11 comments on “Samantha Panlilio: Fan Favorite

  1. If not Panlillo, the Netherlands will run away with the crown with Malaysia as spoiler … (or El Salvador)

  2. Hhhmmm… Looks like the same 5 countries are keeping the Poll alive. I wonder if Angkol will get 2 from this group to put in the Cinco Ultimo. If Sophia Rogan is one, can the other one be…

    … Vietnam?

    Said Tita Lavinia, she was MI-Vietnam 2018 (Ahtisa’s batch). ‘Pag ganyan daw, dili palalampasin ni Angkol. Even Pipe (or was it Luis Portelles?) likes her! But me personally, nope. I just don’t see the deal with her. Just my one cent.

    So, my running 5 Ultimo is 2 from this selection, Costa Rica, maybe Netherlands, & Colombia.

    Btw, guys. Bakit walang videos lately si Hector Cermeno (Venezuelan pageant vlogger)? Is he OK?

    So, Phuket is essentially serving as a pageant bubble like Panglao (MUP 2021). I wonder what more/else they can do there for another week; kung tutuusin, puwede na sila mag-Prelims ta’s Finale right after. So far, Interview pa lang at Swim Showdown ang natapos. NatCos, please!

  3. Fabulous! The same set of girls who got the pre-arrival fan votes. This means another dinner session with the organizers.

    I love the two previously posted close-up photos better. Sam’s pose here looks a bit masculine. The previous ones look very SI.

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