamat at magandang umaga.

      Pahabol: Toni looks great in that yellow ensemble.

  4. She did well during the H2H challenge during MWP so I’m already expecting that she will do well at MW! She did well also during the Top Model and Beach Wear Challenge at MWP kaya kampante pa rin ako dahil naka-catch up siya dun sa mga model material like Dindi Pajares so I’m sure hindi rin siya papahuli for the same segment for MW!

    Good luck, Girl! Enjoy and take the competition one step at a time!

  5. Group 8 is interesting because we have both sides of the spectrum.

    African & Caribbean are over-selling themselves, imo. They are one side, the one that won’t win.

    On the other hand, we have Scandinavian. A Nordic Anchilee. Quiet charm. Princess material!

    North African reminds me of Julia Saubier for her athleticism. If Mdme. Cory Quirino & Mr. Fred Yuson will push through with MAPI next year, she should be brought in. Inspirational lady!


    • (Cont.)

      And basing on @ paul’s assessment of Group 9 (below), Vietnam can finish at least as well as H’Hen Nie did at MU 2018.

      The reason I say this is that Mdme. JM, given her now LONG pageant perspective in both space & time, is probably done with ladies who overstate, aka ‘mic mukbang’.

      We are amazed at Toni-Ann’s transformation. Back then (2019), she was probably just like how @ paul described Vietnam now. It’s possible the brand matriarch now gravitates towards this type.

      (And I recall saying then – 2018~2019 – that Vietnam may catch Mdme’s eye before long. We’ll see.)

      • Sorry Flor. But I am back. Namalengke kasi ako sa bayan kaya nawala ako ng ilang oras. Anyway, after household chores tututukan ko ibang groups. Pasensya na may friend na-busy kunti. He, he, he…

      • Flor Argentina is another crown worthy. Not only pretty and pleasing but is also very articulate both in English & Spanish. She is a broadcast journalist, thus very comfortable facing the camera & the crew.

    • Group 8 Head to Head:
      Botswana, St.Lucia & Tunisia – Top 3
      Estonia & Iceland – very good

      Facial beauty: Estonia (model like) & Italy

      • Group 10 Head to Head
        Cameroon leads the pack.
        Ecuador and Northern Ireland did very well.
        Madagascar, Luxembourg and Chile were also good.

    • Flor I have observed most of the African delegates are excellent communicators. They are very articulate in the English language and knowledgeable at the same time. Same observation also for women of color from the Caribbean region.

      • @ paul I agree. But, they tend to get carried away, to the point of… blabbering.

        The REALLY good ones sound like LEADERS – PLENTY of substance with an economy of words. Shudu is an excellent example. She maintains composure, never goes wild. ‘Eto, ‘pag dili man lang mag-Top 5/6, declarez guerre!

        There were other good examples at Supranational 2021’s Head-2-Head Finale. Thato, Swelia (who represented Netherlands but is clearly African), & one of the candidates from the Caribbean (not Dominican Republic) who said that even if we stop putting out carbon now, the planet would still warm up from previous emissions. Or was she South American?… Sorry, I forgot who she was.

        Speaking of Dominican Republic, Eonna Constanza should come to the country for either MAPI or ME. She was the black Barbie many of us raved over, the one who ‘inherited’ SamBer’s ‘pearly warts’ NatCos by Patrick Isorena. I recall clearly now! With its Xmas lights, very relevant now. 🙂

  6. May naluto na, ihahain na lang ka hapag kainan!!! Nakakalokah !
    A girl from South America!

    • @ Paquita X If that’s the case, she MUST be adept in English & like Vanessa Ponce de Leon atm, able to serve as an impromptu interpreter.

      I’ve heard Paraguay & Uruguay. I think also Peru… I’m left wanting, tbh. Not very memorable. 😦

      Which South American capital will be cosmopolitan enough for Mdme. Julia Morley? I have in mind Rio do Janeiro… But is Brazil strong in MW history?

      Came to mind Maya Wanvisa Goldman, the MUT 2020 semifinalist who is biracial Argentinian-Thai. Hers was probably the cool intellect that was antithesis to Emy Kim Sawyer’s ‘mukbang gigil’ semi-hubris. Adam Genato was impressed when he interviewed. Can she change sash for 2022/3?

      • (Cont.)

        Well, @ paul said Brazil (Group 9) is ‘very very good’. So, yes. I guess if Alejandra Conde screws up, then I’ll have to consider… 🙂

        Sino pa ba sa South America? Bolivia. Colombia. Chile. IIlan lang ‘yan, so should be easy to monitor.

      • Argentina is one of the best performing girls among the Latinas. So we should watch out for her. I just hope mapansin siya ni JM.

    • Baka naman kasama si Tracy sa menu. He, he, he… The Philippines is a huge pageant market she should consider.

  7. No stones unturned during this H2H for PH. Nilamon nalang nya ung mic. I m dreaming of a higher place for Tracy. Hopefully, she can advamce.further on each segments. Godbless

      • @ paul Dong, you saw my request below? 🙂

        Pay special attention to the English speakers. IT IS CLEAR – JM WANTS A GOOD ‘INGLISERA’.

      • Yes my dear. Language is a major consideration. Most of my head to head choices have very high proficiency in the English language.

  8. Video is No longer available.
    I know Tracy did well in this challenge.
    I like her outfit. I like her styling even more.

  9. She should’ve been sent to MU, where her beauty, intelligence, and overall skills can be judged and tested fairly. Unlike here sa MW na luto at walang basis ang winner!

  10. I am mesmerized by Toni-Ann! When did she become uber beautiful?

    Forget about the talent competition. Tracy definitely nailed this round.

    If only Tracy can get to the final 6, she has the chance to get a runner up placement or even take the crown — given the talk show format of the final round.

    I could sense a little over enthusiasm in her, like when Katarina Rodriguez competed in 2018.

    I hope she relax a bit like Michelle Dee. And act as if she’s already wearing the crown. ❤️

    Be regal, poised and confident — like Megan Young.

    But then again, Julia is the audience of one.

    • I know, right? I was, like, wait is that Toni-Ann??!! It seemed she totally blossomed into this role of Miss World and looks absolutely beautiful. I didn’t really think much of her when she won… but now I can see why she was a contender last year. Seeing her in this video is probably the prettiest I’ve ever seen her. Very effortless beauty.

    • Excellent review of Tracy’s performances. The MWP team should consider your pieces of advice. Thanks a lot.

      • @paul I think you have a backchannel to Tracy. Lol.

        She needs to pace herself when she speaks. It is not the amount of words but the quality and sense that matter. (That’s how Beatrice Luigi Gomez aces her QnAs and interviews)

        And look at the camera more when she speaks, although she talks to the interviewer.

        I liked her a lot when she was interviewed by Adam Genato. She’s engaging yet very at ease.

      • Nunyabiz1991 i just hope Tracy’s team and MWP Org. visit this blogsite and reading the comments here. Thanks.

        I also hope tito norman feedbacks the comments to ALV and his team.

  11. No question on Tracy’s beauty, comm skills, wit, charm, etc…a world class Filipina no doubt but unfortunately we know how Mess World works…cooks. Mukhang may bet na dw si chef Hulya and mukhang hindi si Tracy.

  12. Wow! She really is articulate and spontaneous. Amazing comm skills! She got this challenge in the bag!

    • Indeed she is an excellent communicator. Thanks for the positive remark. And please vote for her. Ty again. Good morning.

  13. It is a given that everyone who gets to represent her country to MW is beautiful. So it will be futile to argue who is “more beautiful”. It is really intelligence, articulateness, charm, impact and that elusive x-factor (luck) that would spell the difference.

    So far Tracy is playing her cards well. If there is fairness in the world, it is clear that she wins this H2H challenge. I hope she keeps this momentum.

    World Peace.

  14. Tracy got this one! She is clearly the winner in this group.
    My second choice from this group is Puerto Rico.

  15. OH, NO. ‘This video is unavailable’, daw… (To me again, I guess.)


    I just caught her turn in a shorter video not too long ago. So, she wants to be polyglot. Well, she already is, considering that when you live somewhere as cosmopolitan as Cebu City you would learn English & some Tagalog on top of Cebuano. 🙂

    (I like to fantasize being adept in English, Cebuano, Ilocano, Tagalog, Swiss, Italian, & Thai such that I can preside over a Zoom sesh with such participants. My brain would probably explode, lolz.)

  16. Tracy should win this group ,,, it’ll be like a slap on the face of Steph del Rio , who obviously does not want Pinas to win and cheers for the Rican contestant instead …

  17. Wag na tayo magsayang please. Niluluto lang naman sino ang winner dito eh. Winners naman are not the popular ones eh. Kung sino nakakuha ng kiliti ni Chef. Sayang lang ang pera and effort. But do show support Tracy in other ways.

  18. Tracy did well in the H2H. If the winner for this pageant segment is decided by a panel of judges, it should be Tracy. Hope Pinoys will vote in. Me? I’ll try coz I’m already experiencing pageant fatigue. She reminds me of a young Kate Beckinsale. Good luck Tracy!

  19. Congratulations Tracy Maureen for doing great in the head to head challenge for group 11.

    • Group 11 Head to Head:
      Philippines, Puerto Rico & Slovenia – Top 3

      Facial Beauty: France, Puerto Rico & the Philippines

      Sa walay pabor2x Philippines is the best performing girl in this group.

      • Please continue to support Tracy by voting in the MW website & its fb page and on mobstar.

        Daghang salamat.

        Good morning to all.

      • @Paul.just found out u had laparoscopy. I had that back in Dec 2009 because of an infected appendix. I hovered between life and death for two months. Can u imagine that? Anyway, I had to lie low the last three months for I got covid and after that I was admitted to the hospital twice so I’m taking it easy for the meantime. I miss everyone here especially the thriving community here that always disagree in order to agree. Cheers to life and to Tracy!

      • Ohh my…! Sad to hear that Cool Brew. But God is constantly good to us as He always finds ways for us to overcome challenges. Rest, relax and recover.

        I had my laparoscopy to take out my gallbladder full of stones & polyps. I am doing fine & is also in recovery stage. So hinay2x lang sa mao na naa ko pirmi diri. He, he, he…

        Thank you Cool Brew for the concern and online friendship. Maayong buntag diha sa Bojol!

    • Tracy is getting mostly positive reviews and commentaries. Indeed she deserves to be our MW reps. Good afternoon to all.

      • Good jod Tracy Maureen. I just hope the personal team of Maureen is reading the comments and suggestions here for improvements.

      • @ paul Kunbanwa!

        Oh, I’m flooded lately with chores here-&-there… Dili ko matutukan ‘to. 😦

        We greatly appreciate your efforts in keeping track of the 16 groups. COULD WE ASK YOU TO SUMMARIZE YOUR 3-PER-GROUP, po? Afterwards, when they’re all done. Like what @ Thomas did with our MUP 2021 preferences? 🙂

        Gold to Philippines, silver to France, & bronze to … Gibraltar!

        I don’t like the host delegate at all (in this segment). She didn’t adequately answer her questions, imo.

        France is interesting because she was perfectly fine speaking in English. In contrast, Group 2’s Mauritius (whom I adore for her ‘low-key rich girl’ vibe!) asked to speak in French.

        (That opening shot of France’s video with lavender made me wonder if I thought wrongly that Grasse was the major grower of this crop. She’s from Provence… Or, is lavender widely grown?)

        I wish to say of Gibraltar that she possesses this serene~sublime European beauty that makes for a perfume/cosmetics ambassadorship. I wonder if MWO still has L’Oreal as a sponsor? Also of such image is Albania (Group 1?). They are comparable to the likes of Bianca Tirsin & Evelina Papantoniou (Romania & Greece, respectively). Not surprisingly, they all come from that general portion of their continent – lining the Mediterranean Sea then stopping short of the ‘USSR’ & not really of very northerly/high latitude. I wonder if there’s a genetic story here.

        I’ll try to take in one more Group before the day ends. Thanks again for your patience & zeal!

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